A giant leap forward in your public speaking

Manner of Speaking

There is a lot to learn about public speaking. And no matter how much you learn, no matter how good you become, you will … Continue reading → The post A giant leap forward in your public speaking appeared first on Manner of Speaking. Audience Delivery audience gestures public speakingThe fact that I have been writing this blog for 10 years is testament to that.

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Zen and the Art of Public Speaking

Manner of Speaking

He explores the subject over the course of … Continue reading → Audience Preparation audience Presentation public speaking Robert Pirsig Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceRobert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was published in 1974. The book has sold more than 5 million copies and is widely considered a modern philosophical classic. In Zen, Pirsig discusses the metaphysics of quality.

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Lea Michele, Glee and Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

This action held to a key principle of delivering an effective speech – know your audience. The audience may not act, write or direct, but the audience is what allows the program (or movie) to exist. Remember your audience.

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Fear of Public Speaking: Reframing “Fear”

Matt Eventoff

Fear and anxiety surrounding public speaking is nothing new. Google “Cure for the Fear of Public Speaking” and you will return over 2 million results. Two of the greatest orators of the past two centuries, Sir Winston Churchill and President Abraham Lincoln, were both reported to have some degree of anxiety before speaking publicly. “The only thing we have to fear is… fear itself.” ” - President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Public Speaking Trends

The Communication Blog

Here’s an interesting article that I just ran across while researching trends in public speaking. I paraphrase these in brief but the article is worth reading especially if you’re teaching public speaking. Public speaking in the business world is becoming more casual.

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Queen Rania and Public Speaking – 7 Lessons

Matt Eventoff

Queen Rania and Public Speaking – 7 Lessons. Some examples of great orators and public speakers of the 20th Century: Sir Winston Churchill. Who will students in 2025 study as famous orators and public speakers of the 21st Century? Inflection keeps the audience tuned in.

The TED Secret to Great Public Speaking

Manner of Speaking

I have decided to create a “tricolon” of posts about Chris … Continue reading → Analysis of a Speech TED audience Chris Anderson ideas metaphor public speaking simplicityMy previous two posts centred around TED Curator Chris Anderson. The first was about his reflections on the day that TED might have died; the second was a quote about compelling presentations.

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7 Public Speaking Secrets You Wished You Knew Earlier

Presentation Guru

Does fear of public speaking prevent your words from coming out naturally? … Build Your Skills Audience Connection Explaining Complex Subjects featured Making it Memorable Presentation Tips Public Speaking Speech Writing

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Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

Matt Eventoff

Malala Yousafzai is an exceptional public speaker, period. An exceptional public speaker. There are 20+ public speaking lessons for every executive, political, academic and professional presenter. The speech was written, and delivered, with the audience in mind.

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How is dating like public speaking?

Speak Schmeak

Public speaking also has desired outcomes and rewards. There is incredible value to getting in front of an audience and sharing your message. What if you were to perceive the rewards of speaking the way you perceive the rewards of dating? Have you ever been on a date?

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The Live Audience in Online Public Speaking Courses: One More Try

The Communication Blog

After reading the varied posts, I’m convinced we (as an academic discipline) don’t have any evidence for the claims that a live audience is either effective or necessary in online public speaking courses. Although instructors noted how they handled this issue of a live audience, no one produced any evidence. Some people report that there is inherent value in presenting a speech to a live audience. audience live audience online public speaking Public Speaking

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What if we put the audience first?

Manner of Speaking

What if we stopped thinking of the audience as the number of seats filled? What if we started thinking about the audience as individuals who are giving us 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour of their time? Time that they … Continue reading → Audience audience Presentation public speaking

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A Public Speaking Alphabet

Manner of Speaking

A - Audience. A speech is for the audience and about the audience. There are so many resources available these days for public speakers. Here are three of my favourites: Presentation Zen ; Made to Stick ; Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln. Do not overwhelm your audience with figures. Put the data into context to make it relevant for the audience. Speaking with emotion is one of the best ways to connect with the audience.

Don’t blow it with your audience

Manner of Speaking

The graduates had taken their seats, the audience was settled in, the three-piece orchestra had just finished the last of its pieces. Everything … Continue reading → Delivery audience Microphone presentations public speakingLast week I attended the graduation ceremony for the class of a business school where I teach.

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“The Secret” to Effective Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

Forget about effective public speaking for a minute. Very talented professionals , some who are “best in class”, address an audience and ….strike Practice and preparation are the “big secrets” of effective public speaking. Every time an executive delivers a sub-par presentation it sends a clear message to the audience. Effective public speaking is no different than professional athletics – practice and preparation make all of the difference.

