The Best Way to Use Eye Contact When Speaking in Public

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One challenge that many public speakers face is making eye contact. You might think something so natural as eye contact should come easily… and you probably don’t give it a second thought most of the time.

Body Language Practicum III - Facial Expressions

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Most people are less aware of their facial expressions than they are of other aspects of their body language. EYE CONTACT. One of the most oft-metioned components of facial expressions is eye contact. Body Language body language eye contact

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Eye Contact is the Key to an Effective Presentation

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Eye contact. But have you ever tried concentrating on establishing and holding eye contact? Nonetheless studies repeatedly show the importance of the eyes in connecting with people – whether it be with one person in a conversation, or an entire audience.…

Body Language Practicum I - Power Poses

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In any presentation, body language -- also known as non-verbal communication -- can strengthen your message or undermine it. Your audience reads clues from a myriad of things about you other than what you say: how you stand; your facial expressions; gestures; eye contact.

Eye contact

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Watching video with no sound is a great way to assess body language. And there was one particular eye movement he has evidently mastered that takes much practice for most people (TV news anchors included). Rather, he cast only his eyes down, and then only briefly. This gives the illusion of not breaking eye contact since the full face is still visible to viewers. From some old notes of mine – old yes, but still very relevant11. From Barksblog.

The 5-step cure for boring body language

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Could your body language be more expressive? Do you inhibit your natural body language when you’re public speaking because of your self-consciousness? Here’s what to do to develop natural, expressive body language when you’re speaking: 1.

What should I do with my eyes? | 20-Part Body Language Series for Public Speakers

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Body Language and Gestures

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While he didn’t say a word, his body tightened and he wrapped his arms around his torso as if keeping his emotion in check. Add to that, his eyes became steely as he glared at me, suggesting that I might want to stop what I was doing. You’re body’s speaking and people are noticing.

Use Your Body Language to Rock Your Next Presentation


In fact, body language and your actions during a presentation actually makes a massive difference in your chances of successfully convincing your audience of your ideas. The four major pieces that impact body language are: Your eyes.

The Body Language of Love

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  The body language of love begins, of course, with flirting:  fleeting eye contact, longer eye contact, smiling, grooming, drawing nearer to each other, accidental touching, and finally close one-to-one communion that shuts out the rest of the world.    Watch their body language in a restaurant, or strolling down the street, or at a party, and you’ll see something the non-verbal experts call synchronicity. 

From the vault: Is eye contact good or bad? 5 tips for speakers

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After I published a guest post on body language , these commenters wonder whether the eyes have it--or not. I often wonder how much eye contact is passable, professionally. Use eye contact to emphasize an important point. eye contact gestures

Your Visual Package: What The Audience Sees

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EYE CONTACT. You''re methodically shifting your eyes from side to side as if you were at a tennis match. Lack of confidence and comfort in your own body. Look at your presentation through your audience''s eyes.

Where to look for TV Interviews | 20-Part Body Language Series for Public Speakers

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Body language news from Germany

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Followers of previous discussions of body language and non-verbal communication may be interested to know that the news from Germany about Angela Merkel's recent election poster might be about to force me to revise some of my previously expressed views on the subject.

Is your Body Language Distracting your Audience?

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Body language also known as non verbal communications. Your feelings, emotions, and thoughts are expressed through posture, eye contact, and gestures. Many studies state that body language is sometimes more important than the words you are actually saying.

“Single-Task” Your Way to Presentation Success

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Multi-tasking, a word no one used a few decades ago, is now firmly ensconced in our everyday language and has become a way of life for many of us. For example, let’s say you are working on improving your eye contact.

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Will Your Q&A Session Make or Break Your Next Presentation?

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Use your body language to invite participation. Make eye contact when you are listening to the questioner, but during your answer, distribute your eye contact throughout the audience. By preparing for the Q&A just as you do the main body of your speech, you can deliver a presentation that flows seamlessly and inspires your audience to action. Most presentations benefit from a question-and-answer session (Q&A).

