Storytelling-III. 5 Ideas. 5 Blogs. 5 Days.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  We asked for his autograph.  Speech WritingThis is the third blog in a series about storytelling – 5 in 5 days.    Everyone seems to get it that storytelling is important, because we’re awash in data and information and can’t remember it all.    But we do remember stories.    That’s because they are how our brains work. 

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Making a Difference

Kuhnke Communication

While many of her friends gave thousands of dollars to support their chosen charities, ensuring them a place at the top table, autographed photographs of world leaders, and their names emblazoned in gold on donors’ plaques, Mom would send cheques for $10 and $20 which earned her pads of paper and gummed labels with her name and address on them. (I I treasure those pads of paper and think of my mother whenever I write myself a note.)

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May Cartoon Caption Contest Results

Humor Power

Contests Cartoon caption creative writing humor contestIt’s time for the results of our May Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich. New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months). New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months). The next Joke Contest is June 1, 2011. Here are the top captions for this month’s contest: ** FIRST PLACE **.

Review of two books on speaking

PowerPoint Tips

TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations was sent to me by the Jess Todtfeld, complete with a sticker that says, “Autographed by the author.&# He also has an interesting marketing technique: at the end of the book, he asks readers to review it on Amazon, write about the book in their blog (which I’m doing now), recommend the book, go to his web site, etc. I recently read two books on speaking and thought I’d review them together.

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How to develop a paid public speaking career – IV: 3 Rules for Long-term Public Speaking Success

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  You will cheerfully meet, shake hands with, autograph books for, and otherwise perform reasonable social duties for the organizers, the top brass, company employees, and their heirs and assigns.    Many speakers new to the paid speaking world write fresh speeches for every single occasion.    Tags: Audience-Centered Speaking Authenticity Books Current Affairs Event Planning Public Speaking Speech Writing Visual Aids

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Laid Off? Looking for work?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I have since written numerous speeches — always with my (autographed) copy of How to Write and Give a Speech at the ready … Having recently been laid off after 21 years with the [X COMPANY], I am now beginning to plan for the next phase of my career. A few minutes ago, I received the following email: . “Hi Joan, Not sure if you remember me, but I enjoyed your advanced speechwriting course back in 1998…(remember the 90s? Those were the days!).

Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

And scribbled across the cover is Bower’s real-life autograph. . Paul Lima is a freelance writer and writing instructor. He has published 10 non-fiction books on business writing, copywriting, freelance writing, creative writing, how to write a non-fiction book, and other topics.

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Increase Book Exposure Through Author Speaking Engagements

Authors who take advantage of these opportunities can sell autographed copies of their books after these events and boost their sales. An author of a young adult fiction title can volunteer to lead a short seminar for teens on fiction writing at a local library.

Twitter Tips for Speakers: Before, During & After the Event

Again, I’m not going to keep saying Twitter but this is an article about using Twitter so please assume I mean pass it along or write it on Twitter. Write a follow up blog about the event with lessons learned, people met and useful information for anyone – then tweet the URL.

Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them

Great Public Speaking

I decided to write this article after spending over half my speaking career (about 12 years) speaking at public seminars and watching the decline of service provided by seminar speakers and promoters and the increase in scammer speakers getting rich while committing fraud at the expense of mostly unknowing and trusting people. Find out before you agree to attend a seminar what their policy is and get it in writing. Make sure you get the refund policy in writing.)

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