Interview: Paul Larsen – Business consultant

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Paul is a frequent conference and workshop speaker on leadership and development at such organizations as the Southern Oncology Association of Practices (SOAP), American Society of Training & Development (ASTD), and the Northern California Human Resource Association (NCHRA). He is a current member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), NCHRA, ASTD and the Bay Area Organization Development Network (BAODN).

How to Deliver a First-Rate Online Presentation

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She has been designing and delivering online training programs for global audiences for over nine years and is a frequent presenter at ASTD and E-Learning Guild conferences.

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Interview: Terry Barton – Savvy Leader

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

She is an adjunct faculty member at Chabot College and serves on the ASTD Golden Gate Board of Directors. Using the “single most powerful question anyone could ever ask”, Terry Barton helps individuals and businesses connect to what is preventing them from moving in the direction they want to go. Whether it is an operational issue, a performance issue or a problem with a team, Terry helps people and organizations get [.]

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5 Steps to a Brilliant Keynote Presentation

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This is not the 2011 ASTD presentation but it gives you an equally good example of Buckingham's skill. . It is a rare occasion where, when a presenter asks for feedback on a presentation, I have no constructive suggestions to offer. In fact, I don't think that has ever happened. I am usually full of ideas to tweak and massage a presentation to make it more logical, more engaging, more memorable.

10 Tips for Speaking on a Panel

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I recently attended my local ASTD chapter meeting ( ) where a panel of CLOs talked about the role of global learning in tough economic times. I'm not usually a fan of panels, because they frequently appear disorganized with speakers rambling , cutting each other off and running out of time. But this panel was refreshingly different and very effective. . What made it so good? The moderator played a huge role and I'll cover tips for moderating a panel in the next post.

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I spent most of last week at the American Society for Training and Development ( ASTD ) International Conference and Expo (8000+ attendees) here in Washington, DC at the very impressive Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The days were chocked full of interesting sessions, interesting people and interesting observations. . The organizers did a great job.

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Expressing your uniqueness in print

MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker services Membership info Proposal generator Profile listing service Coaching services Video trailer ads Interview transcripts Teleclasses Online shop MEETING PLANNERS Planner services Find a speaker RESOURCES FAQs about CJ Free articles Useful links TOOLS Subscribe to eZine Search this site GENERAL INFO About us Testimonials Advertising with us Wendis blog Contact us Expressing your uniqueness in print by Sheryl Roush REPRINTED FROM NSA PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER MAGAZINE, July/August 2003 Permission to distribute was given by Sheryl Roush, author. There is a maxim in the speaking industry that your materials should always look at least as good as you are. Ron Kaufman adds to this, "Take that one step further. Your materials should always look as good as you are aspiring to be, and should be given out in a volume that reflects the abundant professional style (in which) you intend to live." Evolution of one-sheets As we reinvent ourselves and our industry, clearly showing that we are experts who speak professionally, we need to reinvent our marketing materials as well. Just 20 years ago, speakers used elaborate glossy brochures, and meeting professionals took the time to read them. Today, those multi-page booklets have been condensed, with carefully selected information placed on one page of paper, front and back, thus the name "one-sheets." Today, those brochures have a shorter shelf-life, topics change frequently, and require less reading time by our meeting professionals. Decisions are made quickly, matching the speaker to the audience, topic and fee structure. As the industry changes due to market demand, our materials and how we provide this information needs to change with it. One of the first advocates of one-sheets, NSA Past President Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE and Cavett Award recipient, explains, "The meetings industry today expects to be able to understand a speakers value quickly and efficiently. To accomplish this, it has become customary for speakers to summarize their expertise and their topics on one sheet of paper (two sides), hence the name one sheet." If meeting professionals dont know who you are and what you offer, how can they book you? Based on feedback from our market, most of whom dont know or care about a "one-sheet," the new movement in our profession refers to these dynamic marketing pieces as "professional profiles" (speaker bio) or "topic profiles" (topic overview or outline). How Americans read The American Library Association suggests that today, 10 to 15 percent of Americans are non-readers or functionally illiterate (who mostly look at the photos and call the phone number listed for more information). Another 10 to 15 percent are avid-readers who read everything (yes, even every article reprint in your press kit), and are great detail-oriented, bottom-line proofreaders. The remaining 70 to 80 percent are skimmers who browse and scan, enjoy the photos, short body copy, color photos and notice that the paper feels good; these are the quick decision-makers. This means that our messages need to be delivered in bite-sized chunks, bulleted and concise, balanced with colorful graphics. Readers give our printed materials much less than two minutes. Karl Fritz, veteran Web developer for the entertainment industry, indicates that the average Web viewer scans for only 2.5 seconds. Your information also needs to be only three clicks away from where they enter. Dan Kennedy indicates that from the flap-to-the-trap of an envelope and sales letter, you have only 2.5 seconds. Thats fast! Readers also read in three stages, according to David Ogilvie, in his book Confessions of An Advertising Man. Stage One is Relevance: the reader is looking for the benefits or asking "Whats in-it-for me?" This question needs to be answered within seven seconds or the reader easily tosses the piece, clicks or moves on to other things. Stage Two is Confirmation: here the reader is looking to confirm that its a good thing they kept reading. Credibility and testimonials are important. Stage Three: this is the Call to Action. Tell the reader what you would like them to do as a result of reading your material. Continuity is key The true value of any marketing piece is that it supplements the rest of the targeted efforts, offers value and retainable information, from a Web site, demo video, streaming video and direct mail campaigns, etc. The professionalism of these is in the continuity of the design. They need to have a consistent look from piece to piece, and from print to Web, to establish credibility in the eyes of the market. Several elements contribute to this overall image. Susan Clarke shares, "Your uniqueness is a blend of who you are and who your market is." As speakers, trainers, consultants and authors in todays marketplace, we need to demonstrate our value, offer a depth of information, credibility and uniqueness. Mark LeBlanc, Small Business Success, offers this advice: "Position yourself by concept, instead of by your titles." Essentials to include "A well prepared one-sheet, like a 30-second commercial, tells a complete story, including a value proposition (WIIFM factor), a call to action and your vital stats -- all in one. The one-sheet is the surrogate that represents our promise to the meeting planner, bureau or contracting executive," states John Reddish. Getting the most of your piece, Dottie Walters advocates that "anything other than printed full-color on both sides is a waste of time." To involve your reader, use less copy text in paragraphs and more short lists, cleverly woven together using a theme throughout the piece, creating continuity from the front to the back, from the opening statements, to the subheads, to the call to action. After your print design is ready, post it as a PDF file on your Web site, making it easy for quick download by meeting professionals who need to make that decision right now! This also enables you to make instant changes, and bureau-friendly (without your contact information) versions. I post my general one-sheets (keynotes and workshops) and the topic-specific sheets on my homepage for immediate access and download. A well-designed, general one-sheet, professional profile includes: Banner benefit statement at the top of layout Speakers name (in a stylized typestyle) Full-body or 2/3 view action photo on one side Portrait photo on the other side (without a microphone) Defining statement of your unique or valuable expertise Program descriptions, titles (one paragraph, plus three to five bullet-pointed benefits) Results to be generated, bullet pointed under title Biography, credentials, publications and experiences Testimonials - rave reviews - with their names and organizations Signature look and feel, demonstrating your personality (perhaps a moniker) Logos for full NSA members (NSA, CAPS, ICF MPI, ASTD, etc.) Contact information (toll-free phone number, Web site, email) And, if youre going to quote someone famous, quote yourself Optional: Your organizations logo placed at the bottom of layout Whats your style? The "Southern Humorist with a Message," Grady Jim Robinson, CSP, uses photos that reflect his "Slap Me Naked and Hide My Clothes" outlook learned from his 100-year-old Grandma. Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, "The Marble Lady," shows her expertise in multicultural diversity by using marbles in order to teach the value of respect and uniqueness. Offer value-rich content Speaker marketing expert Ed Peters uses a rule of thumb for marketing materials, "No matter what your marketing materials look like, would your prospect keep them, even if they never hired you? Do they have value of their own, or do they just promote you?" He recommends, "include something in your marketing materials that your prospect can use for their benefit whether they hire you or not." Invest in your image, express your uniqueness, and ensure that your materials always look as good as you aspire to be! Sheryl Roush is a speaker with 25 years of experience in graphic design, specializing in speaker marketing materials. Sheryl is the author of Solid Gold Speaker One-Sheets , a how-to CD-ROM set for speakers, authors and trainers. She can be reached at , (858) 569-6555 or This article and the CD-ROM mentioned has been reviewed and feel has information necessary to produce your One-Sheet--a flyer-sized business card, that tells potential clients what you peak on and who likes you, as well as a little about you, and how they can contact you. The greatest challenge with creating One-Sheets is what to put on them and what to leave off. This video with PDF samples will help you answer those questions. The One-Sheet is the most important part of your Presentation Kit. The Demo Video Tape, Bio Sheet, Fee Sheet and List of Clients are all important. If you want additional information about any of these items, contact Jack Nichols at Page 1 of One-Sheet [link] Published: NSA Professional Speaker Magazine, July 2003 Page 2 of One-Sheet [link] 2003 Copyright Sheryl L. Roush Permission to post on this site was received by Sheryl Roush Charli Jane Speaker Services P.O. Box 130 Craig,Nebraska 68019 USA Phone: +1 402 218 4426 Fax: +1 877 570 0615 Email: GRAB YOUR FREE EBOOK TODAY! 14 ways to make money when speaking for free! ► Discover how to make money. ► How to increase your exposure. ► How to build the credibility you deserve. and more! Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more! Subscribe now! SPEAKERS Need more leads? Do you want to enhanceyour speaking career? More info. TELECLASSES Need more participant leads for your upcoming teleclass or webinar? More info. 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