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Rick Altman is one of the few in the presentation community who blends presentation design, best practices, and software technique to serve his clients. I create designs that attract, inspire, and motivate people to respond to visual messages.

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5 things speakers should ask the meeting planner

The Eloquent Woman

I asked Jennifer to share her insights for speakers--perhaps the most practical advice you'll ever get--from her vantage point as a meeting planner. Finding out the overall format of the presentation is critical as well as allowances for audio visual equipment, including internet access.

How to Turn a Service Club Talk into a Marketing Opportunity

Executive Speech Coach

You may not be a professional speaker, but struggling with audio/visual equipment just distracts and annoys your audience. Body Language - emotion, intensity, action Body Language is a powerful visual stimulus for your audience -far more than any PowerPoint slide. Practical tips to help you deliver more effective. Just Because it's on the Internet Doesn't Mean you.

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