Misplaced Compassion - The Puzzling Saga of Megan Barry

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Bob Fredericks in the New York Post reports: "Nashville Mayor Megan Barry quit Tuesday after pleading guilty to a felony theft charge for authorizing more than $10,000 in improper overtime for a top city cop [Rob Forrest] she was having an affair with."

The Worst Presentation Sin

Executive Speech Coach

Just because you were told that you would have a 60 minute time slot – don’t count on getting 60 minutes to speak. Never go overtime. Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?

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12 Suicide Pills for the Business Presenter

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Run overtime. You were given 20 minutes to speak. Why not give them more by speaking for 48 minutes. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: business presentations , career tips , effective executive speaking , presentation coach , presentation mistakes , presentation skills 1 comments: Chris Witt said. Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?

The Problem With Presentations


Since companies speak as groups through highly prepared materials, they tend to gloss, exaggerate, omit and distort. " "Bulls win in overtime." Tell stories that speak from your abundant knowledge of the topic, and of others in the field.

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