Better than "needs no introduction:" Memphis student introduces Obama in wry style

The Eloquent Woman

And then there's the problem of introducing the famous speaker-- you know, that one who "needs no introduction," that overused method of letting everyone know you aren't going to do the obvious and read the speaker's well-known bio. Now, a student at Booker T. Let's face it: Commencements can be dreary speaking events, full of platitudes and over-long speakers.

How to develop a paid public speaking career – V: What you need

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Called a one-sheet because it used to be one page, this document has pictures of you looking great, your speaking topics, a brief bio, testimonials, any media hits, a description of your book, and anything else that is relevant for potential bookers to know.  Let’s talk about the marketing materials you need to develop a paid public speaking career.    There are a few essentials:  a DVD, a website, a book, a one-sheet.