Year end Interview with writer and author, Paul Lima

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Trisha Harris interviews author Paul Lima. TH: To start, how long have you been writing?PL: PL: I’m 66 and wrote my first poem at the age of 14. But I’ve been a professional writer for 40 years, corporate writing and a … Continue reading →

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Insider Secrets of Best Selling Authors with Kate White

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The post Insider Secrets of Best Selling Authors with Kate White appeared first on Jane Atkinson. We are so excited to be speaking with bestselling author, writing Superstar and fellow speaker, Kate White! . Kate is the former editor-in-chief of five magazines, including Cosmopolitan for 14 years, is a nationally recognized authority on leadership, work, and success. Today’s podcast is being brought to you by Accelerate Live 2018 – we have a live event Sept.


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Speaking with authority

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

What has happened, Mali asks, to our sense of conviction and ability to speak to authority: Tags: Business Communication Public Speaking Taylor Mali Thanks to Kate for bringing this wonderful video to my attention. Poet Taylor Mali demonstrates the problems with run-on sentences, up-speak and the “tragically cool and totally hip interrogative tone&# which signals uncertainty to an audience.

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9 Tips for Publishing Success — Expert Advice from Author 101 University

Succeed Speaking

Here are nine things I learned from Rick Frishman and his expert guests at Author 101 University (affiliate link) in Las Vegas that I hope will serve you and help you get your message out to more people in the year ahead: The question is not “Am I qualified to share this message?” ” — Brendon Burchard, Author of The Charge. 5% of the author’s responsibility is writing the book. 95% of the author’s responsibility is marketing the book.

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10 Ways to Communicate with Empathy and Authority in Times of Crisis

Duarte Blog

In everyday business communication, the best communicators exhibit a balance of empathy and authority. The post 10 Ways to Communicate with Empathy and Authority in Times of Crisis appeared first on Duarte. This is a rapidly evolving situation. For the most up-to-date information on the Coronavirus visit the World Health Organization’s website here, and view their latest advice on public self-care here.

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Public Speaking Hacks: How to Speak with Authority


The post Public Speaking Hacks: How to Speak with Authority appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Being a leader means being someone that people listen to. It means having a voice, both literally and figuratively, that inspires and motivates people to take action. Why is this important? Because all businesses, no matter the industry or vertical, are dependent on how consumers perceive them. Revenue is directly impacted by whether or not […].

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Book Authors Now Earn $17,500 Annually (Authors Guild Survey)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Being a book author was like being an English college professor. " Now, thanks to the digital revolution, very few book authors can make it financially. According to the Authors Guild survey, reports Yahoo , the average annual income for a full-timer is $17,500. You loved what you did but you didn't expect to make much money. However, you could survive financially if you watched your pennies. That was called "genteel poverty."

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Question your own authority

Kate's Voice

Research has shown that the best way to stick to a plan is to be self-interrogative rather than self-affirming. In other words, new year’s resolutions don’t really work by themselves unless you examine your resolve. You need to question what you are doing and be willing to study your own behavior. I find it interesting […]. Miscellaneous conversations discussion engagement listening

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The author as performer

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

For many authors the book tour is a necessary evil. Authors, researchers, accountants - subject matter experts of all kinds find it difficult to speak about their passion in a compelling and engaging manner. The reclusive scribe is forced into the public eye to read extracts from the podium to an indifferent audience. These [.].

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Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to publish a book

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to publish a book, by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch. Although I would like to publish an ebook at some stage, it is not something that I am looking at doing right now, so the review copy on my Kindle sat there for quote a while before I got to browsing through it. When I eventually got to it, I read the entire book cover to cover in a single day.

Author sells 10,000th self-published books

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

We interrupt this blog to make what I consider a wonderful announcement : Paul Lima has written and self-published 11 books in six years and has sold 10,000 copies of his books. Toronto, Ontario, December 6, 2013 – Paul Lima has written and self-published 10 non-fiction books and one collection of short stories over the last six years and has now sold 10,000 copies of his books.

