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Reviewing those use-or-lose-the-lectern lessons

The Eloquent Woman

This time last year, I was in the middle of the "Step Up Your Speaking" online coaching of Stephanie Benoit, so I thought I'd share again this post on 7 things every speaker should know about when to use--or lose--that lectern. Lecterns have disadvantages: They hide you, the speaker.

Week 7: Use-or-lose lectern lessons

The Eloquent Woman

Choosing whether you'll use or lose the lectern is a major factor in adding presence to your presentation. Lecterns have advantages: They're a natural focal point for the audience. Lecterns have disadvantages: They hide you, the speaker.

How to Turn a Service Club Talk into a Marketing Opportunity

Executive Speech Coach

You may not be a professional speaker, but struggling with audio/visual equipment just distracts and annoys your audience. Write key points in large, bold typeface on your pad you keep on the lectern or table. I urge you not to stand behind the lectern throughout your entire talk. However, if you feel more secure standing behind the lectern, do not lean on it. Practical tips to help you deliver more effective.

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