How an Assistant Can Help Your Presentation

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Working with a Presentation Assistant An assistant can help your presentation in several ways. PS: Alfred is Batman's assistant.

Law Firm, North Vancouver, Canada - Writer/Legal Assistant (help-wanted)

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JD not required. Here are details and how to apply. careers

Harper's Magazine, NYC - Searching for 2 Assistant Editors (help-wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here are details and how to apply. careers

Marketing Virtual Assistant for Mental Health Counseling Firm (help wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here  are details and how to apply. careers

Writers Emergency Assistance Fund

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The American Society of Journalists and Author’s “Writers Emergency Assistance Fund” has seen a 500 percent increase in grant requests from desperate writers. As a long-time ASJA member, I’ve gladly contributed to the Writers Emergency Assistance Fund – and I’m glad to use this forum to bring attention to WEAF’s good works. . The sagging US economy has been particularly rough on free-lancers. To Distribute Free Pet Food to Those on Public Assistance

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  By the end of this month, will be distributing free pet food to those on public assistance, reports CBS in Dallas, Texas.  Low-income families will no longer have to choose between feeding the humans or the animal companions. 

Hiring an Assistant


How to Reach Decision Makers and Close a Sale

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Armies of executive assistants and the sub-second attention span of crazy-busy executives are barriers to overcome. Professional speakers, freelance speechwriters and entrepreneurs must learn the sales strategies and techniques that will secure appointments in today’s volatile economy. That means getting past gatekeepers and getting to decision makers. Attendees at Saturdays’ meeting of the Northern California [.].

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NY City Hall: Professional counselors wanted to assist with Cathie Black's image

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Those already assisting Cathie Black with her public image as new New York City Chancellor of education aren't getting good results.      "Black has yet to find the sweet spot in her new job as Chancellor."

"Criminal Minds" - Rossi's Wife #1 asks him to assist her with suicide

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On "Criminal Minds" David Rossi is called upon to be human with someone outside his work life.    His Wife #1 pops back in town.    They have a bite to eat and then make plans for dinner at his house after he wraps up a case out of town. 

How to Avoid Presentation Disasters?


We try to put in a lot of effort into our public speaking instead we should feel easy as the PowerPoint is used to assist you during your speech and make it interesting enough for the listeners. […].

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WATCH: How to Find Superstars to Grow Your Business

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I’m actually looking at how I can get some additional support in place right now, and I found lots of great advice in this new report from Eben — he even shares an actual copy of one of the ads that he wrote to hire a personal assistant so you can see exactly how he does it.

The Empire Strikes Back

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Tags: Humour PowerPoint Afghanistan Darth Vader International Security Assistance Force Keynote Luke Skywalker Microsoft PowerPoint The Empire Strikes Back United States armed forces War in Afghanistan (2001–present

The flipped meeting

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Let’s assume that a Marketing Manager has asked his/her Assistant Marketing Manager to prepare a presentation on using Pinterest for marketing. Instead, the Assistant Marketing Manager would prepare a document with the results of his/her research.

What is the future of journalism?

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Panelists include: Wendy Benjamin (AP Washington Assistant Chief of Bureau) Ellen Shearer (Bureau Chief, Medill News Service & Medill Washington Program) Marisa Jean Endicott (Medill News […]. I look forward to attending “The Future of Journalism” panel at next week’s NAGC Communications School in Washington DC. This panel is being organized by NAGC’s current president, John Verrico.

Want to Get Booked to Speak? Answer Five Questions Correctly to Dramatically Increase Your Odds!

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Having assisted thousands of meeting planners and working with many of the world’s best speakers since 1999, I believe it comes down to how effectively you answer FIVE questions that every prospective client is asking. It’s no secret that there are LOTS of “professional” speakers — at least 10,000 or more — bidding for speaking engagements these days. How do you stand out from the crowd?

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

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Long live Susan Bennett is an interview with the woman who's the voice of Apple's Siri virtual assistant, one of the most famous speaking roles ever for a woman.

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The one thing an entrepreneur can't hand off to someone else

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Eventually you start handing off these duties to experts, employees, contractors and in-person or virtual assistants who can do them better, faster and more efficiently. An assistant? If you're an entrepreneur, you wear many hats.

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Storytelling advice from Akira Kurosawa

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Kurosawa says that he encouraged his Assistant Directors to never give up on the script halfway through, but to go all the way through and finish it. Akira Kurosawa was one of the masters of cinema.

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Avoid the 8 deadly sins of webinars

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Learn the software, practice, and have an assistant to help you if the need arises. An assistant is also helpful for monitoring attendee questions and comments. Webinars are a powerful way to communicate from afar.

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What is your email style? Take this quick quiz…

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My colleague is also out of the office this week so no one will be there to assist. I will be in touch upon my return to the office however if the matter is urgent please contact the Assistant Manager on 555-555-5555.

