Public Speaking Commentary: The Third Era?

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The first claim she makes refers to great orators of the past and the era of the orator in general. Tags: Opinion Political Speeches Presentation Skills Public Speaking Rhetorical Devices Scripting Your Speech Speech Writing Uncategorized Audience Involvement Audience Participation Public Speaking Tips I recently read a post by Olivia Mitchell called “Are You Ready for the Third Era in Presenting?&#

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In praise of parliamentary rowdiness

Max Atkinson

Rowdiness and the debate about broadcasting parliament My research into speaker-audience interaction started fairly soon after broadcasts from the House of Commons first began (radio only) in 1975. My interest in audience responses to different forms of public speaking had already reached the point of realising that the central problem for listeners to speeches was that the primary incentive for paying attention in conversation (i.e.

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Rhetoric & imagery in Obama's victory speech

Max Atkinson

It’s commonly thought that effective orators are blessed with a mysterious gift, but all successful speakers use the same simple techniques, and have been doing so at least since they were first taught by the ancient Greeks. At its simplest, the more use made of these techniques, the more impressed audiences will be. Note that the invitations to the audience to applaud Biden and Michelle are perfectly executed – the person is identified, praised and finally named.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

20)return;setTimeout(function(){f(o+1)},o Google StumbleUpon Newsvine Facebook LinkedIn Digg My Yahoo Technorati Reddit Print Recommend 100 Five Ways to Speak Like Obama by Sims Wyeth Tags: Body Language , Attention , Audience , Obama , Calmness , Barack Obama , Public Speaking , Leadership , Presentations , Speech Writing , Speech Giving , Sims Wyeth Now that weve got your attention, you should realize, of course, that you dont want to speak like Barack Obama.

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