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No bots or automated scripts please. A Kensington wireless handheld remote. Summer must be the season for contests, ’cause SlideRocket is having one, too! Simply tweet #sliderocket to enter for a chance to win an Ultimate Presentation Survival Pack.

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How to Start Digitizing Your Supply Chain Management


Robotics and automation are seeing the most use cases in warehousing and manufacturing. At the very basic level, you’ll have to work out a solid plan covering the following processes: Data synchronization : How will data from different remote facilities be collected?

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Why are Conference Speakers So Bad?

Executive Speech Coach

None of the speakers used a remote controlled mouse to advance their PowerPoint slides. Even if the conference organizer didn’t arrange for a remote the speakers could have brought their own. If you present with PowerPoint get your own remote mouse. They became automated robots delivering a presentation that perhaps was prepared by someone else.