"There's nothing wrong with PowerPoint - until there's an audience"

Max Atkinson

the first set of templates offered to users positively encourages them to produce lists of written words), but the global epidemic of presentational paralysis that we’re up against was actually spawned much earlier by the misuse of overhead projectors – aided and abetted by a technological ‘advance’ in photo-copying technology.

2008 48

PowerPoint and the demise of Chalk & Talk: (1) The beginning of the end

Max Atkinson

AN UNEXPECTED RESULT OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION Slide-dependency can be seen as the legacy of a change in the way the overhead projector – PowerPoint’s immediate ancestor – was originally intended to be used. So the original natural habitat of the OHP was the large auditorium, where speakers used them in much the same way as they’d used blackboards, writing on a roll of acetate and winding it forward whenever they ran out of space.