The Visual Thinking Revolution is Here!

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Nor is it just a Western phenomena; visual thinking is going global, from Asia to Africa to South America. We are in the midst of a “Visual Thinking Revolution” and leaders in all types of organizations are embracing visual thinking as a literacy of the future.

Famous Speech Friday: Essie Washington-Williams: "I feel completely free"

The Eloquent Woman

The unfortunate measure is that not everyone knows these stories that helped to make America what it is today. "I In fact, an over-the-top array of adjectives and adverbs would have turned it into a parody.

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Schwarzenegger, like Reagan, knew power of performance art

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In the darkest days of California, which included the recall of then-governor Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger, reports Molly Ball in POLITICO , "emerged as an over-the-top parody of a take-charge politician.    He pulled that off with his genial persona and the promise of morning in America. Don't count out Arnold Schwarzenegger.    Already, influential POLITICO is reviewing the genius of his performance art. 

Observational Humor — Case Study #63

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As one of his amazing guitar numbers, Mike did a musical parody of Dueling Banjos , where he played a duel between a guitar and a middle-eastern instrument, using only an accoustic guitar. This week he’ll be doing jokes with set-ups written in America and with punchlines written in Baghdad…which will result in jokes that flies won’t laugh at. (A A call back to the musical parody of dueling banjos.