Guest Post: How to Write a Bio and Website ‘About’ Page That Sells Your Writing Services

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The bio and about pages are vital parts of a freelance writer's website. Your bio helps prospective clients determine if your interests and expertise align with their needs. People enjoy reading interesting bios; they'll stop reading, however, if you simply list strings of boring information. Freelance Writing - General self-promotion write about page Write bioIn a concise format you define yourself to an audience of strangers.

Anatomy of a Speaker's Introduction: Part I

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Keep in mind, however, that these people already know you're credible, because you're in front of them, and your bio is likely in the program, or at the very least a smartphone away. Bios Credibility Humor Introducer Introductions Know Your Audience Speech Titles

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Public Speaking Publicity: How to Write a Bio for Your Press Kit

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Most bios I read are more potent than sleeping pills. Some of the most talented authors write the worst bios. Don't even ask me what I think about the bios written by engineers, architects, accountants and attorneys. A well-written bio can convey to your potential clients, the media, and your other audiences that you are fun, creative and entertaining. How to Find Good Material If you're writing your own bio, here are some questions should ask yourself.

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations: What's the.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011 What’s the difference between a speaker’s bio and an introduction? Many people don’t realize the difference and often say bio when they mean introduction. And many non-professional speakers mistakenly supply their bio as an introduction. Speaker Bio The speaker’s bio (biography) is meant to be read silently. The bio in it’s worst form looks and feels like a resume. A bio is like a history report.

Kitty Kelley's Bio of Oprah - Nothing we didn't expect

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Kitty Kelley might be shocked to realize that what she's disclosing about Oprah doesn't shock us.    After all, we're Americans raised in capitalism and we had to assume Oprah got where she is by reading the world just right. One of those reads is that we love tales of extreme poverty which becomes extreme wealth.    So what if, as Kelley tells us, Oprah wasn't that poor growing up. 

Leave your audience wanting more, not less

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While scrolling through channels looking for movies to record one weekend, I found the following one-line movie descriptions: 1. French policeman hounds bread thief for life 2. Victorian orphan drifts, finds good people 3. An enslaved British doctor turns Caribbean pirate 4.

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If you have to apologize, don't do it in the first place

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Here's a particularly annoying apology/acknowledgement I heard recently on a webinar, after the interviewer took a full five minutes out of an hour presentation to read the speaker's bio. Haha, that is one long bio. I've said before, " never apologize. "

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Cats have 9 lives. Do Tigers*?

Matt Eventoff

*Pardon the joke, and I believe that this Tiger can still resurrect his career. Even a gas leak at his home is newsworthy ! It is impossible to escape the nonstop headlines , blog posts and breaking cable news stories about Tiger Woods and his alleged dalliances. Every day (often every hour) brings new allegations, rumors, stories and general drama. . From a crisis management standpoint, I believe that this week has been Tiger’s best.

7 lessons from wordcamp

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Get your bio in ahead of time. My bio was read exactly as written, which was great. Last week I spoke at WordCamp, Cape Town (the WordPress conference), and I watched many of the other sessions as well.

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Introductions: Don't leave them to chance

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Many speakers have suffered lackluster and inaccurate introductions, where someone either throws together a few words at the last moment, or misconstrues something in your bio and gives you titles and accolades that are incorrect.

Tiger Woods and President Obama

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Define yourself before your opponent, or anyone else defines you (and if you don’t define yourself first, someone WILL take the opportunity to define you). Whether you are campaigning for elective office, to get/keep the public trust, to get promoted, to get a job, to keep your job – it is paramount to define yourself before anyone else does. How do you define yourself? Messaging. President Obama understood this.

4 Ways to Become a Charismatic Speaker

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Author Bio. Communicating your presentation idea alone won’t be enough to convince your audience. You should also have the charismatic appeal to enhance your credibility and complement your central message. A likeable image is what leaves them swayed, in awe, and wanting more.

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A most inspiring TED Talk: Dr. Hugh Herr

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Links • • Biomechatronics at MIT • Dr. Hugh Herr's bio page at MIT Recently, while researching the issue of generative design , I came across a short presentation on bionics by Bionics designer and MIT Professor Dr. Hugh Herr.

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Challenge the status quo. like a ninja!

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Last year, I realized that I was tired of handing out my boring bio to introducers and organizers. So I upgraded my bio to one that feels and sounds more like me. I came across this status update from Michael Cortes on Facebook, saying, "This CANT be real?"

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Green Room Speakers: Lessons from a Ukulele

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Lessons from a Ukulele According to musician Jake Shimabukuro from his bio on this weeks ".The The ukulele means more (to Jake) than grass skirts and loud shirts. Hes on a mission to revolutionize our perception of the four-string, two-octave instrument."

Coaching a cadre of scientists to give TED-quality talks

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Adding speaking experience to your bio is an easy way to let conference organizers find and evaluate you as a speaker, and lets them know you are interested, as well as seasoned.

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Need to update my website.

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Should I keep the about page and the bio page , or.

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Do You Let People Like You?

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If you dont know who she is, below is a brief bio from Wikipedia: Caroline Michelle "Carrie" Prejean (born May 13, 1987)is an American model and former beauty queen from Vista, California. skip to main | skip to sidebar Do You Let People Like You?

Top Executive Speech Coach Blog Posts of 2011

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Executive Speech Coach Top Blog Posts of the year are: What’s the difference between a speaker’s bio and an introduction? Many people don’t realize the difference and often say bio when they mean introduction. And many non-professional speakers mistakenly supply their bio as an introduction. There is a big difference between these two documents in their purpose and hence their form. Function always drives form.

