Ten Tips on Using Body Language When Delivering a Speech

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Today’s post features some valuable advice about your body language when delivering a speech or presentation. Your body language and gestures should be natural. Delivery audience Body language Communication Douglas Kruger public speakingIt comes from my friend, Douglas Kruger. Douglas, who hails from South Africa, is a speaker, author and trainer.

The 5-step cure for boring body language

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Could your body language be more expressive? Do you inhibit your natural body language when you’re public speaking because of your self-consciousness? Here’s what to do to develop natural, expressive body language when you’re speaking: 1.

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7 Surprising Truths about Body Language

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Thanks to TV shows like Lie to Me and so-called body language experts commenting on the candidates during the American election season, a number of misunderstandings about body language have become part of modern culture.    So here goes: 7 surprising truths about body language.   Much of what the experts tell you about body language is wrong.    Second, the history of the study of body language

Body Language

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Take a look at this Body Language infographic. body language infographic Nonverbal Communication It was created by and sent to me by Brietta Mengel. Thank you, Brietta. It should make for interesting discussions in interpersonal communication or in nonverbal communication, even with the old (and greatly misused) Mehrabian study. link].

Recommended: 10 Powerful Body Language Tips for your next Presentation

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Here’s a presentation that is both beautifully designed and contains excellent information on the use of gestures and body language when presenting. 10 Powerful Body Language Tips for your next Presentation from SOAP Presentations. Public Speaking Presentation tips

Body Language from your hands?

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Body language is the combination of messages conveyed by all parts of your body. Your hands are certainly a noticeable and powerful channel for your body messages. body language business presentations hands video.

Why Ignoring Body Language Is Like Betting on an Inside Straight

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Every presentation is two conversations, and I find it ironic that speakers spend a great deal of time thinking about their content – the first conversation – and hardly any time at all thinking about their body language – the second conversation.    The audience has unconsciously read the CEO’s body language instead of believing the words, and correctly determined that he was hoping there would be no questions.   All because of body language.

Body Language Practicum II - Hand Gestures

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Try not to keep your arms tightly pinned to your body. :: Don't point. Body Language body language hand gesturesA big challenge for many students in my presentation skills courses is what to do with their hands.

Public Speaking and Palm-Reading: What Are Your Hands Saying?

Matt Eventoff

Earlier this week, when discussing body language, Brad took the position that the “steepled” position for hands while speaking– where fingertips touch – is a body language faux pas, and can send signals of defensiveness and/or arrogance. I am an ardent believer that just as no two individuals are alike, no two speaking styles are alike; one body language principle may work for 95% of the population, but it may not work for you!

Is body language necessary? Pt 3 – How to handle your own body language

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I began this series on body language by urging you to turn over body language chores to the most powerful part of your mind – your unconscious. I outlined a 3-step process for doing that in order to decode other people’s body language. The real conundrum behind that question is that monitoring your own body language is extremely difficult for the conscious mind and it easily gets overwhelmed. Body Language (non-verbal communication

5 Patterns of Popular TED Talks

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Public Speaking body languageEver wondered why some TED talk recordings on YouTube gather a respectable few hundred thousand views while other go viral and attract many millions?

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What Is Charisma? - Body Language Quick Takes #9

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Body Language (non-verbal communication Charisma is not what you think it is.    It’s not a God-given gift that you either have or you don’t.    It’s rather something you can learn, something you can turn on or off at will once you understand how it works.    Charisma is focused emotion. 

The Secret to Mastering Your Body Language

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One question I often get asked by clients when we start to work on the secrets of body language is, “Isn’t this going to make me fake, or manipulative?    He quickly relaxed once he realized we were focusing rather on elements of his body language that were causing him to appear not gentle, but timid.    He was delighted to begin to shed this self-defeating body languageBody Language (non-verbal communication

Body language revisited: tell-tale signs from royal weddings

Max Atkinson

Regular readers will know that something else that also frustrates me is the way in which so many body language 'experts' overstate their claims and/or make authoritative-sounding assertions on the basis of little or no empirical evidence.

