New Hire Onboarding: A Guide for Managers


A recent survey by CareerBuilder suggests that nearly three-quarters of organizations have an onboarding process lasting 1 month or less. You can automate these with onboarding software.

How to Start Digitizing Your Supply Chain Management


New technological innovations are disrupting every major business sector, and every business process out there. In this post, we’ll show how to improve supply chain management using the latest technological innovations. In short, it assumes using new technologies (cloud computing, Big Data analytics, machine learning and IoT) to replace the legacy in-house infrastructure and labor-heavy processes present within each function.

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What is an Innovation Strategy and Why Your Company Needs One?


In a nutshell, a business innovation definition is this one: “Innovation is any process that an organization has in place that will support and fully encourage the introduction of new ideas, new methods of workflow, new methods in technology, and/or new products or services” Oftentimes, it also involves improving existing products or services or creating new ones that would better solve a problem for existing or potential customers or for the organization itself.

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Checklist for Evaluating a Shopping Cart System

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Does it use encryption technology? Will it deliver your ezines/enewsletters and automate the subscription process? • Will it allow you to easily make questionnaires and surveys? (Remember… most pieces of software are simply shopping carts and not complete and integrated sales systems) Instructions to use this checklist Whenever considering any shopping cart or shopping cart system ask the questions in the list below. Most have either yes or no answers.