Heroic Leadership - Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

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  Of course, the undocumented in the Houston Metro area are frightened. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has assured them that he has their backs. If they do require assistance, he tells them to put their survival ahead of SB4. On Friday, Texas Law SB4 is scheduled to go into effect. Essentially it's all about  Show Me Your Papers. 

When Things Go Wrong: Ten Presentation Lessons from Apollo 13

Manner of Speaking

Lesson 2: If you cannot fix the problem quickly yourself, enlist the assistance of those who can. (“Houston, we have a problem.” The day of the big presentation has arrived. You’ve prepared, you know your material and you’ve arrived at the venue early to get set up. You check the room and everything looks fine. The stage is ready, the sound system works and the lighting is perfect.

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Professional Services Firms - Fewer Insultated by Premium Branding

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

They are being represented by Anthony Buzbee and Peter Taaffe of Buzbee Law firm, which is Houston-based. In the complaint, the plaintiffs allege that MoFo: Was hired to assist in winding down companies. Forever, the business and legal media have been reporting on the need to reform traditional billing practices in the legal sector. After all, the Golden Age of Law Firms, which ended with the global financial crash of 2008, is long past.

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How To Brand Yourself In The Workplace Vs. The Marketplace


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Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 3, 2013: “Philadelphia, Mississippi: 1963 Black children not allowed in libraries -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2013 No school libraries”

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We are going back to art for art’s sake, music for music’s sake, physical education for physical education’s sake three days a week with 30 minute classes,” Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Daniel McGarry said in response to a Hillcrest parent’s inquiry about the amount of time allotted to music this school year.

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"Pay It Forward" or "Pay It Yourself?"

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This blog is cross-posted from the Century Foundation, which kindly provided editorial assistance. The Atlantic Washington Post Houston Chronicle. The evidence is clear: the current system of financing postsecondary education in America fails to match the desire of its people or the needs of this ambitious nation.

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