May Cartoon Caption Contest Results

Humor Power

After all, it’s the 8th time this week. – Can I help it if I have dumb DNA? – But someone has to be the anchor. – Is that my acceptance letter to the military academy? – Let me guess: Denied by another magnet school? – I can’t believe you have a security camera in the girls locker room. – But I’m not going to college.

Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them

Great Public Speaking

Even me, a guy who didn’t fall all over myself to get John Travolta’s autograph when I was standing right next to him at a party can’t help but feel differently when in their presence. Head toward the “A” list and the sky’s the limit, but skilled manipulators can even get pretty well-known people to attend seminar events for fees way less than $10,000.00. A mastermind is not 70 people stuffed into a room each with a very limited time where their business is being addressed.

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