5 Steps to a Brilliant Keynote Presentation

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WHAT YOU CAN DO: Be well enough prepared and rehearsed that you can enjoy yourself once you start to speak. Finish off slides before the last minute, allocate enough time for verbal rehearsal and arrive at the presentation location early so you can check the equipment and room set up. This is not the 2011 ASTD presentation but it gives you an equally good example of Buckingham's skill. .


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I spent most of last week at the American Society for Training and Development ( ASTD ) International Conference and Expo (8000+ attendees) here in Washington, DC at the very impressive Walter E. Once at the conference, the organizers provided a Speakers' Room, equipped with screens so presenters could rehearse presentations and even use other speakers as a mock audience.

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How to Deliver a First-Rate Online Presentation

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Rehearse your Session: Practice your session with a mock audience to fine tune the timing and flow of your material. Rehearsing will also help you get used to the lack of body language and visual cues.

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