Speechwriter - Author

Joan Detz Speaker Services

This authorized biography contains a foreword by Nobel Peace prize-winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. . I met Charlene when I conducted a speechwriting workshop for ASJA (the American Society of Journalists and Authors). Congratulations to political journalist and speechwriter Charlene Smith for her biography of Nelson Mandela. Charlene had her first face-to-face interview with Nelson Mandela on his third day in prison.

Interview – Cynthia Klein: Speaker, Educator, Author

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Cynthia authors the Middle School Mom column for the Parenting on the Peninsula magazine. Since 1994, Cynthia Klein has been guiding parents to creating happy and healthy families. As a speaker to over three hundred groups, Cynthia has given parents the tools and confidence to improve their family dynamics. Her presentations are interactive, highly visual and easy for parents to apply to their own family situations. Parents leave encouraged [.]

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The Self Promoting Author

Great Public Speaking

The Internet has completely changed the marketing world for authors. Authors can Build a website Start a blog Establish a following on social networking sites Participate in forums Create a book trailer for YouTube Start public speaking All of the above steps allow writers to share and showcase their work. Publishers want authors to have a hands on approach when promoting their book.

Growth of ebooks and indie authors

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Traditionally published e-book authors earn only 12%–17%. The print books are print on demand, through Lightning Source (now Ingram Spark for new indie authors) or Create Space. According to Publisher’s Weekly : Ten years ago, e-books accounted for less than 1% of the trade book market. Today, e-books account for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units.

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Collaborate with others in real time using PowerPoint on the Web

PowerPoint Tips

To distinguish the situation in which people collaborate but at different times, real-time collaboration is sometimes called co-authoring. Content User Interface co-authoring collaboration editing in real time PowerPoint on the Web PowerPoint Online working togetherDid you know that you can collaborate with others on a PowerPoint file in real-time using PowerPoint on the Web? That’s the same thing as PowerPoint Online.)

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Interview with Tokyo-based interpreter & author Yayoi Oguma

Presentation Zen

Yayoi is a best-selling author and she has a new book on the way, which we talk about in the interview. Below is a 40-minute conversation I had today with Tokyo based interpreter and communications specialist Yayoi Oguma. She is a sought-after language interpreter in. Japan for various IT institutions, medical, and retail companies. regularly interprets on Fuji Television and on the radio as well.

"Eat Pray Love" Author Splits From Husband

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Elizabeth Gilbert leveraged her global travels to go from the heartbreak  of divorce to hope for becoming whole on her own. The result was her bestselling book "Eat Pray Love." " Women were attracted to the simple formula for seeking inner peace. And maybe even happiness. Also, we were given permission not to be preoccupied with calories. Eventually Gilbert did marry again. Her new love had been Jose Nunes. But again the state of marital bliss slipped away from her.

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Author: No tag line presented in Arizona

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

I had to pump this author for more information. The author's non reaction got me reflecting on how we writers may be at a creative disadvantage in the New York and Washington D.C.  When she introduced herself to me at a church gathering in Arizona, all she said was that she was a writer.  Along the Northeast Corridor, there would have been the mandatory tag line, actually a long laundry list of credentials.

Review: Ruby Sparks – every author’s dream?

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

In some ways, the movie Ruby Sparks is every author’s dream. Or should I say every male author’s wet dream. You create a character you’d love. She becomes real. Dream fulfilled. In Ruby Sparks, a novelist (Paul Dano) struggles with writer's block. He wants one thing in life: a woman who loves him, and his dog, on his terms. Calvin, the novelist, dreams of such a woman and, presto, writer’s block is overcome.

Port of Authority Bombing - Timing Is Everything (Location Matters Too)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Of course,  the Port of Authority in Manhattan was the scene of a suicide bombing. The location - the always-busy Port of Authority - is one of the symbols of what Manhattan is all about. Here are the details, as they are known so far. Timing is everything (except for the importance of place). This is the holiday season. That means plenty of human beings will be out shopping and doing fun things like dining out and visiting museums.

