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Grow Your Business With Tips Booklets

Grow Your Business With Tips Booklets Create an informational tips booklet as a marketing tool, a new source of revenue, or both. Print it as a booklet, record it as an audio or video tape, develop it into daily reminder cards, use a tip per day on a calendar. You may even license reprint rights for very large quantities of booklets, or license your information into other languages and other formats. An informational tips booklet can help position you as an expert."

Free Product and Service Promotion with Big Results for Speakers and Coaches

Maybe not even that much. What I learned: Free information is the key. I gathered e and URL addresses of ePublishers and Web sites who wanted free information. So many businesses are Online, and every one of them needs inspiration, information, and entertainment. Remember, its free information that gets people to know who you are.

How Professional Speakers Can Get Big Visibility with Authentic Marketing Messages

Many authors waste a lot of money printing too many copies and dont realize even the printer makes mistakes. Know your book is your best business card and you can even write a short version to give away or sell for under $10.00. Your target audience is hungry for your information and they will buy your books. Your targeted audience visits these websites and blogs because it wants free information in your field of expertise.