Practical Audience Engagement Ideas For Public Speakers

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

I didn’t think so, so why is it that so many public speakers fall into the trap of conducting a monologue with their audience? Do they lack audience engagement ideas ? Common excuses that poor presenters use for not interacting with their audiences.

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Finding the Right Presentation Metaphors for Your Audience

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But often it takes a little something more to engage an audience. The post Finding the Right Presentation Metaphors for Your Audience appeared first on Duarte. Audience Presentations Storytelling audience Big Idea HBR Idea ideas metaphor metaphors presentation storytelling

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Connect with Your Virtual Audience – Use Compelling Touch Points

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Giving a great virtual presentation is all about connecting with your audience, right? Even if you have an important and exciting message to deliver, if your listeners don’t feel personally connected to you and your ideas, your online presentation may fall flat.

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How to Develop the Best Big Idea for Your Presentation

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All of the facts, ideas, and fascinating anecdotes probably won’t yield an audience raptly entertained. The post How to Develop the Best Big Idea for Your Presentation appeared first on Duarte.

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A Radical Presentation Idea

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Seth Godin is the author of several books about “marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect&#. Your audience will still be numbed into submission. consider, at least for a moment, a radical idea: A slide every 12 seconds. That’s at least four distinct ideas, but more often, each of those ideas has three or four sub ideas to it.

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Audience participation ideas

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Depending on the size of your group, and especially when you're conducting a workshop or longer training, you will want to encourage participation from your audience. Here are some ideas that have worked for me: 1. What are your tricks for encouraging audience participation?

Workable idea + bad execution = puppymonkeybaby

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I do believe that this commercial is an example of an idea that COULD HAVE worked, but the execution is where it went wrong. When we create a message for an audience, we want to make sure that all the pieces work together: the core message, the content, the structure, the delivery and the call to action. You might have a great idea, but not know how to put it together in a way that is compelling or makes an impact on your audience.

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Grant Writing 101: How to Secure Funding For Your Big Idea

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So, you’re a creative person with a big idea. You can’t make your idea come to life without financial support. The post Grant Writing 101: How to Secure Funding For Your Big Idea appeared first on Duarte.

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Sawubona: ‘See’ Your Audience

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This idea that I have to see it to believe it stretches from ancient history to modern times.… … Understand your Audience Audience Connection featured Understand your audienceAccording to the popular adage, “seeing is believing.”

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September 12for12 Challenge: Make your ideas sticky

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Now, for our ninth challenge: Make your ideas sticky. Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the book, " Made to Stick ," created an acronym for their six principles of "sticky" ideas: Simple Unexpected Concrete Credible Emotional Stories = SUCCESs. 12for12 Engaging the Audience Made to Stick

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6 Design Ideas for a Killer Presentation

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At some point in our lives, we all have to make a speech or present something to an audience. That means rehearsing your dialogue, practising your nonverbals , knowing your subject matter inside and out, and having solid visuals to guide your audience along.…

Transitions: Making the connection between ideas

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In public speaking, transitions are like the links in a chain, connectors between our ideas. They keep the audience intrigued and interested enough to keep listening for what''s coming next, and they help your content flow and make sense as one cohesive package.

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Improve Your Storytelling Presentation Skills and Get Your Ideas Adopted

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No matter what industry you work in, there’s a good chance that if you’re giving a presentation you have the same goal that Al Gore had: you want your audience to leave understanding and supporting the ideas you just delivered.

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Information doesn't excite your audience

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He told me he''s afraid that if he doesn''t give enough information, the audience won''t be as excited as he is. Information has never excited an audience, I''m sorry to say. All information does is overwhelm your audience. And that''s usually a bad idea.

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Presenting ideas, or inspiring confusion?

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Is your presentation constructed to “promote ADD, rather than an exchange of ideas”? Within training classes I talk about the guiding principal of “Never under-estimate the ability of your audience to completely miss the point.” Moore’s Law of Attention Deficit Disorder describes perfectly what causes the phenomena; we hit audiences with way too much information! If the audience is not to become the victim of an acute ADD, it’s essential to prune the presentation.

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Three ideas from improv to improve your speaking

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By practicing the exercises you condition your brain to come up with ideas spontaneously and to use story structure, physicality, humour and emotion. If you’re expanding on a point, it should either be funny or add to the audience’s understanding or feelings for the story.

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Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

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Imagine knowing your audience members’ questions while you’re speaking and being able to address them on the spot, before the Q&A. Audience Response Systems. At the other end of the technology spectrum are Audience Response Systems (ARS). Need more audience engagement?

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A Guide to Mastering Overcoming Audience Resistance

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The audience is. It’s in their power to embrace—or reject—your ideas. The post A Guide to Mastering Overcoming Audience Resistance appeared first on Duarte. Audience Delivery Message Presentations audience presentation Resistance

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Is your audience suffering an engagement drought?

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For speakers, there are also many, many ways to achieve your goal of engaging an audience. Don''t like the idea of standing in front of the room and talking for an hour straight? What images and props can you use to help your audience internalize your ideas?

Drowning your audience? Try these 3 livesavers.

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And these comments come with an exasperated tone and a clear disappointment in the audience, that the audience is just too clueless to understand without lots of lecturing. What does the audience really need, want and care about?

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“Defund the Police” – A good idea but a terrible slogan

Manner of Speaking

There is an important lesson in all of this for anyone who has to persuade people about an idea, whether in a speech, presentation or other format. If the audience does not understand your message, it is not the audience’s fault.

