Using Video to Rock Your Speaking Business with Dan Thurmon

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On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are talking about how to use video to help grow your speaking business. Today we are so fortunate to be joined by my good friend Dan Thurmon, who is here to share his expertise on what makes great video and how to use it in your […]. The post Using Video to Rock Your Speaking Business with Dan Thurmon appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Dan isn’t just a world-renowned Hall of Fame keynote speaker.

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Keynote & Training:Before you start, it's time for a reality check

);} else {document.write( );}return true;}LoadMenus(); NAME E-MAIL ZIP CODE Resources Articles Events Online Tutorial FAQs Links Article: Keynote & Training: Before you start, its time for a reality check Published by Professional Speaker Magazine, April 1993 issue By Vickie Sullivan Its a trainers dream: a 45-minute presentation for the same fee as a full day. Sounds easy too: You already have the program and promotional materials, including audio and video.

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Crushing the Platform… Rocking the Video with Robin Creasman

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The post Crushing the Platform… Rocking the Video with Robin Creasman appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Well, I mean learning how to put on a better show and, essentially, becoming a rock star for your audience, regardless of which platform you use to reach them. In this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’m talking to Robin Creasman about crushing the platform and creating a killer demo video to get more speaking business.

Is there a place for video in your presentation?

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I recently had an inquiry from a reader regarding the embedding of my avoiding death by PowerPoint video. I quite often use video clips within a presentation for a number of reasons. It’s very difficult and a short demo video does the job much more effectively. I use video clips of Steve Balmer and Steve Jobs to illustrate how different presentation styles can and are equally effective. I would however counsel against over use of video.

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Speaking for Dollars by Vickie Sullivan

And each year you see highly paid keynoters on the program and think, “I could do that.” Now there are far more speakers than audiences, and veteran professional speakers must contend with athletes and celebrities for the most coveted (and highest-paying) spot on the program: the keynote address. Therefore, to get the big fees – or any fee at all – you must compete in the keynote or general-session market. Did the demo video catch me right away?’”

From Free to Fee The Consultant's Guide to Becoming a Paid Speaker

Because associations can get free speakers for the concurrent sessions, many state and regional associations only pay for keynoters, general sessions and wind-down speakers. Sounds more like a keynote When youre getting paid $4,500 or more, it is assumed that you have more than just great presentation skills. " Audiences at that level have been exposed to masterful speakers, so make sure your skills can compare favorably.

Expressing your uniqueness in print

Decisions are made quickly, matching the speaker to the audience, topic and fee structure. Continuity is key The true value of any marketing piece is that it supplements the rest of the targeted efforts, offers value and retainable information, from a Web site, demo video, streaming video and direct mail campaigns, etc. I post my general one-sheets (keynotes and workshops) and the topic-specific sheets on my homepage for immediate access and download.

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