Interview with visual language expert Connie Malamed

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I met Connie Malamed at the last Presentation Summit where she presented on the topic, “Your Brain on Graphics–Get your visuals on target and on message.&# I was impressed with her understanding of the field of visual communication and interested in her recommendation of “primitive features,&# images that are simple in terms of color, size, orientation, movement, shape and depth. Connie is the author of Visual Language for Designers.

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Visionary Artist: Nam June Paik anticipated the internet

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

An astounding story on BBC America this evening about the Korean-born visual artist Nam June Paik, considered the father of video art, who coined the phrase “electronic superhighway” in 1974 while creating works that pushed the boundaries of television.

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A simple, 4-step guide to beautifully visualize data in your presentations

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Too many people take data visualization for granted and almost always opt for the bare minimum approach. ” Data visualization isn’t just the process of slapping on a few charts. I’m going to help you with your data visualization techniques through a simple four-step guide. To do this, you only need to ask yourself three questions: “ What is the purpose of visualizing my data?” “What is the purpose of visualizing my data?”

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The Power of Visual Information

The Speaker Point

April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About The Power of Visual Information February 2, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments We live in information overload. Today’s advances in graphic design means we can clarify messages through visual information. I believe visual information should have 3 main characteristics in order to be effective.

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Famous Speech Friday: Patti Smith on the artist's journey

The Eloquent Woman

Just such a speech came fully formed in an answer from Patti Smith, a singer, songwriter, poet and visual artist, who is sometimes called the "punk poet laureate." Near the end of the podcast, you can hear this questioner and the response that, to my ear, is a great small speech about the artist's journey. As an artist and art educator I’ve used Just Kids in my classroom to basically talk about an artist's journey and discovering your path.

#illustraTED | Duarte is Visualizing TED Talks All Week

Duarte Blog

As the world’s best and brightest are converging in Long Beach for the 23rd annual TED Conference, we’re hunkering down here at Duarte, getting our pens and papers and devices ready to visualize, summarize, and share their brilliant speeches. Last year , we assembled a team of writers and designers, and spent an afternoon live-tweeting, churning out visual notes, iconic graphics, quotes, ten-word summaries, some haiku poetry, and even a limerick.

Tokyo: A visual presentation by Joan Jimenez

Presentation Zen

For many foreign creatives who come here — designers, photographers, architects, artists, writers, etc. — The massive city of Tokyo is but one aspect of Japan that offers its own unique, rich tapestry of visual intrigue and inspiration. Like many foreign nationals in Japan, I love living here and can't imagine living anywhere else. I always encourage foreign designers and other creatives to spend time in Japan if they can.

Public Speaking - Visuals

Great Public Speaking

These pieces of visual humor are seen in newspapers and magazines in most areas of the world. If you want to use the cartoon or comic strip in a visual, you may need permission from the artist or copyright owner. Other forms of visual humor that transcend most cultural barriers are juggling and magic. Regardless of one's nationality and culture, cartoons and comic strips are the most universally accepted format for humor.

Public Speaking - Visual Humor

Great Public Speaking

These pieces of visual humor are seen in newspapers and magazines in most areas of the world. If you want to use the cartoon or comic strip in a visual, you may need permission from the artist or copyright owner. Other forms of visual humor that transcend most cultural barriers are juggling and magic. Regardless of one's nationality and culture, cartoons and comic strips (see Cartoons) are the most universally accepted format for humor.

How Your Images Can Tell Your Story For You

Presentation Guru

It was written to show ‘how the visual composition of images works to engage the emotions’ and has greatly influenced the way artists, illustrators, reviewers, critics and readers look at and understand art.… … Bitesize Design Principles Visuals Data visualisation Presentation Design Visual Aids Visual LanguageThere are valuable lessons for the presentation designer in Molly Bang’s wonderful book, Picture This: How Pictures Work.

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What is a Storyboard And How to Use it in Product Design


Visuals : A set of pictures, visualizing that narrative. Captions : The text that accompanies each visual. For example: in 2012, Airbnb hired an artist from Pixar to produce three storyboard templates, illustrating the platform’s host process, guest process, and hiring process.

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More support for using visuals

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

The premise is that a simple visual drawing is more effective than the reams of bullet points or the complex professional graphics that invade too many presentations. I agree that we need to move towards visuals that are relevant and easy to understand. If you are not a great freehand artist - I know I am not - then using the simple tools in PowerPoint will serve you well.

