President Obama's speech at Westminster awarded a B-

Max Atkinson

Taking rhetoric, content and delivery into account, I'd have given the original great communicator a straight A and a B- for his sucessor. And a similar verdict from Mark Mardell, the BBC's North American editor : 'It didn't quite work. The time for our leadership is now.

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On the death of Margaret Thatcher: notes on the evolution of charismatic woman

Max Atkinson

Nor had I ever voted for Margaret Thatcher at the time when I wrote the following (first posted on the blog 4 years ago). But, when Mrs Thatcher came to power in 1979 after winning the first of three UK general elections, there were no such obvious models for women.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

Talk About the Audience’s Concerns Notice that when Obama addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time , he told our story before he told his own. He talked about our sleepless nights, for example, and the college admission that might have to be turned down because of a lack of financing. This is as true for business presentations as it is for political campaigns. We make a serious error if we mistake a complete argument for a persuasive one.

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