Green never was black and white - Counterintutive lessons from California

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That counterintuitive approach - called decoupling - was presented to California utilities, it worked and it's still working.  "  By documenting the success of this approach in the article "California Experiment," Brownstein shows how much of green isn't black and white.  Policy leaders to tell about the regulatory, legislative, and litigation opportunities and constraints [yeah, those wild cards].

Public Speaking Perks + Andy Griffith

Great Public Speaking

[link] When you become a top public speaker, you get opportunities to visit and experience historic and highly interesting places around the world. The 1960 version was in black and white and the 1965 version was in color

Politicians Beware… Appearances Matter!

Matt Eventoff

Breaking News: In politics, appearances matter, and a study led by three pretty impressive individuals confirms this yet again. . In Looking Like A Winner: Candidate Appearance and Electoral Success in New Democracies , the team of M.I.T. Just black and white pictures, and guess what? From the abstract: “ Despite cultural, ethnic and racial differences, Americans and Indians agree about which candidates are superficially appealing.

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Stop Waiting till you Feel more Confident

Speaking about Presenting

But as I thought about offering my opinion I would start to feel my heart beating hard inside my chest and feel myself growing hot. And so it’s difficult to be confident until you have actually done the thing. As a result, we still have a black and white response to fear.

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England Ashes victories: 2010 & 1953

Max Atkinson

Tiny black and white screen it may have been, but it did enable us to watch Dennis Compton (right) hitting the winning run that regained the Ashes in the final test match at the Oval (scorecard HERE ).

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"Better Call Saul" - The American Dream Of Reinventing Ourselves

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In "Breaking Bad" Walter White navigated his way from nobody high school chemistry teacher to wealthy drug-maker. Saul's and Walter's kind of upward trajectory may not be everyone's goal but there are lessons to be learned.

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"Ida" - Communications Lesson That Less Is More

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Together they strong-arm the murderer to reveal where the bodies are and re-bury the remains in the official family resting place. All this is filmed in black-and-white, recreating the horror of Hilter's madness. And when she does the rhetoric is simple and direct.

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Converting PowerPoint 2003 graphs to look good in PowerPoint 2007

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I’ve now delivered a few presentations using PowerPoint 2007 and I’ve noticed that the graphs I created in PowerPoint 2003 didn’t look very good when I presented them. The text wasn’t clear and the lines or columns were not crisp. I did some tinkering and discovered that PowerPoint 2007 needs to convert your PowerPoint 2003 graphs in order to display them well. I always create black and white handouts instead of colour because it is so much cheaper to print.

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Is social media worth your time?

Succeed Speaking

I was talking with two speakers last week about social media strategies and I thought you might find this interesting. This will “feed” her blog readers and her Twitter followers, and it will also enhance her positioning in the search engines, as both the blog entries and the videos (hosted on YouTube) will be indexed. ” Is one right and the other wrong? ” But it all depends on a speaker’s business goals and objectives.

Confessions of a Public Speaker – review

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

It is loaded with tips and tricks that you only gain from experience on the road. It is written in a lighthearted manner, and is incredibly easy to read, the author has a quirky sense of humour, and he is happy to poke fun at himself.

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"Hostiles" - Hate Can Become Respect

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The film "Hostiles" takes on the harsh subject of Native American and U.S. There values are black and white. He is no spring chicken and will lose his pension. A member of the media is at the army post to take a photo of the release and the group heading on its journey. Hostile Native American tribes, fur hunters, and landowners all attack the travelers. Place your sponsored content and links on this syndicated site.

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Leadership Communications - Tame Your Inner Bipolar

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Watching on black-and-white television the predictable routine of life on the farm with Jeff (later Timmy) and Lassie was the idea of a good time.    A growing number have even been giving up the pretense of loving new, disruptive, and game-changing.

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"Nebraska" - Very different kind of road movie

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The classic road movie started out with two young men riding a car or motorcycle across the United States in search of one thing and they found another.  All that was updated with "Thelma and Louise."  Finally David caves and offers to drive him.

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Three traps when using images in your presentation

Speaking about Presenting

German presentation trainer, Anke Troeder wrote about combining words and images in your presentation , and I invited her to elaborate on that comment. When we start talking about images I show my students this image and ask them what meaning it might have in the context of presenting?