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The Visual Thinking Revolution is Here!

Duarte Blog

We are in the midst of a “Visual Thinking Revolution” and leaders in all types of organizations are embracing visual thinking as a literacy of the future. This revolution’s “tipping point” came earlier this year at the International Forum for Visual Practitioners annual conference, which drew 100 visual practitioners from across the globe. Wide adoption of touch screen tablets and accompanying apps enable easy, real-time, visual capture and sharing of ideas.

How to Kick-start your Inner Creative

Presentation Guru

People wrongly assume that ‘being creative’ takes profound artistic ability, when all you need is a little imagination. … Inspiration Visuals Create Powerful Messaging featured inspiration Presentation Design Presentation Tips Role Models Visual LanguageBeing creative in your presentation isn’t beyond your reach.

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TED 2013 | An #illustraTED Gallery

Duarte Blog

We had so much fun listening to the brilliant artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs, and visualizing their ideas. Throughout the week, we made a giant graphic recording ( and recorded the process start to finish) , more than twenty visualizations , and a Twitter feed full of quotes and #TEDin10words. Huge thanks to the team of artists and writers to participated, and all the wonderful folks at TED. The last TED 2013 speaker has spoken!

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TED Talks, #illustraTED

Duarte Blog

Our team live-sketched and live-tweeted, churning out visual notes, iconic graphics, quotes, ten-word summaries, a few haiku, and even a limerick. Inspired by Brene Brown (Artist: Erik Chappins). Inspired by Cesar Kuriyama (Artist: Diandra Macias). Inspired by Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy (Artist: Jonathan Valiente). Inspired by Aaron Reedy (Artist: Jonathan Valiente). Inspired by Awele Makeba (Artist: Eric Albertson).

find your green room trigger

Green Room Speakers

Saturday, June 27, 2009 Find Your Green Room Trigger In this weeks New Yorker, Alex Ross writes about Marlboro Music, an elite summer music program at Marlboro college in Vermon t "where artists could forget about commerce and escape into a purely musical realm." It could be a moment from childhood or an experience you had this week; an athletic or artistic or travel experience - just a moment when you were at your best and everything seemed to click.

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Presentation design trends

PowerPoint Tips

Mike is an internationally recognized visual communication and presentation expert, trainer, and award-winning author. He owns a creative services firm, 24 Hour Company (, authored a successful visual communication book (Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics) , and launched Get My Graphic ( that helps consultants, organizations and agencies achieve their training, education and sales goals with visual communication and proven communication techniques.

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Let Me Illustrate My Point:Illuminating Your Presentations with Simple Drawings

Pivotal Public Speaking

Even if you’re severely artistically challenged, you can add content and excitement to your presentations by creating wonderful, memorable cartoons in real time. In this webinar you’ll learn how to: visually represent concepts such as leadership, cutomer-centric, diversity, and empowerment. integrate industry jargon, keywords, and cliches to make your points visually. use visual humor to surprise and delight your audiences.

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Creators Speak Out Against Copyright Bill: “C-32 Reforms Shut Us Out of Digital Economy”

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Media release: Toronto - December 6, 2010 - Proposed reforms to Canada's copyright law will turn core principles of copyright on their head and gut protections that for decades helped ensure the economic survival of Canadian artists, writers, photographers, visual artists, directors, composers, musicians and performers, a group representing more than 100,000 professional creators said in a paper released today.

Storyboarding & the art of finding your story

Presentation Zen

Storyboarding is a great way to begin to visualize the story of your content. A great storyboard artist is a great communicator (not necessarily a great illustrator/animator). You tack them (your sketches/ideas in visual form) up on the wall so you can see the entire sequence, flow, continuity, etc. A good storyboard artist is a good storyteller. A good storyboard artist is a good pitchman. Walt Disney, they say, was an amazing pitchman/storyboard artist.

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Using a sheet of paper (and other ordinary things) as props

The Eloquent Woman

You think your presentation could use a prop, a visual, three-dimensional object to focus the audience and help you reinforce your theme. Here's an early trailer for the documentary Between the Folds, which looked at how scientists, artists and math teachers are using origami: In the same way, a bar of chocolate from the hotel gift shop, your cell phone, a cup of tea from the break station, a pen, an earring, a shoe--all handy--can be turned to your advantage as visual props.

