How to Come Across as an Authority in Your Presentation


Nobody could doubt that Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg could speak as an authority on the subject of achieving your goals against all adversity. The post How to Come Across as an Authority in Your Presentation appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog.

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Growth of ebooks and indie authors

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Traditionally published e-book authors earn only 12%–17%. The print books are print on demand, through Lightning Source (now Ingram Spark for new indie authors) or Create Space. According to Publisher’s Weekly : Ten years ago, e-books accounted for less than 1% of the trade book market. Today, e-books account for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units.

Author sells 10,000th self-published books

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We interrupt this blog to make what I consider a wonderful announcement : Paul Lima has written and self-published 11 books in six years and has sold 10,000 copies of his books. Toronto, Ontario, December 6, 2013 – Paul Lima has written and self-published 10 non-fiction books and one collection of short stories over the last six years and has now sold 10,000 copies of his books.

Inside Voice: Gillian Davis, author of First-Time Leader

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Particularly for readers who are just stepping into their first management roles, I know you''ll enjoy the insights of Gillian Davis , author of First-Time Leader: Foundational Tools for Inspiring and Enabling Your New Team.

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Conference update from the American Society of Journalists & Authors

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No, you don’t have to be an ASJA member to benefit from ASJA’s terrific writing conferences. Read on. May 5 – 6, 2017 Annual Conference Update By Estelle Erasmus, ASJA New York City 2017 Conference Chair I’m excited to make two announcements: that the big reveal of our conference program will be up on […]. Career info Freelance Writing Professional organizations

Are You an Author? How to Survive the Book Business Today

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The author and book business is changing rapidly, and the news is not good for a lot of the players. Gone are the author tours, the marketing blitzes, the ad placements in glossy magazines. How can a little-known author or an unheralded gem of a book get attention?

The author as performer

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For many authors the book tour is a necessary evil. Authors, researchers, accountants - subject matter experts of all kinds find it difficult to speak about their passion in a compelling and engaging manner. The reclusive scribe is forced into the public eye to read extracts from the podium to an indifferent audience. These [.].

Meet 4 writers/authors on the Blog Hop

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Welcome to my blog hop where you will learn a little more about me and three other writers and authors. Freelance Writing - General blog hop freelanc writers Paul Lima

Lead Magnet Ideas For Self-Published Authors

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Nowadays, not only mainstream authors can use this, but also self-published authors. For all those struggling authors out there, now is your chance to share your talent with the rest of the world. This could be of great help to growing your author brand

Inside Voice: Candida Fink, MD, psychiatrist and author

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I''m delighted to include in the series my longtime friend Candida Fink , a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has co-authored two books: The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child: A Survival Guide for Parents and Bipolar Disorder For Dummies.

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From the Authors Guild: 10 reasons books make great holiday gifts

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Because you want to support your fellow Authors Guild members 2. Because you want to help your favorite author make the New York Times bestseller list 4. 10 Reasons Books Make Great Holiday Gifts 1. Because they’re way better than fruitcakes 3.

From American Society of Journalists & Authors, Wed July 20: Learn about Hybrid Publishing

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July ShopTalk Hybrid Publishing: Your Book, Your Way The great news for authors is that they no longer have to choose between the restrictive arrangements of traditional publishing and the Wild West of self-publishing. Tanya Hall, publishing expert and Greenleaf Book Group CEO, will introduce you to the happy middle ground of hybrid publishing where […]. Audio Visual, PowerPoint & Podcasts Freelance Writing News, events, and awards

From the Authors Guild: How to support “Banned Books Week”

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This year’s theme is diversity, a disproportionately targeted category as found by author Malinda […]. Banned Books Week kicked off yesterday and runs through Saturday, October 1. The annual event was launched more than 30 years ago to draw attention to a dramatic increase in the number of challenges to books available in schools and libraries. News, events, and awards Professional organizations

What do bookstores have to say about author events? A guest blog from Waverly Place Literary Agency

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Guest post by Debbie Carter, Waverly Place Literary Agency [link] What do bookstores have to say about author events? “We want programming that’s more dynamic than just an author’s talk or having a conversation.”

Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to publish a book

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Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to publish a book, by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch.

Resonate Is Hot Off the iBook Presses!

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We are proud to say that Resonate is the first interactive business book built using Apple’s iBooks Author, a tool to help publishers create digital books that leverage the iPad’s video, sound, interactive diagrams, and text functionality. Resonate has made the leap from book to iBook !

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Interview – Cynthia Klein: Speaker, Educator, Author

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Cynthia authors the Middle School Mom column for the Parenting on the Peninsula magazine. Since 1994, Cynthia Klein has been guiding parents to creating happy and healthy families. As a speaker to over three hundred groups, Cynthia has given parents the tools and confidence to improve their family dynamics. Her presentations are interactive, highly visual and easy for parents to apply to their own family situations. Parents leave encouraged [.]

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Question your own authority

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Research has shown that the best way to stick to a plan is to be self-interrogative rather than self-affirming. In other words, new year’s resolutions don’t really work by themselves unless you examine your resolve. You need to question what you are doing and be willing to study your own behavior. I find it interesting […]. Miscellaneous conversations discussion engagement listening

Writers & authors: Tap into the expertise of government communicators to get the information you need

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A guest blog from Donna Harris, a government communicator who serves on the board of NAGC (National Association of Government Communicators) … Argh…Government! That’s what you hear these days. Either there is too much or too little government action. But wait, I work for the federal government—well to be honest—for an independent government agency and […]. Freelance Writing Professional organizations

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Authors versus publishers in the digital age

Max Atkinson

Although publishers are making a lot of noise about it, they've stayed remarkably quiet about another wheeze they've been exploiting since the digital age got under way - and about which they haven't bothered to tell their authors. But didn't the original contract say that the rights would revert to the author if and when the publisher stops printing it." "Er- So does that mean that the rights never revert to authors any more?"

An interview with Nilofer Merchant: The “Jane Bond of Innovation”

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As authors, we’ve worked hard to support each other. Book Reviews Business Interview Strategy Video 11 Rules for Creating value in the #SocialEra author e-book HBR Nilofer Merchant support

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From the Authors Guild … Understand the algorithm-driven economy

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If you live near NYC, Harper’s Magazine and the Authors Guild invite you to join us for a special discussion, Q&A, and signing with Maurice E. Stucke and Ariel Ezrachi, authors of the new book Virtual Competition: The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm-Driven Economy. Mary Rasenberger, Executive Director of the Authors Guild, will moderate. […].

How can writers/reporters/authors tap into the resources of government communicators?

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Here’s a brief interview I did with Kathryn Stokes, president of the National Association of Government Communicators: 1.What was your first job in government communications? What is your current title? I came to state government first as a contractor in the communications department tasked with writing the agency’s Continuity of Operations Plan, then was hired […]. Career info Media training

Interview with Tokyo-based interpreter & author Yayoi Oguma

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Yayoi is a best-selling author and she has a new book on the way, which we talk about in the interview. Below is a 40-minute conversation I had today with Tokyo based interpreter and communications specialist Yayoi Oguma.

What do bookstores have to say about author events? A guest blog from Waverly Place Literary Agency

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Guest post by Debbie Carter, Waverly Place Literary Agency What do bookstores have to say about author events? “We want programming that’s more dynamic than just an author’s talk or having a conversation.” “Because of the competition in New York City, we want to offer something experiential,” says Kaylen Higgins, Events Director at Strand Bookstore.

Amazon Book-Review Folly - Author Paying 20 Bucks for Each Review

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

About 3 hours ago on the Los Angeles, California section of Craigslist for "writing/editing," a new author has placed a help-wanted. Here's the deal: The author will pay $20 to each person who will order the book from Amazon, give it a quick read and then leave a review.

5 Video Ideas for the Speaker Author Solo-Entrepreneur

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Although you may not consider yourself an author, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to get your book in as many hands as possible. Video is big and it is an excellent way for speakers turned authors to reach their target audience.