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Listening: A Core Communication Skill

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Here are few suggestions: Face the other person and look directly in their eyes. I’ve been working with two different clients lately, of two different genders, in two different companies, from two different states who have two entirely different approaches to listening.

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Body Language Quick Takes 4 – How to tell when you’re disconnected

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What are the body language signs of fake listening?    The eye contact is too fixed, and too still.    But a real conversation, as I talked about in the last blog, is full of anticipatory nods and hand-offs of eye contact in order to allow smooth conversational Ping-pong.    Watch the rest of the bodyBody Language (non-verbal communication

Body Language Quick Takes 6 – How can you tell if someone is interested?

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  But interest typically begins with eye contact.    The purpose is to heighten the excitement of actual eye contact.    When we’re interested, we turn our entire bodies toward the interesting object or person, and we draw closer.    Look for too rigid eye contact, or eyes that are looking your way, but not focused, to spot the fakers.  Body Language (non-verbal communication

Body language revisited: tell-tale signs from royal weddings

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Regular readers will know that something else that also frustrates me is the way in which so many body language 'experts' overstate their claims and/or make authoritative-sounding assertions on the basis of little or no empirical evidence.

How to Detect Respect - or Disrespect: Body Language Quick Takes #7

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  So how do you spot respectful body language – or its opposite?   Similarly, if you want to avoid threatening someone else, keep your eyes lowered and your head down.    Eye contact that goes on too long, finally, can be a sign of disrespect, and submissive eyes, that don’t maintain eye contact for long, a sign of respect.  Body Language (non-verbal communication

Body Language Quick Takes 2 - How to spot someone closing down

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How do you tell – in terms of body language – when someone is closing off to you?    There’s a lack of eye contact, and when she does make eye contact, her eyes may be narrowed, and her eyebrows lowered.    If he is moving his head and body away from you, even slightly, that may be a sign that he is closing down.    What does closed body language mean?    Trust the body language!

20 body language myths debunked

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Thanks to Suzanne Smith, who sent a very interesting list of 20 “defensive” and “positive and powerful” body language tips.    "Defensive Body Language Tips" 1. Unblinking eye contact can be intimidating. Essentially you are staring someone down until they look away. •     Yes, too much eye contact can be intimidating.  Turn your body at an angle to squeeze an uninvited guest out.

The 6 Key Ingredients to Body Language « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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Elizabethkuhnke's Blog Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Home About Elizabeth Overcoming Performance Anxiety X-Factor The 6 Key Ingredients to Body Language Posted by: Kuhnke Communication on: September 14, 2010 In: Body Language | Communication Comment! E – Eyes.

Fact & fiction about body language 3: Do movement & gestures distract?

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An hour or two ago, I was one of those interviewed on a BBC Radio 4 'Word of Mouth' programme on body language - which can now be heard (for the next 7 days) HERE. Thanks - and an apology to the BBC!

Personal power and body language - part 7 in decoding body language

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They make more eye contact, or less, depending on their choice. In fact, they dominate the eye contact and the physical touch — all the ballet of the second conversation. The story of power in a room is written in space and height.   It’s not very different from what pack dogs do, in fact. Look for the alpha dog. He or she will be the highest person in the room if at all possible.

Eye contact, public speaking and the case of President Zuma’s dark glasses

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Having just watched Jacob Zuma being sworn in as South Africa’ new president ( HERE ), I was reminded of the importance of eye contact in holding the attention of an audience. But eye-contact is definitely not one of these.

The Eloquent Woman: A blog on women and public speaking: 5 eye contact tips for speakers

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After Debbie Friez's guest post on body language last month , these commenters wonder whether the eyes have it--or not. I often wonder how much eye contact is passable, professionally. Use eye contact to emphasize an important point.

How to decode other people's body language - 3: Openness

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In this third part of my series on decoding body language, I'm continuing with openness signals  from the face, head and torso.  If the person makes strong eye contact and turns her head back toward yours, the answer is yes.   Flaring nostrils are the stuff of romance novels and books about horses.

