Reviewing those use-or-lose-the-lectern lessons

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This time last year, I was in the middle of the "Step Up Your Speaking" online coaching of Stephanie Benoit, so I thought I'd share again this post on 7 things every speaker should know about when to use--or lose--that lectern. Lecterns have disadvantages: They hide you, the speaker.

Week 7: Use-or-lose lectern lessons

The Eloquent Woman

Choosing whether you'll use or lose the lectern is a major factor in adding presence to your presentation. Lecterns have advantages: They're a natural focal point for the audience. Lecterns have disadvantages: They hide you, the speaker.

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Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Visualize your success at the lectern. When you visualize your success, you will be successful.' Check the audio/visual equipment as needed. Here are some tips to reduce speech anxiety that I have gleaned from working with professional speakers over the last 24 years. Arrive early and become familiar with the room in which you will give your presentation. Greet your audience as they arrive in the room. Then the group will not feel like strangers to you.

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Microphone manners

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But you also might get caught when you're at the lectern before a talk, trying to figure out how the slides will work; in that situation, adjust the lectern mic so it's directed away from you, lest the crowd hear all the audio-visual arrangements before you begin.

Public Speaking Advice: 7 Timely Tips for Pre-Presentation Preparation

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How will you reach the lectern? Is the light on you instead of the banner or the lectern if you are not standing behind it. Hand-held, lavaliere, or Lectern? Audio visual: If you are using a PowerPoint projector make sure the equipment is working well. Public Speaking Advice.   7 Public Speaking Timely Tips for Pre-Presentation Preparation. By Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE. The big day has come. You are ready to deliver your presentation.

when the speech hands you lemons.

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Unlike the original space, this room also lacked a lectern, microphone, or projection. Several board members split up the tasks at hand and pitched in to figure out solutions, including bringing a projector and figuring out how to handle the patchwork of audio-visual equipment.

Week 13: Following up after a speech

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And don't just thank them from the lectern during your presentation--write an email, or speak to them in person directly after you speak, or both. From the audio-visual team to the organizers or audience, be sure to take the time to let them know how much they helped you.

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