Is Body Language Really Necessary? (First in a series)

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“Is body language really necessary?”   His question was really, “Do I have to think consciously about my audience’s body language – and my own – with everything else I have to do to deliver a great speech to that audience?    You shouldn’t think consciously about other people’s body language or your own, under most circumstances – it’s a very inefficient way to use your conscious mind.  Body Language (non-verbal communication

Body Language and Gestures

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While he didn’t say a word, his body tightened and he wrapped his arms around his torso as if keeping his emotion in check. You’re body’s speaking and people are noticing. In order to interpret what the body’s saying, you must reflect on the whole picture of the person.

Watch the Body Language of Magician Marco Tempest

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Perhaps magicians understand and illustrate body language best of all stage performers. Because they depend heavily on the messages that their body movements convey to support the perceptions of the audience. That's what your body language should do during your presentation.

Body Language Quick Takes 3 – Are You Connected?

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How do you tell – in body language terms – when you’re connected with someone?    But the basic body language of connection is mirroring, anticipation and handoffs.    In addition, there is a whole language of nods, head moves, eyebrow motion, and hand gestures that regulate connected conversation.  Body Language (non-verbal communication

Body language and non-verbal communication

Max Atkinson

This cartoon strip is the briefest summing up I've come across of the absurdity of the overstated claims about the supposedly overwhelming importance of body language and non-verbal communication that circulate so widely in the worlds of presentation skills and management training.

Can you fake authenticity? Body language quick take #10

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

For my final blog in this series on body language “quick takes,” I’m going to answer the question I get asked most often by interviewers, audiences, and fellow speaking coaches:  how do you show up with authenticity?    The shortcut we use to determine authenticity in the people around us is consistency in message and body language – does this person appear to mean what she says? Body Language (non-verbal communication

[Podcast] Winning Body Language for Powerful Presentations with Mark Bowden

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What we say with our bodies can be almost as important as what comes out of our mouths. Mark is a keynote speaker, presentation trainer, and author of three books about body language. What we say with our bodies can be almost as important as what comes out of our mouths.

How to Detect Respect - or Disrespect: Body Language Quick Takes #7

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  So how do you spot respectful body language – or its opposite? Body Language (non-verbal communication Respect is a hot-button issue, especially for people who feel threatened or not well-established in the social hierarchy.    If your autonomy is under siege, respect will often be a big issue for you.  People will unconsciously try to dominate someone that they perceive to be socially, financially, or hierarchically lower than themselves. 

Body Language Quick Takes – How to Spot Openness

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I’m going to do a series of blogs on body language – quick takes.    Here’s a way to spot certain attitudes – or ‘tells’ – in body language, and how to employ those attitudes yourself.    How do you adopt open body language yourself?    With a little practice, you’ll find that if you adopt a strong enough intent, the body language takes care of itself.    What does open body language mean? 

How to Read Others’ Body Language (Is Body Language Really Necessary? - II)

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

In the first blog in this series I recommended turning over your body language chores – monitoring your own body language and others’ – to your unconscious mind.    Here are 3 easy steps to accomplishing the second half of that – monitoring others’ body language.    I’ll cover how to handle your own body language in subsequent blogs.   Body Language (non-verbal communication

How to Control Others' Body Language - Is Body Language Necessary? - 4

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I’ve talked about how to scan other people’s body language efficiently, and how to begin to get a handle on your own by focusing on a specific emotion.    Your awareness of what other people are intending will become razor-sharp and your own body language will become much more expressive, and therefore charismatic.  Body Language (non-verbal communication

How to Spot Concealed Emotion: Body Language Quick Takes #8

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Body Language (non-verbal communication Grown ups learn to conceal their emotions, in the workplace, in social settings, and at home. There are all sorts of reasons to do so, some good, some bad, but it’s useful to be able to detect concealed emotions underneath a bland exterior whether it’s your boss holding back on a job performance issue or a family member avoiding a fight. So how do you do it? Paul Ekman made his life’s work the effort to be able to spot concealed emotions.

