Sherwin-Williams, Lead Paint & Investors

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Of that, 17% will go to the outside law firms which assisted the plaintiff with the litigation. That's a fairly routine arrangement and was used in the 2 Rhode Island class action lead paint public nuisance trials. It went on for 19 years.    That was the lead paint class action public nuisance lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County, California.

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Rickman Group, Providence, RI - Again, it posts help-wanted on Craigslist

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For almost as long as I have been blogging, the Rickman Group, based in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, has been posting help-wanted ads on Craigslist.  This particular need is for an assistant to the director.   Years ago, the postings were so frequent that they caught my attention.

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Harvard School of Public Health: This doesn't look flat

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  The Harvard School of Public Health has a job opening  advertised on for a Staff Assistant III.    Perhaps former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island Buddy Cianci, who always lamented not being a member of The Lucky Sperm Club, might apply.  The world may be flat but Harvard doesn't have to be part of that world, does it.    Not as long as young people are sacrificing their youth to be admitted. 

Higher Education - Art Schools Thriving, Traditional Colleges/Universities Not So

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The exception is the art school sector, such as Rhode Island School of Design. It noticed that my visual support was, well, not a plus, and offered to assist me with the graphics (of course, for a price). Higher education in America has long been described as a "bubble." " Given the fierce competition among high schoolers to be admitted to the college or university of their choice, many blew off predictions that the higher education niche could implode.

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Contingency Business Model - The Great Rebranding

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The classic example had been Motley Rice's decision to assist the state of Rhode Island in its class action public nuisance lead paint complaint against companies such as Sherwin-Williams. It's obvious that BigLaw has not recovered from The Crash. Litigation is flat. In addition transactional revenues could derail off the growth curve if the value of deals continues to decline. Lawyer-journalist Joe Patrice warns about that scary scenario on

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Will stock market be long or short on Sherwin-Williams et al. Monday?

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  When I was covering the Rhode Island lead paint public nuisance litigation the plaintiffs in California contacted me about sending them some of the briefs.    In their ruling tossing the Rhode Island lead paint public nuisance litigation, that state's Supreme Court did not forbid the use of contingency Download Statev.LeadIndustriesAssoc.,Inc.   They will be unable to have the assistance of private counsel on a contingency basis.

Investors Listen Up: U.S. Supreme Court Refused to Review Sherwin-Williams' Public Nuisance Lead Paint Conviction

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Plaintiff law firms such as Motley Rice can be hired by the prosecution on contingency to assist with the litigation against those sophisticated lawyers from white shoe large law firms such as Jones Day.    Full Disclosure: I had blogged the Rhode Island lead paint public nuisance class action litigation (2005-2006). It's a very dark day for Sherwin-Williams. And its stock price reflects that. The shorts could move in. Investors have to pay close attention.

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"God Bless the Child That's Got His Own." - The Alleged Curse of Privilege

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Boston entrepreneur Andrew Bachman contracted with me to assist with his memoir, which was due to be published by Wiley. He was born into a situation late Providence, Rhode Island mayor Buddy Cianci might have described as  "the lucky sperm club."  "They are carless people." " That's how a line from F. Scott Fitzgerald's book "The Great Gatsby" sized up the privileged. The book was fiction - a novel.

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Lead Paint Career-Maker in RI - Judge Overseeing Historic Trial Retires Today

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Today, after 24 years serving as a judge in Rhode Island Superior Court, Silverstein is stepping down. Motley Rice, which assisted the prosecution on contingency, went on to have that big win in CA. He is a dead-ringer for those judges from central casting who would appear in those old-line afternoon soap operas. Michael A. Silverstein is tall, has a thick mop of white hair, a deep voice, and New England patrician bearing.

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  I found that out when I was live-blogging the Rhode Island lead paint trial [November 1, 2005 - February 22, 2006].   My role, for which I'm receiving 50% of royalties, was assisting with the research, interviewing, and writing. Most media products can be saved.    Usually all that takes is some good ideas and lots of sweat equity. 

The Constitution of United States ca. 2015 (what’s left of it)

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The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but the United States shall have at Least one Representative; and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and Georgia three.

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Those Academic Ghostwriting Mills - My 48 hours in one

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  And since the service is delivered online instead of at the Holiday Inn in Warwick, Rhode Island, my life wasn't in dangers.    Software would block access to email addresses through which students could gain access to paid assistance. It's legal.    So, I signed up through an ad on  Craigslist to be a contract researcher/ghostwriter [the service later offered me a regular part-time job] with one of those mills. 

Those Help-Wanted Ads In Communications - Soap Opera Of Labor Unrest

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For years and years there has been a chronic help-wanted posting in Providence, Rhode Island for a public relations writer. In law, for example, about every four months in the New York section of Craigslist there's a help wanted for a marketing assistant for a major law firm. Whatever gets us workers of the world through the day. For some, reports Boomberg Business Week , it's watching porn on the office computer.

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Social Media: Corrected Value Proposition

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Full disclosure: I earn 50% of royalties on AMA HANDBOOK for assisting in its preparation.].   The Rhode Island Supreme Court didn't bond with that Download Statev.LeadIndustriesAssoc.,Inc. A breakthrough study by Vivaldi Partners found that lots of effort using social media are wasted.    That's because of misunderstanding about what counts and how to get more of that which counts. 

Designing Choreographies for the New Economy of Attention

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning" 21 (3):181-189.