Top 10 E's to Motivate and Influence an Audience

Adults delineate their thoughts visually. Top 10 Es to Motivate and Influence an Audience Speak with Es. Be a speaker of influence not control or guilt. With the privilege of the platform comes the awesome responsibility of motivating and influencing your audience to feel/think/act differently. Educate provide your audience with extensive information on your topic. This will empower attendees to feel competent and knowledgeable. Support your points with stories.

How to Give a Great Speech

We delineate our thoughts visually and so your audience needs to see what they hear. How to Give a Great Speech As a former owner of a National Speakers Bureau, I have learned from several thousand professional speakers "How to Give a Great Speech." Here are some techniques that I share with my coaching clients who want to become paid professional speakers or business professionals who want to deliver masterful presentations. Speak from the heart.

Ten Fun Ways to Liven up Any Presentation

The use of body movements will help to visually enhance your remarks. Ten Fun Ways to Liven up Any Presentation Most of us would agree that having humor in our lives increases rapport, strengthens our relationships and overcomes communication barriers. People who work in a positive, often playful environment are more likely to stay. Productivity and creativity increase while stress is reduced. We just feel better after a good laugh. Think funny! Open with a humorous story.