15 ways I use @evernote for public speaking & coaching speakers

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Planning for chairing or moderating: If I''m chairing a conference or moderating a panel, it gets its own notebook, in which I put bios of the speakers, information from the organizer, and my own notes and script.

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Smart self-promotion: 6 must-haves on your speaker page

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One paragraph about yourself as a speaker will do wonders to your existing bio. Forget "shameless self-promotion." What's smart self-promotion for a public speaker?

From the vault: How to introduce yourself without bragging

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If you know ahead of time that you'll be doing a self-introduction, make sure the audience has a printed bio--also short--or that you've supplied the group with a short standard bio to post online. Crowdsource your bio: For the brave and well-friended, ask your audience to help you.

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Better than "needs no introduction:" Memphis student introduces Obama in wry style

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And then there's the problem of introducing the famous speaker-- you know, that one who "needs no introduction," that overused method of letting everyone know you aren't going to do the obvious and read the speaker's well-known bio.

4 ways to plan a panel to delight the audience

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Here's how: Ban the bio-reading: Use creative tactics for introducing your speakers, and forbid the reading of bios. A great panel shouldn't so surprising.

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"So you liked my talk? Now what?" 8 ways to make the most of a speaking gig

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Update your speaker bio or page: You should have a short biography and a section of your website or blog or LinkedIn profile that includes your speaking experience. You killed that keynote, iced the Ignite! talk, took the TEDx audience by storm.

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10 secret advantages of the person who introduces the speaker

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Can you help us see beyond her bio? You can surprise the audience: Audiences have grown used to, and tired of, the standard "I'm just going to read the bio" introductions. Especially around the time of political conventions, when coveted roles like the keynote are awarded to signal the future prospects of the speaker, I hear people say, "Oh, she only got to do the introduction." People think that in everyday conferences and meetings, too.

New Book on Listening

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155 Section 2 summary 161 Bibliography 163 Footnotes 168 Acknowledgements 173 Author’s Bio 174 For those with interest in this topic, you can contact Sharon Drew Morgen directly Here is the TOC for a new book by Sharon Drew Morgen who asked me to post this and to alert readers of this coming book. I''m happy to do so. The book is called What? Did you really say what I think I heard?

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Famous Speech Friday: Gwen Ifill on politics, policy & leadership

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Back when we used to watch the evening news on television--remember that?--we we spoke loyally of our favorite anchors and our habit of "inviting them into our homes."

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If you don't want the relationship, don't ask for the favor

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Now imagine this caller having done his homework, reading John's bio, maybe commenting on his blog, connecting with him on Twitter and responding to John's posts on Facebook. In this blog post , John Greathouse describes a phone call from someone seeking referrals to contacts in John's field.

If you have to apologize, don't do it in the first place

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Here's a particularly annoying apology/acknowledgement I heard recently on a webinar, after the interviewer took a full five minutes out of an hour presentation to read the speaker's bio. Haha, that is one long bio. I've said before, " never apologize. "

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Speakers: When it comes to words, concrete=credible

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And while the expertise in your bio helps to introduce you, most audiences will decide how credible you are after you start speaking. Smart speakers concern themselves with credibility.

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How to Introduce a Speaker

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The normal routine is for the introducer to read fact after boring fact from a speaker's bio, with little eye contact or inflection, perhaps even stumble over the speaker's name, and then withdraw with relief.

From NASCAR slides to "Any questions?": 8 kinds of slides to delete right now

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Your bio: Make the introducer do her job and leave it out of your deck. Lately, I''ve been coaching several speakers getting ready for industry conferences--hired either by their companies, or the conference organizers.

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What you say …

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What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. – Ralph Waldo Emerson (bio). public speaking quotations public speaking quotations

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Anatomy of a Speaker's Introduction Part II: What Could Go Wrong?

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They might read your bio straight off the program, because they think it's 'better'. In Part I , we looked at the different parts of an ideal introduction for a real world speech. So once you've created it, you're home free, right? Not quite.

The all-in-one on credibility for speakers: 12 respect-building resources

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Look beyond your bio: It takes more than a stellar resume to establish your credibility with a new audience, a skeptical group, or other difficult crowd. Credibility's all around the speaker. It can stand behind you, backing up your claims, or undermine and overshadow your talk.

Famous Speech Friday: Viola Davis's Golden Globes Meryl Streep intro

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Make it personal: If you are just reading a prepared bio, you're doing it wrong. Meryl Streep's acceptance speech for the Golden Globes lifetime achievement award a couple of weeks ago made a major splash (you can read its Famous Speech Friday entry here ).

How to give a killer presentation: My #AF4Q session notes

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They do that with what''s known as "throat-clearing:" Cartoons unrelated to the topic, jokes, trite observations about the beauty of the day/campus/conference setting, thank-yous, more on their bio, and how pleased they are to be there. Slam the door.

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10 Books for the 21st-Century Presenter, Storyteller

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"The greatest part of a writer''s time is spent in reading in order to write," Samuel Johnson once said. "A A man will turn over half a library to make a book." In order to make any kind of contribution during this short time on earth, I need to study the contributions of others.

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Query letter: how to sell your article ideas to editors

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As you pitch different publications or companies in different sectors (for corporate work), adjust your bio to reflect your strengths in relation to the article idea, the type of publication, or the company you are pitching… Here is a query letter template: Person’s Name. Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing – Find, Price, Manage Corporate Writing Assignments & Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines.

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