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Advice for speakers and presenters - 7 ways to turn a free gig into a financial windfall

Pivotal Public Speaking

You think of all the expenses you’ll incur gas, parking, photocopying materials, babysitter and speaking for free means you won’t be reimbursed for these incidental costs.Although a free gig can eat into your bottom line, you don’t need to refuse it altogether. You’ve been asked to speak for an audience. You just have to.

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I've learned a lot about back of the room sales in the past couple years. This article isn't about the technique of Back of the Room Sales. This article is about an overall philosophy to increase sales and a specific technique that I've been using. AND they buy more of my stuff.

Seating Strategies to Engage and Involve Your Audience… and Boost Back-of-Room Sales

Pivotal Public Speaking

You are used to people laughing, nodding, and being engaged, but this room is set with rounds of 8 and people’s backs are to you.

How to Triple Your Back of the Room Book Sales Every Time You Do a Public Speaking Engagement

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

I’m darn good at selling at the back of the room. Today I want to give you a low pressure technique that can give you way more sales than when you nervously wait till the end of your talk to suggest people buy your book. 10 Myths of Public Speaking 1) I can wing my presentation.

Prepare for public speaking success

Pivotal Public Speaking

Preparation is one of the most powerful drivers of success in public speaking. It is vital to be very clear on this purpose, so spend time preparing a statement of purpose that will drive everything that you do and say when you present. Rehearse out loud to reassure yourself you will not forget the main points of your speech.