Public Speaking Publicity: How to Write a Bio for Your Press Kit

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Most bios I read are more potent than sleeping pills. Some of the most talented authors write the worst bios. Don't even ask me what I think about the bios written by engineers, architects, accountants and attorneys. A well-written bio can convey to your potential clients, the media, and your other audiences that you are fun, creative and entertaining. How to Find Good Material If you're writing your own bio, here are some questions should ask yourself.

How to develop a paid public speaking career – V: What you need

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  And a number of should-haves: a social media presence, a blog, a press kit, handouts, YouTube videos.    Called a one-sheet because it used to be one page, this document has pictures of you looking great, your speaking topics, a brief bio, testimonials, any media hits, a description of your book, and anything else that is relevant for potential bookers to know. 

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Based on feedback from our market, most of whom dont know or care about a "one-sheet," the new movement in our profession refers to these dynamic marketing pieces as "professional profiles" (speaker bio) or "topic profiles" (topic overview or outline). Another 10 to 15 percent are avid-readers who read everything (yes, even every article reprint in your press kit), and are great detail-oriented, bottom-line proofreaders.

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