Fact & fiction about body language 2: Does it matter what you wear or where you stand?

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This afternoon, I'll be appearing on a BBC Radio 4 'Word of Mouth' programme on body language. As the interview I did lasted for twice as long as the whole programme, it's inevitable that whatever I said will be heavily edited.

3 Places To Use A Neutral Face In Your Presentations

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The neutral face is pleasant and attentive with strong eye contact and relaxed facial muscles. Your neutral face in this situation enhances your credibility, professionalism and maturity far more than a frown, look of disgust or rolling eyes.

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Fact & fiction about body language 1: Folded arms, defensiveness and the Mehrabian myth

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I was interviewed recently for a BBC Radio 4 'Word of Mouth' programme on body language that's scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow. This, coupled with the fact that the main guest being advertised in the BBC's advance publicity is a body language expert, means that there's a fair chance that my position on the subject may not get as full a hearing as I'd like. So, just like words in a language, elements of body language can have different meanings in different contexts.

Nonverbal Mistakes

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Here’s an article on body language that you should avoid; body gestures that can create a negative impression in another person. Breaking your eye contact too early in the interaction. body language negative impressions Nonverbal Communication nonverbal mistakes

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Kinesics « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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Elizabethkuhnke's Blog Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Home About Elizabeth Festive Party Tips Web Presentations Kinesics Posted by: Kuhnke Communication on: November 23, 2010 In: Body Language | Lifestyle Comment! How your body moves when you are speaking is VERY important.

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Wednesday for Women: Public Speaking Lessons from Meryl Streep

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Most of all, she looked like she was thoroughly enjoying every minute with her erect posture, big smile, confident eye contact, and that charming way she “sighed” so enjoyably at her own jokes.

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Obama “On Fire” in Iowa

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I like to think that these three elements correspond to the use of our body, our voice, and words. Physical Presence: When speaking, Obama was erect, leaned slightly forward, and made direct eye contact. Distinctive language: He used concise sentences.

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Steve Jobs, One of Today’s Great Presenters, Steps Down from the Main Stage

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He develops the body of his presentation with a series of touch points, including analogies, metaphors, stories, data, statistics, and humor. Visual Aids: Jobs’ visual aids are the opposite of the dense eye charts we so often see in typical technical presentations.

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How to Look Confident by Knowing Where and How to Look! « The Shy.

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

Categories Articles Body Language Coaching Communicating with Children Dealing with People Effective Emceeing (Tips!) Posted: December 28, 2007 by Gary in Body Language , Dealing with People , Networking & Small Talk , Public Speaking , The Shy Speakers Guide 4 Many of us have heard about the importance of maintaining eye contact whilst we are speaking. This is the body’s natural defence mechanism at work. winks* 3) No, Not the eyes!

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Secretary Geithner - 7 Communications Lessons

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Dr. Jeffrey Feldman has written a great article on framing this issue , as well as the importance of language and metaphors when framing this issue. Language Matters - the Secretary used very descriptive, “charged&# words, such as dramatic, catastrophe, profound, to describe the “deep mess,&# “we did some very important powerful things&# - the issue is that he deadpanned these words — no expression at all. . Body Language Matters, Pt.

Aspiring Women

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No one ever said work was easy, but for women, the workplace can be an increasingly difficult place. First, the old cliché of the “glass ceiling” is still alive and well in many industries. Second, the fact is that women still earn less than men—77 cents to every man’s dollar, to be exact. Yes, women have to overcome a lot to be successful. Therefore, having the advanced skills to break through that ceiling and help shrink the pay gap is critical.

Communicating with Impact

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Make your language vivid and descriptive. ? Use positive body language. When speaking: well supported posture; look at your listener and use comfortable eye contact; varied volume, rhythm, pitch and pace; expressive facial and hand gestures. When listening: alert body; face the speaker; comfortable eye contact; receptive gestures. -

When and How to Break Rapport

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Break eye contact. Start with one foot, then gradually turn the leg, and then your whole body towards the door you want to exit from. Physically move your body and take a small step towards the door, if you are standing.