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Sawubona: See your audience

Manner of Speaking

I recently wrote a post for Presentation Guru on the importance of “seeing” your audience. Sawubona means, “I see … Continue reading → Audience Presentation Guru audience Orland Bishop Presentation public speaking SawubonaIt was based on the Zulu word sawubona. Zulu, or isiZulu, is one of South Africa’s official languages and is spoken by approximately 10 million people.

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World Championship of Public Speaking, 2011

Manner of Speaking

The 2011 World Championship of Public Speaking , hosted by Toastmasters International in Las Vegas, Nevada is now history. Jock is an example for us all when it comes to both public speaking and not giving up on your dreams.

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Best Public Speaking Gestures

The Speaker Point

April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About Best Public Speaking Gestures March 18, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments (Guest post by Eric Carter ) Chances are, if you are on this site you are familiar with public speaking gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer or someone like Mark Victor Hansen.

Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs – 3 Tips for a Successful Pitch

Matt Eventoff

Public speaking for entrepreneurs? The reality is that a presentation, a pitch or “casual” conversations about your company all qualify as examples of public speaking. When I ask entrepreneurs about public speaking, I often hear “I don’t have to give speeches.”. There are 3 universal ideas every entrepreneur should remember while pitching their startup: 1) You are Presenting for Your Audience, not Yourself. Absolutely!

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Public Speaking Tip – 3 Techniques to Handle Hostile Audiences

Speaking Freely

(Graphic by Vector Graphics) Public speaking and presentation clients sometimes ask me how to handle hostile audiences. Frankly, I think people project more negativity onto audiences than is really there. The post Public Speaking Tip – 3 Techniques to Handle Hostile Audiences appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills.

Basic Public Speaking Etiquette

Manner of Speaking

Too often, many speakers overlook this most basic aspect of public speaking etiquette. No sooner is Jane’s back turned than Joe starts talking to the audience. Perhaps Joe does this because he is nervous; perhaps he does it because he is eager to share his talk with the audience. It doesn’t matter – Joe is demonstrating bad public speaking etiquette. Smile at your audience.

12 Public Speaking Lessons from “Comedian”

Manner of Speaking

Even if you have no intention of doing stand-up comedy, even if you are only interested in becoming a better public speaker for your presentations at work, you should watch this movie. ” Lesson: Take every opportunity you can to get on your feet and speak.

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Public Speaking is a Risk

Manner of Speaking

Did you ever have a really bad public speaking experience? Did you ever have trouble speaking because you were so nervous? Did the audience ever ask questions you couldn’t answer? Did you ever think that you were not cut out to be a public speaker? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Public speaking is a risk. If you want to improve, there is only one real way and that is to speak. Public speaking is a risk.

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11 Public Speaking Lessons from an Eleven Year Old

Matt Eventoff

So what can we learn about public speaking from an eleven year old? From beginning to end he stays on message, there is no confusion, no getting “lost in the weeds&# or off message, and no question as to what action he wants his audience to take.

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Fear of Public Speaking

Professionally Speaking...

One of the consistent issues that many participants bring to my presentation skills classes is fear of speaking in front of an audience. a sign of your sensitivity which you can tap to help you speak from passion."

Can Public Speaking Be an Enjoyable Experience?

DeFinis Communications

Fortunately, there is a way to make public speaking less stressful and something you actually look forward to. Making public speaking enjoyable comes down to being in control of yourself and your environment.

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Perfect Public Speaking is an Asymptote

Manner of Speaking

So, what does all this have to do with public speaking? Well, perfect public speaking is like an asymptote. Read books and blogs on public speaking and presentation skills. Recently, I wrote a post entitled Basic Speech Geometry.

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Public Speaking & Communication in the Middle East/North Africa

Matt Eventoff

Each country has its own dialect and traditions, even hand gestures that a professional in the public eye must be aware of to not insult anyone. 2) The audience knows. Many a time, when addressing audiences that are made up of diverse business professionals, or even officials, you need to assume they know what you are discussing – even if they have absolutely no idea. Instead, use your hands in a general sense, never directly targeting one specific person in an audience.

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The Truth About Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

There is a saying in boxing that holds true for public speaking – “Styles Make Fights.” This is why I have always felt that the idea that you can become a great orator after reading a book on public speaking is like being prepared to go on the Tour de France after reading a book on bicycling– not really possible. Make no mistake, having something meaningful for the audience – a message – is crucial.

