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Public Speaker Marketing - Selling With Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate programs allow you to make money by recommending other people’s products. These programs also allow you to have an army of commissioned salespeople selling your stuff around the world and you don’t pay them anything unless they sell something. It costs nothing to participate in such a program.

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I do have an affiliate program in place, let me know if you’d like the link. Are you spending your time effectively? OR, for every.

Get the best price on technology purchases, clothing — and anything else!

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The company makes its money as an affiliate of Amazon (and other sites that offer an affiliate program), so you pay nothing! Do you buy electronics and more on Amazon, Newegg, or other sites? If so, I’d like to introduce you to a new, free service that will help you get the lowest price. Why is it free? Here’s my take on it.

My public speaking e-course on Clickbank

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Also, Clickbank offers an affiliate program for the products on their site. So if you want to earn commissions for selling my e-course , you can do that through Clickbank (it's free to sign up as an affiliate). Join my affiliate program here.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 14 Profitable Ways to Use Autore

Autoresponders are amazing, flexible programs that do so much more than just automatically answer your email. Then promote your master list.

13 Lessons (& Tips) Learned Launching an eBook

Thanks to Albert Hallado for helping me with some of the affiliate banners/graphics. I guess I should sign up for the affiliate program.