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Quick takeaways from Presentation Summit 2011–Day 3

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Connie Malamed is an instructional designer and author of Visual Language for Designers. Design for the artistically challenged. I spoke on “Slide Design for the Artistically Challenged.” Day 3 was the last day of the Presentation Summit and had fewer scheduled sessions. Nick Morgan on using stories to lead an audience to action. In the morning, we heard a keynote by Nick Morgan.

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How to communicate social issues through art and parody

The Speaker Point

From people doing meditation flash mobs , to an Italian artist doing Artivism (I swear I made up that word, but Wikipedia disagrees), the world is experiencing the collective creative power of individuals trying to communicate something much larger than themselves. Related Articles: The Power of Visual Information TED Talk Analysis: Tony Porter “A Call to Men” Filed Under: Delivery , Featured Tagged With: activism , art , TED , visual information [link] Melissa McLaughlin Yes!

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Pixar Studios Offers Free Storytelling Lessons Online

Presentation Zen

In cooperation with the Khan Academy , Pixar and Disney have been offering Pixar in a Box , an on-going series of behind-the-scenes lessons taught by Pixar's professionals (storytellers, animators, directors, artists, etc.). Subjects have included color science , animation , effects , sets & staging , character modeling , and so on.

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Interview – Allison Massari Ignites Rebirth, Vitality and Renewal

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Museum artist Allison Massari found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming two extraordinary personal tragedies. Museum artist Allison Massari found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming two extraordinary personal tragedies. She holds a Masters of Arts degree from School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Bachelor of Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Getting Hands-on Hang of Design Fundamentals w Lego Blocks - Toledo Museum of Art

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In addition to the importance of framing, what else I picked up is that asymmetrical seems more visually engaging that centering.   Another takeaway is that too much color can distract, undercutting any visual pull force. In the room with the art from the time when Martin Luther was taking on the Roman Catholic Church there is an interpretation of the increase in the artistic renderings of the meme of Miracles/Mystery. There's a frame.

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Shokunin Kishitsu & The five elements of true mastery

Presentation Zen

I recommend the movie to anyone who is interested in a beautiful visual narrative that is a mix of innovation insights and inspiration. Remember that the shokunin lessons here are not only for chefs or artists such as painters, musicians, dancers, etc. An artist, says Godin, "is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. And an artists takes it personally."

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PowerPoint Tip: Takeaways from the Presentation Summit

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Connie Malamed delivered a pre-conference workshop on visual design and one of the points I took away is how sketching taps in to our natural creativity. I am not an artist or designer, but I have often used sketches to determine what visual will work best for a particular situation. It helped to be able to visualize my thoughts and gave me new ideas as I sketched. You don’t need to have any artistic talent to sketch.

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No one knows your experience except for you

Speak Schmeak

In a recent Huffington Post article , visual and performance artist Lia Chavez described her experience of giving her first lecture. "It It was Dr. Maria Jaschok -- the tall, elegant redhead at the helm of IGS -- who encouraged me to give my first ever lecture at Oxford''s International Women''s Day Festival. The prospect of giving my first public speech to a group of cultivated intellectuals was unnerving. What did I have to teach these incredible women?

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The Need for Literacy in Both the Sciences and the Arts

Presentation Zen

The presentation itself is well structured, clear, and delivered with passion, although the visuals used did not match the quality of her talk. Yet, I do not point to this talk as an example of great visuals or even of perfect delivery. Worse still, we have educational institutions that guide students away from their artistic interests because "you''ll never get a job doing that." artist.

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Interview: Paul M. Wood – Transmedia Storyteller

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

His father was an artist and his mother a musician. After a decade making niche-busting films for Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems, Paul is now calling upon his diverse background as both visual artist and technologist to bring storytelling into the twenty-first century by producing tales which cross not only genres but platforms and delivery systems as well. Transmedia storytelling is a hot topic.

2012 176

Insights & Inspirations from SF SketchCrawl

Duarte Blog

The idea is to take your typical PubCrawl, but visually record everything in sight as you move from place to place. Anyone and everyone came out for the event–an elderly married couple, a family enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning, and several digital artists from some of the top animation studios. Spending time with a communal group of artists, it was inspiring comparing what we love and discussing our thoughts on our illustrations.

