How to work with publishers and agents: The Public Words Speaker Forum 2010

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  And that means books published by traditional publishing houses for the most part, though there are exceptions.    But for most speakers, the book helps generate the speaking, and so traditional publishing is important.    At the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010 last week, two speakers held forth on how publishing is changing, what function agents perform, and how to navigate your way through the publishing maze. 

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How the Professionals Make Money

The Speaker Point

They write it, publish it, and carry it around, as my friend Seth puts it, “as a business card to get speaking gigs.” With royalty for first-time authors between 6% and 10% of the net receipts, the total amounts to about $1 per book going to the author. You still must have a product, however The big-name speakers usually have a way to funnel the interest of their audience into some sort of program, course, or product.

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Putting Your eBook Sales on Autopilot

Pivotal Public Speaking

What’s a standard royalty or commission? If executed well, you will reach a wider audience, uncover new niches, realize a larger profit, and create a closer connection with your readers. As the demand for eBooks accelerates, the advantage goes to nimble authors, experts, and publishers who are able to stand out and rise above the noise. => [link]. recently announced that its monthly eBook sales have surpassed its print book sales.

Andrew Young's Genius and/or Good Luck: Not all exposes created equal

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, what are the variables which make a book, in this post-print era, hot in terms of bringing in royalties?    On the other hand, Constantine was on business in India for the first several weeks when his book was published.    Audiences demand to see us singing for our supper.   Before publishers take on a project, especially in the high-stakes, potentially high-profit tell-all genre, they should consider the above variables.

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