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How to Come Across as an Authority in Your Presentation


Nobody could doubt that Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg could speak as an authority on the subject of achieving your goals against all adversity. The post How to Come Across as an Authority in Your Presentation appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Forbes has estimated her net worth at $1.27 billion and placed her at Number Eight on the list of Power Women in the United States. She has a Master of […].

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Meet 4 writers/authors on the Blog Hop

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Welcome to my blog hop where you will learn a little more about me and three other writers and authors. Freelance Writing - General blog hop freelanc writers Paul Lima

Interview: Jason Kersten, Author and Journalist

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The afternoon session of Saturday’s Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA/NC) meeting featured a conversation between Craig Harrison and journalist and author Jason Kersten. An author and journalist since 1998, Jason has written features for numerous national magazines, including Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Maxim.

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Interview: Jason Kersten, Author and Journalist

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The afternoon session of Saturday’s Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA/NC) meeting featured a conversation between Craig Harrison and journalist and author Jason Kersten. An author and journalist since 1998, Jason has written features for numerous national magazines, including Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Maxim.

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Interview: Jason Kersten, Author and Journalist

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The afternoon session of Saturday’s Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA/NC) meeting featured a conversation between Craig Harrison and journalist and author Jason Kersten. An author and journalist since 1998, Jason has written features for numerous national magazines, including Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Maxim.

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Dead Authors Society

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That's how I imagine a sort of Dead Authors Society.    Could it be the myopia which comes with authority, especially the kind which entails the power to hire and fire, make or break careers?  Do brandname players whose books aren't selling get together and talk about it?   As we enter a hot weekend Lloyd Constantine's expose on Eliot Spitzer is at 140,770 on    That's much better than it was doing recently. 

Authors, Publicity is Your Ticket to Success

Great Public Speaking

How Authors use Publicity to Make Massive Book Sales" When: January 23rd, 8:00PM EST. We are giving away 16 tickets to Author 101 University but you must be on the call live to win! > How to become an author in 5 easy steps and in less than 90 days. => Join me for a complimentary teleclass with the fantastic Rick Frishman.

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Lead Magnet Ideas For Self-Published Authors

Great Public Speaking

Nowadays, not only mainstream authors can use this, but also self-published authors. For all those struggling authors out there, now is your chance to share your talent with the rest of the world. This could be of great help to growing your author brand Living in the information highway has made life easier for all of us. We transact things faster, meet people faster, we communicate faster and of course, we share our ideas and talents faster.

Post-BuzzFeed Allegations about Tony Robbins - Simon & Schuster Reportedly Drops Book He Co-Authored

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Self-help coach Tony Robbins had co-authored the guide with Peter Mallouk, President of Creative Planning. What a stunning reversal of fortune. At BuzzFeed , investigative reporter Katie Baker states that publisher Simon & Schuster isn't going ahead with "The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom." " That was based on input from a source at S&S.

Interview with Stephen Hopson: Author and Motivational Speaker

The Speaker Point

April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About Interview with Stephen Hopson February 24, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments Stephen Hopson has been deaf since birth, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an award-winning wall-street broker, a pilot, author, and a successful motivational speaker for over 10 years.

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Inside Voice: Candida Fink, MD, psychiatrist and author

The Eloquent Woman

I''m delighted to include in the series my longtime friend Candida Fink , a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has co-authored two books: The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child: A Survival Guide for Parents and Bipolar Disorder For Dummies. I asked her to share perspective with us from the point of view of someone who speaks frequently as part of her work in medicine and as a book author.)

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Nancy Duarte interviews author Alex Osterwalder

Duarte Blog

Listen in as Nancy chats with Alex Osterwalder about his latest book, Business Model Generation. Alex offers insight on how to create and manage successful business models, and explains how his visual approach allows him to illustrate complex concepts clearly and beautifully.

