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The Eloquent Woman

It's not intended to be a comprehensive directory of books about speaking, just those we've featured here. The books are roughly categorized into these topic areas: Women's speeches, collected or individual; Books about women and public speaking; Body and mind issues in speaking; Language and rhetoric; Storytelling; Quotations; Specific types of speaking styles and formats, from TED talks to scientific presentations and more; and Books by or about famous speakers, mostly women.

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What women speakers can learn about interruptions from the debates

The Eloquent Woman

presidential candidates and looks specifically at interruptions as a speaking tool, since there were plenty of them in this debate. Tannen, who has published widely on men's and women's differing speaking styles and preferences, takes note of three aspects of interrupting relevant to women speakers. books we like affiliate linksIn "Would you please let me finish." linguist Deborah Tannen today tackles the second debate between this year's U.S.

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Another strong woman speaker movie coming: Viola Davis as Barbara Jordan

The Eloquent Woman

Following in the wake of The King's Speech and The Iron Lady comes word that public speaking--and a strong woman speaker--will be on the big screen again. There's video at the link so you can get a taste of her speaking style--I think she is more than up to the challenge of tackling Barbara Jordan. famous speeches Barbara Jordan Viola Davis affiliate links

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Even famous speakers are made, not born: 4 examples

The Eloquent Woman

And (you knew this was coming) they all turned around their speaking fortunes with practice and coaching. As you progress as a speaker, take comfort in how far these famous speakers had to come to be big successes: When Winston Churchill first got started in politics, his speaking got decidedly mixed reviews, according to Richard Toye''s fascinating speaker history, The Roar of the Lion: The Untold Story of Churchill''s World War II Speeches. affiliate links books we like

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Not the usual suspects: 8 books that make me think differently about public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

You'll find plenty of books on public speaking, but this group features unusual takes on the topic. Challenges large and small, focused looks at important tactics, and big underlying ideas about speaking all find a place on this list--as do some books that focus on women and speaking. Women Speaking Up: Getting and Using Turns in Workplace Meetings is not the least expensive book on the list, and is certainly the most focused. books we like affiliate links

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13 books on political speaking that are for, by or about women

The Eloquent Woman

Elizabeth Hanford Dole: Speaking from the Heart looks at the public speaking of a political woman who was among the first to walk into the audience and adopt a more informal speaking style. Bush was running against Geraldine Ferraro to compare male and female political debate styles. You'll find especially useful her chapter on women and public speaking, an essential piece of reading if you want to understand why Jamieson says, "History has many themes.

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Check those name-checks at the door: How to thank people in speeches

The Eloquent Woman

But in one case at the Oscars, name-checks were a leading actress's shield against criticism of her success, a way to look humble when she's been accused of being arrogant--and a way to push her limelight remarks into easy-to-ignore status at a peak moment of public speaking. But should she have changed her speaking style for that reason? acceptance speeches affiliate linksThose of us who lead ordinary lives name-drop, mentioning famous or important people we saw.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

20)return;setTimeout(function(){f(o+1)},o Google StumbleUpon Newsvine Facebook LinkedIn Digg My Yahoo Technorati Reddit Print Recommend 100 Five Ways to Speak Like Obama by Sims Wyeth Tags: Body Language , Attention , Audience , Obama , Calmness , Barack Obama , Public Speaking , Leadership , Presentations , Speech Writing , Speech Giving , Sims Wyeth Now that weve got your attention, you should realize, of course, that you dont want to speak like Barack Obama.

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