5 things speakers should ask the meeting planner

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I asked Jennifer to share her insights for speakers--perhaps the most practical advice you'll ever get--from her vantage point as a meeting planner. Being a public speaker is more than just hanging out your ‘shingle’ and advertising that you’re now available for gigs.

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38 mins ago « Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: Jan 30, 2008 Silicon Valley Sightings: San Jose Mercury News » 67 How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide Categories: Conference Posted on January 30th, 2008 Yesterday, I moderated another panel, ( here’s a review ) and I’m told by the conference organizers it went well. Sadly, the value of most panels are really poor, and this is mostly due to the lack of moderation.

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If you are asked to moderate a panel? Even the a-list speakers I know moderate interesting panels. By expressing my unique point of view in an entertaining manner, I caught the attention of meeting planners who assumed I would be a good speaker.

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the advertisement does not simply support the product), but the fluff itself becomes the commodity. Before the panels began, people were not necessarily training their gaze to the front of the room.

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I try not to bury folks in advertising for it, but I’m very clear about my ask. Just coming from #SXSW, there was a wide range of presentation quality - some panels and keynotes were top-notch, clear, engaging and useful; while others were sub-par, unfocused, boring and of limited use.

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This is an account by Jeffrey Veen of moderating a panel at a conference. But control the time spent on that so that the advertised information that brought people to the presentation in the first place is indeed covered. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results.

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I'm doing my first panel presentation in March on SMS and am super nervous about it. svalskis Barbara Rozgonyi Here's what works for me: I always ask the meeting planner: what do you want your attendees to walk out with?

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