Body Language Quick Takes 4 – How to tell when you’re disconnected

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What are the body language signs of fake listening?    Watch the rest of the bodyBody Language (non-verbal communication We’re living through a disconnected era in our nanosecond-based, 24/7, ADD, mostly virtual world.    Our colleagues and fellow workers nod and smile a lot to show that they’re listening, but it’s not really happening.    Real connection is rare.   

Body Language Quick Takes 6 – How can you tell if someone is interested?

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  When we’re interested, we turn our entire bodies toward the interesting object or person, and we draw closer.  So if someone has his eyes focused on you, then check for other signs from the rest of the body.    The body can often be a more reliable sign of genuine interest – or its opposite – than the eyes.    Do it that way, or you’re liable to forget the body, as most people do.  Body Language (non-verbal communication

How to Be an Effective Presenter Through Better Listening

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… Build Your Skills Performance Body Language featured Listening Skills Practice preparationPresenting is one of those life skills that’ll benefit you no matter where you go, from the classroom to the boardroom.

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What happens when your words and body language don’t match?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

What happens when your words and body language don’t match?    Audiences believe the body language every time.    Our minds are constructed to infer intent from our unconscious reading of other people’s body language.    And when they’re talking at us, we unconsciously compare words and body language.    When they’re not aligned, we believe the body language.

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Keep Your Audience Hooked

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… Performance Role Models Write Great Speeches Audience Connection Body Language featured Hook your Audience Making it MemorableThere’s nothing worse than realising mid-presentation that your audience is asleep.

Body Language Quick Takes – What Does Passion Look Like?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

What are the body language signs of passion?    Often it’s literally true that our bodies know that we’re about to explode before we know it consciously, so watching others’ body language carefully can keep you one step ahead of the riot.    With a little practice, you can even learn to detect what kind of explosion is about to happen by studying the individual and her particular habits of body


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Your body language, nonverbal cues, tells a lot about how you perform at a job, career and on stage as a public speaker. I suggest you learn to use a few simple tips to accentuate your body language as a public speaker or even interview for a job.

What Should I Do With My Hands?

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… Performance Body Language credibility featured Nerves PracticeMany people will naturally feel uncomfortable when speaking in public, with all eyes upon them.

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Body Language Oozes Testosterone

Executive Speech Coach

We know that body language sends messages. There are intended and unintended messages that body language might convey. But did you know that your physical body language also sends chemical messages to your own body? The interesting point from this research was that when you stand more powerfully your body cooperates by producing more testosterone - which makes you feel more powerful. Those messages are not always clear to your audience.

What Do You Think About Having Notes When You Present?

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… Performance Rehearsal Body Language Confidence Corporate Speaking Nerves preparation Using NotesWe’ve published a few articles on presentation preparation , but we’ve never addressed the use of notes when presenting.

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Body Language Blunders Of Anthony Weiner -Media Training

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Did his body language match the message that he wanted to get out? Video anthony weiner Body Language Media Training[link] [link] Rep. Anthony Weiner struggled to explain how a picture of somebody’s bulging underwear briefly appeared on his Twitter account, claiming in a back-to-back string of interviews that he was clearly hacked — but hinting the photograph could have been an image of him.

The 6 Key Ingredients to Body Language « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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Elizabethkuhnke's Blog Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Home About Elizabeth Overcoming Performance Anxiety X-Factor The 6 Key Ingredients to Body Language Posted by: Kuhnke Communication on: September 14, 2010 In: Body Language | Communication Comment!

Body Language Quick Takes 2 - How to spot someone closing down

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How do you tell – in terms of body language – when someone is closing off to you?    If he is moving his head and body away from you, even slightly, that may be a sign that he is closing down.    The easiest way is to subtly move away from the other person in some fashion, either with the head, the torso, or the whole body.    What does closed body language mean?    Trust the body language!

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking in 6 Mostly Easy Steps

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… Authenticity Performance Audience Connection Body Language Confidence Interaction Making it Memorable Nerves Public SpeakingPresentation Guru is dedicated to helping professionals communicate with real impact in pursuit of whatever they do.

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