Using Humour When Speaking to a Foreign Audience

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One of the tips that I mentioned in that post was the importance of using humour carefully when addressing an audience of non-native speakers. A few people have asked whether I had an example of a situation when humour worked well when speaking to a predominantly foreign audience.

Six Ways To Manage Audience Expectations

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As a speaker, you will always deal with audience expectations. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they're always the lens through which the audience hears, interprets and values your message. Here is an integrated approach to managing any audience's expectations.

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C-Level Presentation Tip #6: Beware of Too Many Slides

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This series of tips will help you make a few tweaks to your. TIP #6: BEWARE OF TOO MANY SLIDES. But having the audience focused on you instead of on the screen is exactly what will make the presentation most impactful. Photo Credit: flickr/Visit Anchorage PR C.C.

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C-Level Presentation Tip #2: Link to Business Issues

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Every audience, no matter how senior, asks themselves the WIIFM (“What’s in it for me?”) Clearly show how your message is relevant to key issues the audience is focused on -- for example, corporate strategy, profitability, employee engagement, revenue or ROI.

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C-Level Presentation Tip #4: Beware of Too Much Detail

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This series of tips will help you make a few tweaks to your presentation practices so you can successfully navigate through any C-Suite waters. TIP #4: BEWARE OF TOO MUCH DETAIL. Photo Credit: flickr/sponng C.C.

2012 11

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media

Pioneer presenters are using social media to engage their audience and extend the reach of their ideas. Twitter Twitter , Facebook Facebook , and numerous custom online tools allow presenters to create a backchannel for their audience’s ideas and feedback. Great tips.

Presentation Myths

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So many businesspeople who are tasked with making presentations, even at senior levels, have never had any formal training in how to engage an audience, manage anxiety and get a message across effectively. Your audience wants and expects to receive value by spending time with you.

Presentation Handouts: Are They Useful for Your Audience?

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Most presenters at most presentations give handouts to the audience. Most audiences either throw them away or file them in an obscure location where they couldn't find them even if they wanted to.which they generally don't. Photo Credit Flickr/ libraryman C.C.

How to Introduce a Speaker

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Not only does this type of introduction not benefit the speaker, it doesn't create any enthusiasm or anticipation in the audience. Be Brief :: Your job is to build interest and anticipation and leave the audience eager for the presentation to begin so keep your introduction to under a minute.

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Presentation Tip: First Impressions Matter

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It means that in the first few moments the audience sees you, you are being judged, assessed, evaluated. If you seem disorganized and rattled over logistics, your audience may assume that your presentation will be equally disorganized. flickr/LadyDragonfly C.C.

C-Level Presentation Tip #8: Don't Use All Your Time

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This series of tips will help you make a few tweaks to your. TIP #8: DON''T USE ALL YOUR TIME. Photo Credit: flickr/Airbourne Supremacy C.C. Executive level presentations can threaten the equilibrium of even the most skilled business presenters.

3 Places To Use A Neutral Face In Your Presentations

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Now showing emotion and having varied facial expressions when we deliver our presentations is a great way to keep our audience engaged and communicate that we are fully present and involved. It is just not guiding the audience to a particular conclusion or biasing them in any way. .

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C-Level Presentation Tip #7: Anticipate Tough Questions

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This series of tips will help you make a few tweaks to your. TIP #7: ANTICIPATE TOUGH QUESTIONS. It may be perfectly appropriate to ask if someone in the audience would like to comment on or has had experience with what's been asked. Photo Credit: flickr/On the Helm C.C.

New Tools for Your Presentation Toolbox

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Just like a carpenter has a box of tools, each appropriate for a certain job, we speakers have access to a presentation tool kit filled with things that can help us to better communicate our message and engage our audiences. Photo Credit: flickr/ChewyHooey.

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Kawasaki Practices What He Preaches: Enchantment

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After watching the hosts and audiences FAWN over him, I realized that Guy is qualified to write Enchantment because he lives it. He can charm and woo an audience like no one I’ve ever seen. Above Right: Photo courtesy of flickr user eschipul.).

C-Level Presentation Tip #1: Start with Conclusions

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C-Level audiences are results focused. You've told your audience the bottom line, clarified their expectations, and outlined briefly the benefits they can expect. Photo Credit: Flickr/Shark Fin C.C.

C-Level Presentation Tip #3: Expect and Be Happy About Interruptions

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This series of tips will help you avoid any nose dives. TIP #3: EXPECT AND BE HAPPY ABOUT INTERRUPTIONS. Be attentive to your audience so you can determine what is important to them to pursue. If you have sparked a lively discussion it means that your audience is engaged.

Training Tip: Abstraction is your enemy. If you are communicating.

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Public speaking, media training, presentation training, crisis communications Home Live Video About TJ Products & Services FAQs « Media Training Tip: Don’t “dumb” you message down. Training Tip: Abstraction is your enemy. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

No Time for Presentation Practice

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Yet, practicing a presentation is the single biggest thing that can reduce anxiety, enhance confidence and maximize the likelihood that the audience will get value -- all things that are highly desirable outcomes for any presenter. Photo Credit: flickr/simpologist C.C.