Still Waiting for Your Breakthrough Moment? Author of The Happiness Project Says “Enjoy the Process”

Succeed Speaking

I asked Gretchen Rubin , author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Happiness Project , about that on Friday afternoon… with emerging speakers and authors in mind (and even those who are established, but have their sights set on the “next level&# ). Gretchen has achieved the success that many speakers and authors dream of: her book hit #1 just weeks after its release.

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From the Authors Guild: How to support “Banned Books Week”

Joan Detz Speaker Services

This year’s theme is diversity, a disproportionately targeted category as found by author Malinda […]. Banned Books Week kicked off yesterday and runs through Saturday, October 1. The annual event was launched more than 30 years ago to draw attention to a dramatic increase in the number of challenges to books available in schools and libraries. News, events, and awards Professional organizations

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From the Authors Guild … Understand the algorithm-driven economy

Joan Detz Speaker Services

If you live near NYC, Harper’s Magazine and the Authors Guild invite you to join us for a special discussion, Q&A, and signing with Maurice E. Stucke and Ariel Ezrachi, authors of the new book Virtual Competition: The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm-Driven Economy. Mary Rasenberger, Executive Director of the Authors Guild, will moderate. […].

2016 40

"Angela's Ashes" Author Dying

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Frank McCourt, writer made famous by "Angela's Ashes," is dying.      Suffering with skin cancer melanoma, he is now in hospice.    McCourt is 79.

Book Authors: Mostly Labor of Love or Marketing Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's rare that a book author will become wealthy, at least not through the royalties from books. Sensible authors engage in this task primarily as a labor of love or as a marketing tool.  The author will distribute the book to about 500, feel tremendous satisfaction and that will be that. The old saying holds: If you want to make big money, get a job on Wall Street.  Hugh Howey, as Joshua Brustein points out in Bloomberg Business Week, is the exception.

2014 50

Win Free Tickets to Author 101 University

Great Public Speaking

Join me at Author 101 on October 24 -27, 2013, Las Vegas, NV to discover the latest and most effective web techniques that can double or triple your sales automatically. If you are an entrepreneurs, author, speaker, or consultant Author 101 University is for you. Rick Frishman will reveal important information and techniques that every author should implement into their business like: Why publicity is 100 times better than advertising.

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5 Video Ideas for the Speaker Author Solo-Entrepreneur

Great Public Speaking

Although you may not consider yourself an author, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to get your book in as many hands as possible. Video is big and it is an excellent way for speakers turned authors to reach their target audience. Video is an excellent way for an author to reach their target market. As an author it may be difficult to to create a buzz for your work but with persistence you can find your target market and create a name for yourself.

Books As Loss Leaders: More authors realizing that

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 Authors publish them as the price of entry to be taken seriously in a career path. There are many digital ways to get insight into what is going on.  Those include mining the content of tweets and the comments on blogs and news sites.  My favorite has been monitoring the help wanted on   Until recently there had been a God's Plenty of Craigslist ads seeking ghostwriters to put together manuscripts.

From the Authors Guild: 10 reasons books make great holiday gifts

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Because you want to support your fellow Authors Guild members 2. Because you want to help your favorite author make the New York Times bestseller list 4. 10 Reasons Books Make Great Holiday Gifts 1. Because they’re way better than fruitcakes 3. Because you’re tired of reading the same book to your kid every night […]. Professional organizations

2016 54

Speakers, Thought Leaders, Authors: Advantages of "post cool" positioning/packaging

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Speakers, thought leaders, and authors might adopt the positioning and packaging of post cool. A new concept is entering the mainstream mindset: post cool.  That's coming via Mark Zuckerberg's conversation with THE ATLANTIC, reports TECH CRUNCH.   Critics of Facebook have been piling on Zuckerbeg, contending that the social network is being ignored by teens.  Youth considers it uncool.