New Study: Go Back Before You Crack

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So in addition to extensive planning, preparation and practice, getting a good night’s sleep, practicing deep breathing exercises, drinking plenty of water and using positive self-talk, the next time you become nervous before a presentation, stroll down the hallway or take a walk around the block. According to a team of Dutch scientists, walking backward helps people think more clearly. . I saw this article in the San Francisco Chronicle awhile ago and it piqued my interest. .

The Woodstock Festival Anniversary: A Far-Out Legacy of Language

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I grew up in Washington DC and lived ten blocks from the White House and one block from the Black Panther headquarters. Have fun strolling down memory lane and be sure to turn on and tune in to the verbal vibes! . The Woodstock Music & Art Fair celebrates its 40 th anniversary on August 15 th, 2009. The “flower-power” generation was partly-fueled by the message of limitless self-expression, creativity and freedom.

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The best way to do this is to pick up the phone, go for a coffee, go for a stroll or whatever and just ask them. Weve all attended presentations, in SEO or otherwise, that are chocka-block full of excellent content but that are so poorly presented its nigh on impossible to stay focused and take anything away. Login Email Password Remember? Register Go PRO looking for talent!

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