2012 69

Quick takeaways from Presentation Summit 2011–Day 1, Part 1

PowerPoint Tips

Without being an artist, he does a great job of visualizing complex tax-related topics. He spoke on how to keep your audience on the same page as you are by providing visual cues that show relationships and avoid disorientation. I’m at the Presentation Summit 2011 conference in Austin, TX and thought I’d share some quick takeaways from the speakers so far. I’m behind on posting, so you’ll see more content over the next couple of weeks.

2011 109

Same topic, two different approaches

Speak Schmeak

Here's a visual example of the same topic presented in a bare-bones unemotional fashion vs. an engaging, interesting, artistic fashion: skateboard deterrents. Two speakers, same topic. One speaker sticks to the facts, shows bullet points, disdains emotions, and doesn't interact, crisply and efficiently dispatching her presentation. The other speaker gets excited, gets angry, laughs. Her slides have images which evoke feelings in the audience.

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Back to the Future: Slides Before PowerPoint

Duarte Blog

They were simple, clear, visual, and highly conceptual. These slides are built by a trained craftsman who knew what it took to make an effective visual aide. Slide creation was once an art, typically practiced by specialized artists. Before there was PowerPoint, there were slides. Real ones. They were tiny, and tactile, and delicate, and kind of delightful. Making slides was a trained profession for highly skilled designers and technicians.

2012 85

You can learn a lot from a child (redux)

Presentation Zen

It matters as much for scientists and engineers as it does for artists. And children remind us that we are all artists. Adora does not use many visuals , but she uses Prezi for the few that she does show. A few years ago I wrote this post called You can learn a lot from a child which features a video of a presentation by Severn Cullis-Suzuki. I was reminded of this because of recent events: over the weekend our daughter was born here in Japan.

2010 67

Quick Solutions to Help You Build a Compelling Presentation Deck in Under an Hour


The finest presentation templates have been developed by competent digital artists and savvy communicators, who presumably did some form of research before coming up with a properly themed and contextually formatted deck for a specific presentation topic or purpose. These visually engaging templates are appropriate for generating deep conversation about the internal (S,W) and external factors (O,T) that affect the performance of a company or a product within its ecosystem.

2016 57

PowerPoint Tip: "You know, it’s just like…"

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

One of the reasons that presenters don’t use visuals instead of text is because they don’t know what visual to use to explain the point they are making. Business professionals tell me all the time that they aren’t graphic artists or designers, so how can they come up with a visual? In my book " The Visual Slide Revolution ", I list 38 words or phrases and the clues they give as to what visual will work as a good replacement for all the text.

Pixar Studios Offers Free Storytelling Lessons Online

Presentation Zen

In cooperation with the Khan Academy , Pixar and Disney have been offering Pixar in a Box , an on-going series of behind-the-scenes lessons taught by Pixar's professionals (storytellers, animators, directors, artists, etc.). Here are the six sections to be covered as outlined in the introductory video in lesson 1: (1) We are all Storytellers (2) Character (3) Structure (4) Visual language (5) Filmmaking grammar (6) Storyboarding Currently, all six lessons are available.

2017 40

10 great books to help you think, create, & communicate better in 2012

Presentation Zen

I think this is a book that will help a lot of people who read it to design better visuals and communicate in more engaging ways. (4) The book is simple, visual, and clear. 5) Visual Meetings: How Graphics, Sticky Notes and Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity. Good discussions on using visual language to facilitate and present to groups. 9) White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner's Guide to Communicating Visually through Graphic, Web and Multimedia Design.

2012 87

Pecha Kucha Night – Tuesday 4/17 San Jose, CA

Duarte Blog

Which means that you get to hear several unique and highly visual stories, told in less than seven minutes. Maurieen Stakey Area artist Mo will discuss and show her art, everything from comics to magazine covers. The sixth Pecha Kucha Night – San Jose is just around the corner! If you’re interested in diving into a highly creative, low-risk presentation environment, Pecha Kucha is for you. Each speaker presents 20 slides, for 20 seconds each.

How to Do Market Segmentation The Right Way


For example, if you owned a clothing store, you might market clothing featuring designs by local artists for people living within a certain area. It can help to create profiles or to use a market segmentation chart to create a visual representation of the segments you create. You may have a great product, top-notch go-to-market strategy and a bullet-proof sales campaign, and still fail to generate the revenues you expected.