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Relationships Shape Women’s Communications

DeFinis Communications

Welcome to my Wednesday for Women blog series, where I feature stories, resources and valuable information to help women gain greater influence, power, and confidence in their professional and personal life. Please forward these weekly Wednesday blogs to your family, friends and colleagues! In the 1970s, a lab at Harvard University conducted a well-known study that explored the stages of moral and ethical development. So what do we learn from Amy and Jake?

"The Artist" - Pride overcome by a dog and a dame

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Like so many of us Silent Film Star George hits the skids when the technology changes and he can't change.    Not a terribly original plot but it works wonderfully because of most of the film is done in black and white and without sound. 

Value of a Good Head Shot Photo

Speaking Of...

Is it time to freshen your image and have new photos taken? It always amazes me how speakers will spend a small fortune on a website, and still use a photo from long ago as a marketing tool. I'm hoping it says I'm open, friendly, and approachable.

Observational Humor — Case Study #132

Humor Power

And then we’ll review the monologue and what made the jokes tick. THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was presented.). Walter Bond said that to be a point guard you need the right physical gift and you need to work hard. Marvelous Mark said that was unique and never duplicated. Judy Moreo was wearing black pants and a suit jacket with bold. black and white stripes.

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Add a QR code to your presentation

PowerPoint Tips

A QR code is a square image — usually black and white — that works something like a barcode that you see on products in a store. Then you use a QR reader app on a smart phone, which scans the QR code and displays the URL as a link, so you can visit the page.

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Famous Speech Friday: Helen Gahagan Douglas & the "Pink Lady" speech

The Eloquent Woman

Some speakers do what we speaker coach is referred to as "throat-clearing," taking the long way to their topic with lots of preamble, greetings, and other filler. And in 1946, those were fighting words. We are proud of our past and proudest because of what we can build upon the past.

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Kindle v. tablet for public speaking: What's on your Black Friday gift wish list?

The Eloquent Woman

Tablet computers are expected to be a hot item when holiday shoppers start taking advantage of the "Black Friday" deals that will start later this week. Today, there are several new Kindle models as well as a new Kindle Fire tablet, as well as the Nook and iPad tablet computers.

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M. Lynn Rickert's Kitchen Table - Taking the Long Way Home

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In 12-step programs, for example, speaker stories of how it was when drinking and how they sobered up keep shifting over time.  Lynn Rickert and I were bunking along the same corridor in the same dorm.    She seemed sophisticated and funny.

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“The Adversary”: A powerful presentation technique

The Presenter's Blog

It should be stirring, clear, and memorable. It should contain qualities that stand out in clear black and white rather than in obscuring shades of grey. There is firstly the Hero, who appeals to all the best qualities of the audience, and in order for that character to stand out clearly, there must also be the Adversary, representing the opposing force that the audience are being asked to stand against. “In every classic story, the hero fights the villain.”.

Slide Design: Try this ‘Simple’ Game…

More than PowerPoint...

And as luck would have it, simplicity makes for great slide design. Like a kid in a toy store, you can be tempted to play with all these distracting features — and forget to connect to your audience with solid content and excellent presentation skills!

Presentation Help That’s Good Enough to Eat

Duarte Blog

Longtime friend of Duarte, Garr Reynolds has championed the cause of effective presentations through his blog and books for years. Garr chose these colors to reflect the five colors of a balanced Japanese meal—yellow, red, green, black and white].

Thought Trap #1: All or nothing thinking

Speak Schmeak

She runs a weekly in-patient group for people who have depression, and she uses a tool that I find applicable to all of us. The focus of this weekly group is "thought traps," ways of thinking that create negativity and keep us from seeing the positive in our lives.

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What kind of sandwich are you serving?

Speak Schmeak

For 19 years, in fact, my husband and I have been vegetarians. Typically, steamed vegetables and brown rice was the vegetarian dish, no matter how epicurean the restaurant. And when they're feeling really adventurous, a piece of roasted red pepper or two.

