5 reasons you haven't signed up for the Shake Up Your Speaking retreat

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This retreat is tailored to YOU and your needs, unlike free information that you can gather online. I'm an engineer (or lawyer, or fitness trainer, or artist, or pastor, or therapist, or retailer, etc.) The principles of successful speaking apply to anyone who is out in the world, sharing their message, promoting a business, or educating the community about a cause. We're getting down to the wire. Shake Up Your Speaking: Get Real. Get Results" begins on March 21.

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Query letter: how to sell your article ideas to editors

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Perhaps because they see writing as a creative or artistic process, they feel marketing sullies the art. It is better to send a few queries tailored to publications you know publish articles like the ones you are proposing, than to send a generic ‘are you looking for writers?’ Dear <Editor’s Name>: The same bunch of roses that says “I love you” to a mother or “I’m sorry” to a lover could mean long-term illness in communities where they were grown.

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