Robots - Soon they'll be the new thought leaders (watch out, Peter Thiel)

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Kelly reports that Bloomberg will be studying how to program robots to create headlines, write portions of the copy and identify trends from data. Soon enough, with their trend-spotting ability, robots will evolve into our new thought leaders.

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Writing services you can offer corporate clients

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Google ads, banner ads, and landing pages : Coordinated by marketing, companies often contract out the writing of the short ads that appear on Google (and other search engines), banner ads that appear on websites, and the landing pages—the pages that readers are taken to when they click on ads. Since some ad agencies contract out writing, who might they contract it to? To do so, they produce job descriptions and recruitment ads.

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5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book

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There are many types of ads, each requiring a different approach to copywriting. Print (newspaper, magazine, billboards and so on), direct response marketing (a form of print), opt-in email advertising, online (Google, Facebook and other social media ads, banner ads, multimedia ads), radio and television, and so on. Since the textbook is for an introductory copywriting course, I focused on print ads and online ads that use text, not multimedia.

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