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Famous Speech Friday: Essie Washington-Williams: "I feel completely free"

The Eloquent Woman

She waited until she was in her late seventies to speak in public about it, and even though the facts were known by many, she''d kept them secret even from members of her own family at different times during her life. She said: There are many stories like Sally Hemings'' and mine.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Gerald Boyd took institution too seriously

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That was a different time and THE NEW YORK TIMES was different too.    So, in some ways we can understand why Gerald Boyd, the newspaper's first black managing editor, took the institution so seriously.    But, as we read his posthumously released book MY TIMES IN BLACK AND WHITE, we tend to only see a man who allowed the institution he revered to break him.    And we dismiss him as a fool.

PowerPoint Tip: Adding crosshatching fills to graphs in PowerPoint 2007/10

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

This is important when printing graphs in black and white since shades of grey are hard to distinguish. Today I want to show you a way to restore this functionality to PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. First, let’s start with what crosshatch patterns are and why you may need to use them. A crosshatch pattern is a series of lines on a white background that is used to fill a shape or, in the case of a graph, a column or pie wedge.

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Observational Humor — Case Study #123

Humor Power

Then we’ll look at the jokes and a brief analysis of what made the jokes work. THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting. My Mother was visiting and attending the meeting. Carolyn was wearing a top with a black-and-white, busy, abstract.

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Humor Book Reviews

Humor Power

I recently read two great books on humor, and I recommend them both to you. Born Standing Up , by Steve Martin; and Growing Up Laughing , by Marlo Thomas. Both books are inspirational, funny and touching. And they are both a reminder of how “overnight success&# is usually preceded by twenty years of hard work. Jerry Seinfeld described Born Standing Up as “one of the best books about comedy and being a comedian ever written.&#.

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Famous Speech Friday: Robert Kennedy on the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Eloquent Woman

I saw it broadcast live 45 years ago, and it stands among the best impromptu speeches I know. Kennedy was running for the presidency of the United States, and on the campaign trail. Speak from your heart, not from your notes when the moment is tense and emotional.

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Observational Humor — Case Study #129

Humor Power

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting, before the monologue was delivered.). There is a freeway exit sign between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I have a long history with three Toastmasters in the audience; Bobby, Jens, and Bill. mis-spoke and said four Mondays a week. Bill shared family photos with us from his first and second marriage. The first marriage photo was in Black and White. And we met four Mondays a week.

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How do you inspire people with a speech?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

I ran across this list of the 50 most inspiring movie speeches (warning: language and mature themes) and it inspired me to think about what makes a great movie speech – and to figure out the lessons for great speechmaking in general.    Life and death is best; life and death of your organization is next best.    Rather, they focus on clear issues of right and wrong, competition – us v. them – and winning or losing. 

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British students' first encounter with segregation in 1963

Max Atkinson

British students of today will no doubt be appalled to know that, by the end of our first year at university, my girlfriend and I had saved enough money from our grants to book tickets on a London to New York charter flight - for £50 return. Then in his 80s, he had emigrated to the USA as a young man and had developed into a typical white Southerner, a first hint of which were the numerous Confederate flags arrayed both inside and outside his house.

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An Executive's How-to Guide: Five Tips to Ride a Recession

The Arrowood Curve

quality or design) and devote those resources to selling more of that lower quality product. Customers will appreciate that you are spending more time and money trying to get more time and money from them, and will forgive you for a slightly inferior product. Tighten your grip on their daily activities by requesting frequent status reports and knowledge of everything they are doing. Five Tips For Riding A Recession: An Executive's How-To Guide 1.

Why Are Presentation Skills Important?

Executive Speech Coach

and they are stumped. These folks might mumble something unintelligible and proudly declare “Because – everybody knows that it is”. I’ve been studying and teaching presentation skills for over a decade so I’ve had the opportunity to think about this question. Presentation skills” is not a black and white off/on switch. The primary goal is for your presentation skills to be better than your competition, whoever and whatever that is.

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Sumi-e, color, and the art of less

Presentation Zen

A fundamental design and life lesson from the Zen arts is to never use more when less will do. provides a powerful lesson concerning the use of color, communication, and restraints. In Sumi-e, great works are achieved with only black ink on washi (rice paper) or silk scroll.

2009 58

Famous Speech Friday: Princess Diana and the Ban on Landmines

The Eloquent Woman

Earlier that year, she had visited Angola to meet with several generations of landmine victims --and was criticized publicly by members of the British government as a "loose cannon" for her outspoken insistence that nations sign on to an international treaty banning landmines.

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