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Engaging a difficult audience: The Kenneth Feinberg lessons

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Do you really know how to engage an audience? Engaging an audience allows for back-and-forth, differences of opinion and outright disagreement that can't be neatly resolved. Can you do it with an audience that doesn't trust you or accept your authority?

Presentation Nerves and Our Lizard Brain

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But these same responses aren't very helpful when we're standing in front of a business audience. Few of us enjoy practicing but sufficient rehearsal -- at least 5-6 times out loud -- will free you up to be present in the moment and connect with the audience which will lessen your anxiety.

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Once Upon A Data Point: Using Stories To Make Your Facts More Memorable

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Too frequently we presenters dump mounds of data and analytics on our audience without enough thought as to how we want them to interpret what the data means. We would be well-served to adopt Sherlock''s techniques and weave a story for our audience as a way of infusing the data with meaning.

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Distill Your Message for a More Impactful Presentation

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I guarantee you this approach does not make for a happy audience. STAND IN YOUR AUDIENCE'S SHOES Look at your presentation from your audience's perspective, not yours. PICTURE: Flickr photo of Tobermory Distillery from bugmonkey used under a Creative Commons License.

How to Handle Presentation Surprises

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Your audience may feel similarly or they may not know what to feel. If you overreact and seem upset or flustered, your audience will pick that up and assume the "surprise" is a big deal. Certainly your first concern is to put the audience at ease.

How to Deliver a First-Rate Online Presentation

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In this guest post, Darlene Christopher, Learning Officer at the World Bank Group, offers us some tips for presenting online. If you’ve made a presentation to an online audience you’ve no doubt noticed that connecting with and engaging that audience can be challenging.

You Have a Great Voice, Now What?

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When we think about public speaking, images of standing on stage in front of an audience usually come to mind. Voice Over Times is an industry publication which offers news about the field and valuable tips and information for novices and experienced vocal actors.

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When NOT To Give Thanks

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Do you really think your audience believes that you are thrilled, thankful or delighted to be there? You've wasted the first few precious moments of being in front of your audience when they are registering their first impression of you and judging whether or not you're worth listening to.

Cracking the Presentation Glass Ceiling

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Be extremely well prepared, know your material inside and out and anticipate what questions the audience will have. Simultaneously with your rehearsal, visualize yourself feeling confident and recognizing, by reading the audience's reactions, that you are indeed providing them value.

2011 21

What is the Disadvantage of Using PowerPoint? « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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The disadvantage of PowerPoint comes when people misuse the tool and completely bore their audience. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

2011 11

In Presentations, Less is More

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In this age of information overload, any time you can streamline the message you present, your audience will be thrilled. Most presenters, in preparing their presentation, neglect to ask the question, "What does my audience need to know?".

Reading a Speech

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We are more natural and show more of our humanity if we speak to the audience and not read to them. You will be able to move about freely and engage the audience more. You will be able to maintain eye contact with the audience. If you do use notes in this way, here are some tips. Photo courtesy of deVos / Flickr. ———.

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Advice for a Better Presentation. « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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Your audience will see right through you if you are not behind what you are selling. News analyzed from a communication perspective.


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Not adhering to the time frame is just plain rude to the audience (and to any speaker who is following). It demonstrates lack of preparation on the presenter's part and a disregard for the audience's time. Mind Your Manners, Ann Douglas , Flickr].

How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home Popular Posts About Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter Ripple 6 says the timing of my report is off [link] Ive observed most vendors are optomistic, brands the opposite. Yesterday, I heard that one nervous moderator asked the panelists to introduce themselves (which was his job), then went directly to Q&A, providing little structured value to the audience.

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Talk It Up!: Public Speaking Tip #7: Get your passion up!

Personal Podcast Marketing PR Productivity Promotions & Branding Public Speaking Sales Tips Self-Promotion Small Business Social Media Trade Show Travel Travel Tips Twitter Web/Tech Try Oprius for free with code 53717 « Video--final! Talk It Up!

Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech |

Start with WIIFM I have talked about this before , but the first and most important thing to talk about first is explaining what’s in it for me, the listener, the audience. Ask your audience a question that frames the speech. knows how to give the audience his or her best.

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How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Photo credit : Pete Lambert Benefits of the back channel to the audience As a presenter, the idea of presenting while people are talking about you is disconcerting. It helps audience members focus As a presenter, you might be worried that the back-channel will be distracting.

about those convention teleprompters

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The answer is yes: Speakers expect to use teleprompters at conventions, where the hall--and the television audience beyond it--is huge. But teleprompters primarily help you look active and engaged with the audience, instead of your text. Photo by vidiot from Flickr).

once upon a time: the eloquent calendar

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Make the date resonate: If your role as a speaker occurs on a special anniversary, find out what else happened in that year to add historic context to your audience's celebration. Photo of Elizabeth Alexander by caribbeanfreephoto on Flickr.).

Michelle Obama 1, teleprompter 0

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Photo from the Barack Obama campaign photostream on Flickr.). Would-be speakers and those who train them have two weeks of great "practice" ahead, watching the two U.S. political conventions. The conventions aren't typical venues, by any means--more a public-speaking hothouse.