Recession Means Getting Back to Basics

Speaker Launcher

Well, back when I first entered the business, there was a process that we followed… ’call-send-call’ Call a prospect, discover their needs, see if they’re a fit, send over some information, call and follow up. George needs to get back to basics and start connecting with his clients and prospects in a meaningful way. Identify your prospects. Pick a target market based on who needs the ideas that you provide. Discover your prospect’s needs.


Marketing Through Speaking Engagements - Nolo's Legal Marketing Blawg

First and most importantly, speaking engagements give you a chance to personally interact with prospective clients without having them feel pressured to retain you, as they might at an initial consultation. Second, speaking engagements are efficient, because they give you a chance to make contact with multiple prospects all at once. Identifying your target audience Before organizing a speaking engagement, decide what types of clients you want to target.