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There is a limit of 200 attendees, meaning that you will get to make personal connections with similar professionals and won’t feel like cattle being herded from one session to the next. Coming up September 21-24 in San Diego is the only user’s conference for PowerPoint, called PowerPoint Live. I’ll be speaking on the Wednesday morning on how you need to design presentations differently when delivering them over the web instead of in person.

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when the speech hands you lemons.

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Everything had to be rigged, from setting up refreshments to registering attendees. We'd planned to videotape the presentation, which involved putting a lavalier mic with a very long cord on me and putting the videographer in one of the storefront window bays. I’m always coaching speakers to plan ahead, then be ready for anything on the ground.

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Attendees in the audience at eComm2009 / ©2009 James Duncan Davidson Please take off your name tag. On the other hand, you shouldn’t make it hard on the photographers and videographers that are trying to capture your image. Attendees in the audience at eComm2009 / ©2009 James Duncan Davidson Rule of thumb for speaker clothing: Dress like you mean it. ~0 It might be convenient for a videographer, but it is hell for an audience.

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