12 ways to diversify conferences with @NoWomenSpeakers

The Eloquent Woman

You must make it widely known for it to work as a recruitment tool for both women speakers and attendees. Survey your attendees and speakers: Much of the discussion around this issue centers on individual and anecdotal experience, or research based on data that doesn''t include the voices of women speakers. To find out what works and doesn''t work for your attendees and speakers, you''ll need that survey data, won''t you?

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Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them

Great Public Speaking

The Grateful Dead arguably one of the most successful bands in history allowed people to record their entire concert and even made it easy for them to do so. Many try to spam the Internet with false positive information about themselves to bury the bad stuff. Good speakers, Good Promoters and Good Attendees trying to better themselves. To Seminar Attendees The last thing I want is for you to quit going to seminars.

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