Lucas, Scorsese: On the need for visual literacy

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A professional or student in the 21st century needs to have a good degree of multimedia literacy. The term multimedia literacy and visual literacy encompass many things and borrow from many disciplines.

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Public Speaking Tips: Useful Packaging

Great Public Speaking

I created a package for my Multimedia CDs and Ebooks on CD that has a super high perceived value and was designed so that people would keep it VERY HANDY. Any advertising specialty company can get you a wide variety of these case and other types of advertising specialties that keep your name visible. Having your name in front of people more often gives you a better chance of being hired. Here's a way that I do it.

5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book

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Print (newspaper, magazine, billboards and so on), direct response marketing (a form of print), opt-in email advertising, online (Google, Facebook and other social media ads, banner ads, multimedia ads), radio and television, and so on. Since the textbook is for an introductory copywriting course, I focused on print ads and online ads that use text, not multimedia. A friend of mine told me he was starting to write a non-fiction book.

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Writing services you can offer corporate clients

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Direct mail promotions; print, radio, or TV advertisements; infomercial scripts : Advertising material is usually meant to generate sales or customer traffic. Advertising may be coordinated by marketing. The writing is often contracted out to an advertising agency. Product/services promotional brochures, spec sheets, price lists : Supplementary or collateral material to support the advertising effort; again, frequently coordinated by the marketing department.

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Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs - BusinessWeek

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Market Your Book with a Movie Trailer

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

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