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Aging & Money - It's Not Pretty

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" The article, reprinted from, discusses 10. In youth and middle age, the meme was about the "wolf at the door." " The game was to keep that beast from getting in.    Those of you who made it to 65 and older obviously were successful at blocking that wolf. You might even have decided to relax a bit about money. After all, Medicare and free Medicare supplements like Medicare Advantage limit out-of-product healthcare costs.

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How good a speaker is Gary Hamel?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

The management guru Gary Hamel has had more Harvard Business Review articles reprinted more often than anyone else - 15 and counting. 

Expressing your uniqueness in print

Another 10 to 15 percent are avid-readers who read everything (yes, even every article reprint in your press kit), and are great detail-oriented, bottom-line proofreaders. This article and the CD-ROM mentioned has been reviewed and feel has information necessary to produce your One-Sheet--a flyer-sized business card, that tells potential clients what you peak on and who likes you, as well as a little about you, and how they can contact you.

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