How Speakers, Authors and Thought Leaders Can Capture More Leads, Make More Connections and Close More Sales

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As a speaker, author or thought leader, capturing leads, making real connections with those leads, and ultimately converting them into paying customers is the lifeblood of your business. gaining authority in your industry.

The Queen’s First Speech

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At just 26 years old, the new Queen needed a speech that would stamp her authority without appearing to be stamping her foot. You’re young, inexperienced, female, and taking over an empire when the only women in the boardroom are usually taking shorthand.

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POD authors go Kindle, ePub: Here’s a bit of a primer

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Now that I've published 6 Amazon Kindle books, a few people have asked me when I'll be updating my Print on demand: Self-publishing getting started primer to include a section on e-books, particularly Kindle and ePub books. The wait is over, for what it's worth! Freelance Writing - General Self-Publishing & Print On Demand creating ePub creating Kindle ePub Kindle POD print on deman

9 Tips for Publishing Success — Expert Advice from Author 101 University

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Here are nine things I learned from Rick Frishman and his expert guests at Author 101 University (affiliate link) in Las Vegas that I hope will serve you and help you get your message out to more people in the year ahead: The question is not “Am I qualified to share this message?”

Nancy Duarte interviews author Alex Osterwalder

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Listen in as Nancy chats with Alex Osterwalder about his latest book, Business Model Generation. Alex offers insight on how to create and manage successful business models, and explains how his visual approach allows him to illustrate complex concepts clearly and beautifully.

Speaking with authority

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What has happened, Mali asks, to our sense of conviction and ability to speak to authority: Tags: Business Communication Public Speaking Taylor Mali Thanks to Kate for bringing this wonderful video to my attention. Poet Taylor Mali demonstrates the problems with run-on sentences, up-speak and the “tragically cool and totally hip interrogative tone&# which signals uncertainty to an audience.

Port of Authority Bombing - Timing Is Everything (Location Matters Too)

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Of course,  the Port of Authority in Manhattan was the scene of a suicide bombing. The location - the always-busy Port of Authority - is one of the symbols of what Manhattan is all about. Here are the details, as they are known so far.

Book Authors Now Earn $17,500 Annually (Authors Guild Survey)

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Being a book author was like being an English college professor. " Now, thanks to the digital revolution, very few book authors can make it financially. According to the Authors Guild survey, reports Yahoo , the average annual income for a full-timer is $17,500.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 101)

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Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993) American Preacher / Author of "The Power of Positive Thinking" “Believe in yourself! Quotes for Public Speakers Author Confidence Literature Norman Vincent Peale Power of Positive Thinking public speakingHave faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” ” — Norman Vincent Peale.

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Speechwriter - Author

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This authorized biography contains a foreword by Nobel Peace prize-winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. . I met Charlene when I conducted a speechwriting workshop for ASJA (the American Society of Journalists and Authors). Congratulations to political journalist and speechwriter Charlene Smith for her biography of Nelson Mandela. Charlene had her first face-to-face interview with Nelson Mandela on his third day in prison.

Interview with Stephen Hopson: Author and Motivational Speaker

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April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About Interview with Stephen Hopson February 24, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments Stephen Hopson has been deaf since birth, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an award-winning wall-street broker, a pilot, author, and a successful motivational speaker for over 10 years.

Article: Self-Publishing, Author Services Open Floodgates for Writers

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Mid-level authors already know that the era of large advances, generous royalties, book tours and media spots are over. They have to spend their own time and money to create a website and publicize their books. Publishers just don't have the resources to offer them full support. The Internet, online bookstores, e-books, and an economy in decline are cited as some root causes of the steady slump in the traditional publishing industry.

The Self Promoting Author

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The Internet has completely changed the marketing world for authors. Authors can Build a website Start a blog Establish a following on social networking sites Participate in forums Create a book trailer for YouTube Start public speaking All of the above steps allow writers to share and showcase their work. Publishers want authors to have a hands on approach when promoting their book.