5 reasons you haven't signed up for the Shake Up Your Speaking retreat

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This retreat is tailored to YOU and your needs, unlike free information that you can gather online. I'm an engineer (or lawyer, or fitness trainer, or artist, or pastor, or therapist, or retailer, etc.) I've coached and trained people from all of the occupations mentioned above, as well as health professionals, nonprofit leaders, consultants, commodities brokers, building contractors, IT people, sports coaches, authors, social workers, bankers and more.

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Query letter: how to sell your article ideas to editors

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Perhaps because they see writing as a creative or artistic process, they feel marketing sullies the art. It is better to send a few queries tailored to publications you know publish articles like the ones you are proposing, than to send a generic ‘are you looking for writers?’ Along with verified health and nutritional facts about apples, my article will include an interview with the noted apple authority, Johnny Appleseed.

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Learning from Make TV’s William Gurstelle

Speaker Confessions

I met William Gurstelle , author of Backyard Ballistics , at FOO Camp , an event run by O’Reilly Media. When inspiration, information, and persuasion are expertly combined in one neat package, as happened with these speakers, a lecture can be as amazing for the audience as any other, perhaps more artistically oriented, cultural experience. Audiences differ, so it’s important to tailor the talk to the particular group of listeners.