Public Speaking Apprehension-

The Communication Blog

In looking over the literature on dealing with pubic speaking apprehension, I searched for less likely sources than NCA journals. Don’t think of public speaking as a measure of your self-worth. Visualize yourself speaking successfully. Avoid focusing on little things that get in the way of successful speaking. Focus on your speech, not your audience. apprehension fear of public speaking Public Speaking

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Fear Public Speaking? No More!

Matt Eventoff

I speak publicly often, and I still get nervous prior to every speech or presentation. That being said, I’m in pretty good company — it has been noted that Sir Winston Churchill and President Lincoln also got quite anxious prior to speaking publicly. Unfortunately, no matter how many books, courses, DVDs, websites or snake oil salesmen promise to “cure&# you of your fear of public speaking, it is never that simple, or that easy.

12 ways to p**s off your audience

Manner of Speaking

Why make an effort for your audience when you can just p**s them off? There are so many things you can do to anger, frustrate and confuse an audience. If you’re struggling for … Continue reading → Humour audience Presentation public speakingToo difficult, you say? Not at all!

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Lighting your Audience Properly | Public Speaking Training

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized audience lighting public speaking training

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Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs – 3 Tips for a Successful Pitch

Matt Eventoff

Public speaking for entrepreneurs? The reality is that a presentation, a pitch or “casual” conversations about your company all qualify as examples of public speaking. When I ask entrepreneurs about public speaking, I often hear “I don’t have to give speeches.”.

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Public speaking gestures: Too many "don'ts"

Speak Schmeak

I can see why newcomers to speaking often feel so terrified: The "rules" of speaking often seem overwhelming, and never so much so as when one rule appears to contradict another: don't restrict your gestures, but don't gesture too much?

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RHETORIC – The Game That Will Make Public Speaking Fun

Presentation Guru

RHETORIC–The Public Speaking Game™. Public speaking. And yet, being able to communicate one’s ideas in public is an important and sought-after skill. … Build Your Skills Resources Practice Public Speaking Rhetoric

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How Public Speaking Can Help Build Your Brand and Social Media Audience


The post How Public Speaking Can Help Build Your Brand and Social Media Audience appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. What separates a business from a brand? Some might argue that it boils down to yearly earnings, number of locations or quarterly ad spend.

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Public Speaking: Its Place in the Communication Curriculum

The Communication Blog

So, here I want to review the “basic course” and argue that the basic course in communication—often a required course—should not be public speaking but should be the hybrid/fundamentals course. As most readers know, NCA was originally established as the National Association of Academic Teachers of Public Speaking, a title that lasted for about nine years (from 1914-1922). None of this is to question the value of public speaking—we all know it teaches valuable skills.

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Fear of Public Speaking? You Are Not Alone…

Matt Eventoff

I enjoy Anderson’s speaking style – he appears confident, is conversational and has great control and is masterful in his use of paralanguage while reporting. . Imagine my surprise to read that Anderson Cooper, who presents in front of millions and millions of people (indirectly) everyday, prime-time, has struggled with… a fear of public speaking ? AC: On a more ridiculous level, public speaking.

Lessons from a Public Speaking Champion

Manner of Speaking

Darren was the 2001 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. It was great to have someone of his profile at the conference and he was always available to speak with the participants. In it, he chronicled his journey from a salesman of stereo speakers to a (very bad) stand-up comedian – he showed a tape of one of his early routines that was painful to watch at times – to the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking and now a highly paid, successful speaker.

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Public Speaking Doppelgänger!

Manner of Speaking

Jürgen had great stage presence and connected well with the audience. Even if you do not speak German, it is worth watching. It allows you to focus on other aspects of public speaking such as body language, voice inflection, pauses, use of the stage and more. Last year, I analyzed my humorous speech that won the Toastmasters District 59 (Continental Europe) Humorous Speech Contest.

Care for Your Audience | Public Speaking Training

TJ Walker Interactive

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23 Public Speaking Secrets from the Greats

Manner of Speaking

Carol has gleaned 23 public speaking secrets from well-known people. Of the 23 secrets that are listed, here are 11 that I particularly liked: Be persistent and practice : “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.&# – Ralph Waldo Emerson (How could I not like this, given that it is the tagline for Manner of Speaking ?). Know your purpose : “You shouldn’t give a public speech unless you want to make something happen.&# – Tom Peters.

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