Millennial Women Could Abandon the (unofficial) Religion of America: Work

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Not in compensation. We women were pleased to even be in Corporate America, with all its professional development, interesting tasks, and perks. New York Magazine contains a long, poignant essay on the "plight" of Millennial professional women.

The Future of Work - When That Means No Work for 50% of Us, Embrace of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

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Unlike other forms of supposedly free money such as unemployment compensation, there are strings.   The challenge to introducing UBI, at least in America, is the deeply embedded Calvinist work ethic. The creation of 209,000 jobs in July 2017 is being cheered.

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Famous Speech Friday: Sarah Weddington's Roe v. Wade arguments

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She cannot get unemployment compensation under our laws, because the laws hold that she is not eligible for employment, being pregnant, and therefore is eligible for no unemployment compensation. "In Texas, the woman is the victim."

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Ending Age Bias at Work - Is This $51+ Million Jury Award a Tipping Point

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That covered categories of compensation ranging from economic loss to punitive damages. Obviously, the jury sent a message to Corporate America that bias because of age will not be tolerated. The total award the jury unanimously granted to Robert Braden was $51.5 million.

Analysis of a Speech by Conan O’Brien

Manner of Speaking

I pray I never witness a more damning example of what is wrong with America today.&# (0:45). Good God, man, what the hell are you compensating for? On 12 June 2011, Conan O’Brien delivered the commencement address to the 2011 graduating class of Dartmouth College. In cold, windy weather and before a huge crowd, he took the stage and, for 24 minutes, wowed his audience.

Post-Protestant Ethic of Work - Universal Basic Income

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"  Traditionalists, of course, fear UBI will erode America's embedded Protestant Work Ethic. Those traditionalists even complain about unemployment compensation. Finland is the first nation to actually experiment with Universal Basic Income (UBI). In the U.S.,

Standardized Testing - Big Changes Could Be Coming

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That initiative, if it happens, can weaken the hold the standardized testing industry has on education at all levels in America. The compensation was better than average.

Trump's War on Science, Yawn - Marketplace Doesn't Give a Damn

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The compensation is premium. Politics, at least in America, can't compete with the market or what Adam Smith called the Invisible Hand. The shock of Trumpism is over. Vanity Fair can headline with the president's war on science.

Youth Bulge in India Presses Against Aging Profesionals in U.S.

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Their British English is too stilted for most me-to-you communications in America. At least in compensation. "India's youth bulge came at a time when much of the rest of the world was growing old. The median age was 26 in 2012. (In

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My English, she is not good: Growing niche for editors

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"  This visitor to America must have done homework on American-scale wages.    Proposed compensation is $200-$300. The surge in foreigners enrolling in American institutions of higher learning has created a growing niche for editors.    Currently there are 671,616 of them, up 8% in 2009. The niche is going over drafts of their term papers and reports to make them sound more like a native speaker of English and correct grammatical mistakes.

Philip Richardson, Et Al. - In Days Of Organization Man/Woman, We Just Said Nothing

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For so many of us a position in Corporate America was the opportunity of a lifetime. The compensation was high. Philip Richardson is the third employee of The New York Times to be reprimanded by that employer for inappropriate commenting on Twitter.

Communications Careers, Including Writing - The Apprenticeship Route, Intead of Academic Degrees, Internships

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To become a lawyer in America, it is possible to go the apprenticeship route. The compensation - ha-ha-ha.  Perhaps, along the way, I should have provided them compensation, as some apprenticeship programs since the beginning of time required.

Carnage Continues in Retail - Saving the Soul of Laid-Off Workers

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In America we are our jobs. And for 71%, the compensation is the same or more than that of the previous job. America keeps working. Early this year, the Society for Human Resource Management reports, 49% of job cuts were in retail. This is bound to get worse.

Generational Tensions - It was never The Happy Valley

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America was founded on the Puritan version of capitalism. The young in our fields are throwing off the compensation curve. In working-class Jersey City, New Jersey in the 1950s, there was the mythology of several generations of a family living happily under one roof.

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Professional Services - Rebranding Jones Day Law Firm

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Meanwhile, in the very public forum Glassdoor , some associates were grousing about two aspects of compensation at that law firm: There was no bonus system for them. They compared their yearly compensation with associates at other firms and found they were paid below market rate.

Fincomm Follows Ghostwriting/Speechwriting Out the Door of Big, to Lean Startup

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During the late 1980s, Corporate America eliminated many traditional functions which were expensive and elite and/or "looked bad" to be using shareholder funds to pay for. Compensation came by check.

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On-Demand Economy - New Game, But Many Rules From Working Full-Time Apply

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At the end of the 1980s, when we middle-aged middle managers in Corporate America got the boot, we hung out shingles and called ourselves "consultants."   Have Confidence to Turn Down Bad Fits, Lousy Compensation. If the compensation is subpar, steer clear.

BP – It’s What You Say AND How You Say It!

Matt Eventoff

Our obligation is to deal with the spill, clean it up and make sure the impacts of that spill are compensated. What You Say - The two words that followed, both from BP CEO Tony Hayward and BP America President Lamar McKay undermined that entire message: “Legitimate Claims.&# This word combination completely neutered the effectiveness of the earlier message and has been derided repeatedly in the media. Message and delivery.

Ghostwriters: Who regrets majoring in humanities?

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FORBES reports that the National Association of Colleges and Employers lists those majors which are getting newbies annual compensation in the 50s and 60s.  Regret is a fantasy about what could have been. 

BP Crisis Communication – Lines Litigators Like

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Our obligation is to deal with the spill, clean it up and make sure the impacts of that spill are compensated. And we are going to do that.&# – BP America CEO Lamar McKay May 11, 2010. Come on, this is America, of there will be frivolous lawsuits — Shep Smith, Fox News, had pretty powerful comments about this one.

