Six straightforward speeches then facing up to a problematic presentation

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April was fairly busy for talks, beginning with an evening booking speaking about The Power of Humour in Everyday Life for the Ringwood Tuesday Club at the town's Conservative Club. An enjoyable evening with a friendly and responsive group. Public Speaking Tip #468: Groups that book speakers sometimes arrange to meet on a different day of the week if their usual meeting turns out to be on a Bank Holiday. Ringwood Tuesday Club.

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Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog: The Great Catch-Up Part 6

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

Decent weather, an excellent lunch, a well-received talk in a very pleasant venue - and an immediate recommendation to another club which has since led to a number of further bookings in an area where I had never spoken before - very nice! Romsey Women's Institute had also booked the talk about My Life as a Freelance Comedy Writer.

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