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Speaking Science: How to reframe your speaker stress

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The study participants then delivered their speeches in front of two research assistants--and oh boy, was it a tough crowd. If they messed up, they got a stern warning from the assistants to start the counting again.

Duarte’s Diagrammer™: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

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She then asked her trusty assistant (at the time, that was me!) Where there is madness, Nancy Duarte finds method.

Fear of Public Speaking: Reframing “Fear”

Matt Eventoff

In Dr. Jamieson’s own words: “The problem is that we think all stress is bad,” explains Jeremy Jamieson, the lead author on the study and an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Rochester. “The only thing we have to fear is… fear itself.” ” - President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fear and anxiety surrounding public speaking is nothing new.

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Why branding is essential for your presentations

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If you need assistance with branding your presentations, contact me for a free consultation. Do you have a small service-based business? Perhaps you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, author, or speaker.

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Does your audience feel welcome?

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The women offered me coffee or water and asked me to wait for the assistant who would escort me to meet my client. The assistant appeared almost immediately, and said she was filling in for the regular assistant with whom I had arranged the appointment.

More TV speechwriting tips

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On this week's episode of " Up All Night ," talk show mogul Ava asks assistant Missy to write her speech for an upcoming event. Here's one way to write a speech (or in this case, "speach"). First, she suggests words to avoid: "moist, ointment, nubbin, vigorous, vigorish(?) and 'at the end of the day.'"

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You can be right, or you can be helpful

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And did I mention that this is a high-end resort where customers might expect a higher quality of customer service and assistance (or ANY quality of customer service and assistance)?

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Speaking Science: Avoiding the Copycat Chills When You Speak

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His research team asked an assistant to conduct either a friendly or all-business conversation with undergraduates, instructing the assistant to mimic or avoid mimicking the students' gestures and postures during the talk. The students weren't conscious of the copycat movements, but they felt something was "off" when the assistant mimicked them during the all-business talks. Have you ever participated in a conversation that left you cold?

Are you in the minority?

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

The shopping assistant was surprised that I had hung up to speak to her. I was queuing to pay at a shop the other day when my phone rang. I took the call and quickly hung up when I got to the front so that I could pay for my shopping. She told me that it was the first time that had happened, and everybody else just carried on speaking on the phone while they paid; as if she did not exist.

“No problem” and Other Customer Turn offs

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It will just take another moment to assist you best. THIS IS A TEST. THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEM. . THIS IS ONLY A TEST. THIS IS A TEST. . THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEM. THIS IS ONLY A TEST. This agent failed. Can you spot why? Me: I’m calling about the Paul McCartney pre-sale tickets for the August 12 show in Phoenix. Agent: No problem. May I ask you to confirm your credit card number?

12 Keynote Tips to Deliver an Outstanding Presentation


In the world of PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can simply stand out by taking the assistance of Keynote. If you have a Mac or work with the iWork productivity suite, then you must already be familiar with Keynote.


Madeleine Albright: "Learn to interrupt"

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Others don't want to assist them with their concerns. Speaking up in meetings continues to be, for many women, the most common public speaking challenge they face. This fresh advice from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright offers you a shortcut to rising to that challenge.

From NASCAR slides to "Any questions?": 8 kinds of slides to delete right now

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This alarms the speakers (and their assistants and interns) no end. This is the part of our research where our lab assistants really had a chance to shine."

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When Things Go Wrong: Ten Presentation Lessons from Apollo 13

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Lesson 2: If you cannot fix the problem quickly yourself, enlist the assistance of those who can. (“Houston, we have a problem.” The day of the big presentation has arrived. You’ve prepared, you know your material and you’ve arrived at the venue early to get set up.

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Why you present

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To know that I have provided helpful knowledge to participants and assisted them in furthering their goals. I did a survey of my subscribers, asking them 3 questions. I think it’s fascinating to understand the variety of reasons why you present. I received 158 answers.

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Presentation Tip: Don't Talk So Much

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The benefit of this approach to you [besides a highly engaged audience] is that you can enlist the audience''s assistance in answering questions and sharing their examples which takes some of the pressure off you to be the expert on every aspect of the topic.

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Presentation Lessons from a Cooking Demonstration

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Botanic Garden I occasionally assist at cooking demonstrations which we put on to showcase herbs or edible plants from a particular region. What do a cooking demonstration and a business presentation have in common? More than you might think. In my volunteer role at the U.S.

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Hear the sound of your self-esteem. Coach accordingly

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Professional coaching assists presenters at all stages of their careers, in the same way that my professional surveyor was able to help me. I became aware of a damp patch. Inevitable with a Victorian cottage. Moisture slowly creeping up an outside wall.

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Analysis of a Speech by William Kamkwamba

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With the assistance of TED curator Chris Anderson , he told his story. Today’s post is about a remarkable young man named William Kamkwamba. William comes from a poor village in Malawi in southeast Africa. Life there is hard. The main source of income is farming.