The Writing Life - A Game, Like Everything Else In Capitalism

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The market for that isn't huge in America. Currently, the closer the assignment is to closing the sale, the more of them there are, the more the compensation, and the better the treatment since it's in the self-interest of the buyer to keep us happy.

PR Diggers: Jack O'Dwyer has juicy assignment for you

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  Yes, there's compensation. Essentially you would work with him doing a history of the Public Relations Society of America.  You may be a fresh-faced recruit to the impression-management business or even yet still in an undergraduate or graduate program. 

Over-50, Still Working: Biggest American Experiment Since Democracy

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" - Introduction to "Over-50: How We Keep Working" Staying in the workforce post-50 could be the biggest experiment in America since democracy was tried out.    Those include unnecessary errors of judgment, feuds, inability to let go, and obsession with compensation and perks." "We over-50 represent nearly a third of the U.S. workforce [Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce.]

By The Numbers: The new game

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  Among those beholden to the numbers, we find in the 2012 General Counsel Compensation Survey conducted by CORPORATE COUNSEL, are the heads of in-house legal departments. 

Publishing a Best-Selling Book: Such an old-fashioned fantasy

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  So concrete is the fantasy of the book that captures America that the real authors-to-be really believe they will be able to obtain assistance from seasoned ghostwriters by offering a percentage of the profits instead of upfront compensation.  Be a ghostwriter like myself or scan help-wanted on Craigslist and you realize that the old-fashioned fantasy of publishing a best-seller is still embedded in the national consciousness, at least outside southern California. 

Best online site for work: Craigslist & it's free & global

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I've tried them all:, LinkedIn,,,,,, CT Job Bank, Public Relations Society of America, International Association of Business Communicators.    Yeah, there are some crazy compensation offers, just like on 

Boy Scouts et al. - Operating nonprofits like businesses

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  That ranges from competing for talent and compensating them well to investing what's needed in marketing tactics like game-changing advertising and talked-about-forever special events.   A standard piece of it in America is that it takes money to make money. 

BP – 11 More Steps

Matt Eventoff

Our obligation is to deal with the spill, clean it up and make sure the impacts of that spill are compensated. The two words that followed, both from BP CEO Tony Hayward and BP America President Lamar McKay undermined that entire message: “Legitimate Claims.” The disaster has taken a turn for the worse today, just as BP put Gulf Coast native and BP executive Bob Dudley in charge of the cleanup effort.

Snark was fun, now it's done: Analytical writing back

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  The interesting assignments as well as decent compensation are back in the field of research and analysis.  For Tim Armstrong, chief executive officer at AOL, and Ana Marie Cox, mistress of tweets and contributor to GQ, snark may still be lucrative. 

Troubles (Big): Not only writers get plowed under by that big dumptruck in the sky

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  The concerned citizens took note of that seemingly high compensation and threw the whole administration out, making sure the media reported on all that.    Although they were immigrants from Europe, they fit right in from the get-go in America.

Foxconn: American-style

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That's one reason we can so quickly smell an oppressive work situation here in America and respond so strongly.    That seemed okay since other organizations request sample assignments be done with no compensation.

Payoff from Being Poor, Old: We have never had it better

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  I can also "afford" to blog on brandname sites for modest compensation.    Old Enough for Medicare has become the new Promised Land in America. Here in supposedly affluent Connecticut, the single family house is no longer a symbol of the good life. 

ESL: Displaced politicos, journalists, lawyers, researchers might consider this career path

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter puts annual compensation as between $29,173 and $73,403.  JK: The student population in North America is rapidly changing. According to statistics, approximately 10% of the population in North America needs ESL services.

The Constitution of United States ca. 2015 (what’s left of it)

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We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.

Analysis of a Speech by Conan O’Brien

Manner of Speaking

I pray I never witness a more damning example of what is wrong with America today.&# (0:45). Good God, man, what the hell are you compensating for? On 12 June 2011, Conan O’Brien delivered the commencement address to the 2011 graduating class of Dartmouth College. In cold, windy weather, he took the stage and wowed a crowd of thousands 24 minutes. Conan’s jokes, one-liners and funny anecdotes elicited a steady stream of laughter and applause.

White, Middle-aged, Male & Disappointed - Beware

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We've always known that changes in employment, compensation, prestige, status, and the arm candy can derail men in ways they might never recover from.  With so much aging in America, it's no newsflash that there is a growing number of The Disappointed.  Probably the most dangerous players are those white, middle-aged, males who have concluded they haven't played enough, or well, or in an increasingly upward trajectory. 

In Speaking, “Sell” Is a Four Letter Word

Pivotal Public Speaking

But as a free speaker who is typically compensated only with a free meal or a small gift, you are not supposed to sell at all. Her diverse career includes being a reporter for Newsday, operations assistant at WABC-AM in New York when it was the # 1 radio station in America, 12 years as a commercial real estate writer and publicist in New York and Dallas, and 14 years as a sales rep for mobility, custom rehab, bariatric and patient handling medical equipment. It’s weird.

Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 2, 2013: Trombetta & Assocs. $88K to make the world friendlier for cybercharters

Speaking Of...

As other Inquirer letters and editorials have shown, teacher compensation is not at all exorbitant. A quiz on America ’s core curriculum Washington Post Answer Sheet Blog By Valerie Strauss , Published: August 31 at 1:30 pm How much do you really know about the core curriculum that American students are taught?

Where do the best speakers go to get better?

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I give this endorsement freely and without compensation. This book, "Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America's #1 Fear" has helped a bunch of people beat stage fright. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Transform your business presentations into effective conversations.