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How to Really Craft Audience-Centric Presentations

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That’s excellent life-advice, and it can also help you when you’re trying to write an audience-centric presentation. If you put the effort into considering your audience (a.k.a. Your audience is not you. What is Your Audience Like? . Why is Your Audience Here?

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Your Audience’s Audience

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In 2006, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stood in front of an audience of software developers and thanked them for building applications that run on Windows. In many cases, it’s your audience’s audience that needs to hear your message.

resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

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Nancy Duarte’s latest work, resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences is such a book. It introduces some important ideas on which Nancy elaborates in subsequent chapters. We should take the audience on a journey from what is to what could be.

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What to do when you’re losing your audience

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Your audience’s attention will fade over time unless you take specific steps to keep them engaged. Here’s what happened – the lecturer stumbled upon the audience’s Attention Reset Button. So that’s what you need to do when you’re losing your audience. Audience

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Playing with audience perceptions of size

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This was their idea of an upgrade? By arranging terms in a sequence of increasing strength, the audience finds themselves looking at the topic through a telescope; they put their eye to the small end and see the subject matter magnified out of the big end. by Peter Watts.

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Whose Idea Should It Be?

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Obviously, the difference was a matter of control, of Whose Idea It Was! It was my idea, so the result would either be good, or at least, if it were bad, my own fault. How does that affect us as speakers, especially when we are generally charged with affecting change in our audience?

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Improve Your Storytelling Presentation Skills and Get Your Ideas Adopted

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No matter what industry you work in, there’s a good chance that if you’re giving a presentation you have the same goal that Al Gore had: you want your audience to leave understanding and supporting the ideas you just delivered.

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6 Ways To Counteract Your Audience's Short Attention Span

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We’ve known for some time that we need to capture our audience’s attention quickly and work hard to keep it by presenting our information in an engaging manner. If the audience is talking it’s much harder for them to dis-engage.

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10 Ways to Interact With Audience Members While You Present

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Presentation expert Clif Atkinson tells a great story about a 2009 education conference where two speakers got very different reactions from their audiences. All this to say that audience participation isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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Why your audience isn't participating

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One of the quickest ways to lose your audience is to pretend to want participation, but not really invite it. I love asking my audience questions. I love to know how they respond to my topic and my ideas, and I'm constantly asking for their experiences and their thoughts.

How to Master Audience Engagement When You Present

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Don’t panic, but if you want to engage your audience in a presentation, you have about 30 seconds to make it happen. Over the years, Duarte’s studied thousands of effective presentations that have kept audiences engaged, engrossed, and even on the edge of their seats.

How to Use an Empathy Map to Understand Your Audience


Many presenters can face the dilemma of not truly understanding their audience, ending up with a presentation which no one is interested in and some might even get offended by. You can’t understand your audience just by assumptions. Understanding the Behavior of Your Audience.

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Using Humour When Speaking to a Foreign Audience

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One of the tips that I mentioned in that post was the importance of using humour carefully when addressing an audience of non-native speakers. A few people have asked whether I had an example of a situation when humour worked well when speaking to a predominantly foreign audience.

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Use super sticky notes for super sticky ideas

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If you’re brainstorming ideas with a team, give a different colored pack to every team member. We jot down ideas on sticky notes and slap them on the big editorial calendar that we keep on the wall (think of a giant grid sectioned off by time and editorial topics).

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Presentation Tip: The Audience's Gift to You

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But this is not how we generally feel when we are standing in front of an audience and delivering a presentation. In fact, our audiences are giving us one of the most precious gifts of all -- their time. When someone gives us a gift we generally feel: happy. grateful. excited. humbled.

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Using Twitter to Enhance Audience Engagement

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And when you think about it, educators have much the same aim as we presenters: to keep the audience interested and to encourage involvement and engagement with the topic. Both are concerned that the audience will be more distracted rather than more engaged.

Why – and How – Your Audience Matters. 5 Blogs. 5 Ideas. 5 Days.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

The first question you should ask when preparing a presentation is, who’s my audience?    It’s the beginning of an exploration of the exact circumstances of your audience – who, what, when, where, and why – everything about them you can determine.    Let me begin this week of 5 quick blogs on audience in 5 days by talking about why audience size matters – and in ways that you might not expect. Audience Interaction

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5 More Ways to Get Instant Feedback from Your Audience

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No matter what your profession, there will come a time in your career where you’ll need to deliver a presentation to an audience of either your peers, superiors or potential investors.

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How to Engage Your Audience Using Games and Other Fun Tools with Stephen Shapiro

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On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we welcome Stephen who will share with us how he uses games and innovation to engage and inspire his audience. Since then he has published five more books and spoken to audiences in 50 different countries.

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Your stats are paralyzing your audience

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And unfortunately, just because those numbers are meaningful to you, it doesn''t mean they''re at all fathomable to your audience. The speakers who are most successful at conveying their numbers are the ones who make the numbers manageable for an audience.

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Why - and How - Your Audience Matters - #2 of 5 Ideas. 5 Blogs. 5 Days.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

The first question you should ask when preparing a presentation is, who’s my audience?    It’s the beginning of an exploration of the exact circumstances of your audience – who, what, when, where, and why – everything about them you can determine.    This time let’s think about the difference between audiences where most of the people know each other and when they don’t.  Audience Interaction

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How to Effectively use the 20/60/20 Rule for Your Audience


This might mean that you will need to manage your audience in order to get the desired result; such as ensuring that your call to action gets noticed and yields results. In order to better manage your audience and to make them more responsive, you can use the 20/60/20 rule.

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