Designing Choreographies for the New Economy of Attention

The present essay grows out of a project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities where we are studying the integration methods of remote participation and digital backchannels into live scholarly events ( [link] ). We are particularly interested in the physical organization of attention and distraction as audience members at a lecture or conference interact with one another across multiple channels and sites. The audience is responsible to attend and remain attentive.

Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

20)return;setTimeout(function(){f(o+1)},o Google StumbleUpon Newsvine Facebook LinkedIn Digg My Yahoo Technorati Reddit Print Recommend 100 Five Ways to Speak Like Obama by Sims Wyeth Tags: Body Language , Attention , Audience , Obama , Calmness , Barack Obama , Public Speaking , Leadership , Presentations , Speech Writing , Speech Giving , Sims Wyeth Now that weve got your attention, you should realize, of course, that you dont want to speak like Barack Obama.

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