Payment vs. exposure

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One thing that we all face as paid speakers is the issue of payment vs. exposure. That is, we will be invited to speak pro bono, or will be offered less than our usual rate, and we'll have to decide if it's worth it to take less money in order to get exposure or visibility.

New Business Development - Exposure Not Enough

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But, exposure on social networks and in social media itself is not enough.  Being interviewed by a third party/having your op-ed published there  Advertising, continually testing out what is effective.

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Increase Book Exposure Through Author Speaking Engagements

Whether the book sales total three or three hundred, remember that each speaking engagement is exposure. And exposure builds on itself to produce future book sales. ► How to increase your exposure.

Verizon Reported to Be Selling HuffPost

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The number-one problem is that so much of the advertising it expected to get has flowed to Google and Facebook.  Its brand also was tainted by allegedly motivating so many ambitious young writers to submit articles w/o pay for "exposure."

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"Branded Content" - The Controversy Irrelevant

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Native advertising. Organizations and individuals love it because it gives them exposure in prime media space. Kelly reports in the New York Post , right now Conde Nast's decision to allow native advertising is controversial. It goes by many names:  Branded content.

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Meghan McCain - Old Petition, New Support to Replace Her on "The View" with Another Female Conservative

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The latter deserves a big exposure break.  If a surge in the number of eyeballs occurs in the 18 to 45 demographic, then advertising revenues can increase. How long does the nation have to defer to the daughter of an American Hero?

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George Magazine - JFK Jr. Considered Making It Web-Based

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Back then, not enough advertisers bought in. The interest was in exposure to the star, not to the content of the publication. Supposed potential investors and advertisers scheduled presentations by the magazine to gawk at Jr., In too many ways George Magazine, created by John F.

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Ad Tech - Today Don Draper Would Be Chief Marketing Technologist

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That's called "programmatic advertising." In itself, creativity as we have understood it is taking a back seat to the kinds of efficiency in generating results which can be achieved through programmatic advertising.

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Digital Media Tough Game - Verizon's Oath Appoints K. Guru Gowrappan CEO, Replacing Tim Armstrong

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Advertisers and those with sponsored content feel safer going with Facebook and Google. It was then a no-brainer for me to decide to steer clear of digital media, despite the tremendous exposure and decent compensation. Verizon's Oath has some powerful digital media brandnames.

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Chris Christie - His "Audition" for Next Job

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Such exposure could lead to invitations for paid speeches, books and appearances on those influential Sunday television talk shows. Advertisers for products such as pickup trucks would be willing to pay dollar for commercial time. The Drudge Report loves this kind of story.

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Conservative Drudge Report Not Loyal to Trump Administration - The U.S. President Notices

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That cost wound up ranging from losing advertisers to losing litigation, as had Gawker. In a sense, they are chasing exposure, not profits.  Matt Drudge and his new conservative digital political tabloid became household names in January 1998.

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Blogs - Old-Line But Effective Business Development Tool

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After all, we can get extensive exposure on LinkedIn Updates, Twitter and Facebooks ads and Live. Blogs have been around a long time. And in digital there is a rush to the new. So, those who need to market wonder: Are we wasting our time blogging?

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Sarah, Bristol Palin & Other Over-Exposed Brands

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  With the exception of classics and truly iconic brands like Coke, most brands risk over-exposure if not managed strategically.    That itself made her vulnerable to over-exposure.  The Tea Party is still faring well. 

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Speakers increase your credibility

You gain exposure and sales. For example, if your expertise is advertising, write articles about advertising: how to advertise effectively, ways to advertise, how not to advertise, how advertising can help you, and so on.

Calvin Klein SoHo Four-something Ad - That 4th stage of decline described by Jim Collins

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  In his new book "How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In," Collins says that the 4th stage in decline is the grasp for magic bullets, wild risk-taking with no data indicating that it will pan out, and over-exposure in the media.   In SoHo New York there is a Calvin Klein advertisement of a four-something in a sexually suggestive position. 

Improve Your Storytelling Presentation Skills and Get Your Ideas Adopted

Duarte Blog

While you might think that the hero’s journey is just the stuff of books and movies, it actually is an effective device used in a range of media, including advertisements and presentations. Do you remember when you first became aware of climate change? For me, it was 2006.

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"Partnership = Platform for Frugal Marketing," Kate Sirignano, Image Marketing Consultants

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  One way Image Marketing Consultants has found effective in attracting the right partners is through exposure through special events heavily covered by media.  Marketing partnerships or strategic alliances are nothing new. 

The Textbook Writer

The Communication Blog

Assuming an instructor sticks closely to the text, this is the students ’ only exposure to a discipline (at least in formal education). This is especially true of beginning textbooks since these may be the students ’ only formal exposure to a discipline. In a way the introductory textbook is an advertisement for the department, for taking additional courses, and for entering or majoring in the discipline.

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Social Media Reset: Sure, but we old-line bloggers have the Google Juice

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Clients of public relations and marketing firms are demanding more "traditional" media, more special events, more advertising on billboards, and more partnerships with brick and mortar enterprises.  We old-line bloggers are the new tycoons in digital. 

How to find ‘corporate’ freelance writing gigs

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Advertise and promote. Why not advertise ? When I suggest that freelancers advertise, they look askance. That is solid exposure for freelancers who target specific corporate sectors. If you want to write for newspapers and magazines, the query letter is the best way to get started (see video here: v=uCt1I20Bdyc ).

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Improve Your Storytelling Presentation Skills and Get Your Ideas Adopted

Duarte Blog

While you might think that the hero’s journey is just the stuff of books and movies, it actually is an effective device used in a range of media, including advertisements and presentations. Do you remember when you first became aware of climate change? For me, it was 2006.

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Proposal - Copyright - Listing - Speaking Pro Central Hot List - May 2009

Speaking Pro Central Posts

Exposure (74). Advertising (86). Speaking Pro Central. Hot List - May 2009. Top Posts. The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. June 2009 Resource of the Month - PowerPoint:What Is Appropriate When and Why? PowerPoint Tips , May 26, 2009. How to persuade other people to ditch the bullets - Speaking about Presenting , May 13, 2009. Startups and Venture Capitalists Beware - Matt Eventoff , May 12, 2009.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 5 Ways You Benefit When Speaking

Gain more exposure  Not only are you gaining more exposure as a professional speaker while doing your free event but you will be able to use this engagement as a client reference  be sure and get a testimonial from the hiring party before you leave and add it to your speaker website.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Ways to get publicity

The question becomes how to increase your exposure and demand for a fraction of the typical cost. Send Press Releases  The gold mine for free advertising! Advertise your published works with the other options on this list. They came into being as advertising spots!

Attending Special Events

People that drop by your table will have an interest in what you do but most often these events only provide you with exposure. ► How to increase your exposure.

Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements : MarketingProfs Articles

By speaking at public forumsat conferences, seminars and forums held by independent event organizations, associations, professional and industry trade groups, academic institutions and think tanksyoull benefit from enormous exposure. The press in attendance also presents opportunities for added exposure. The firm gains increased visibility in vertical/industry sectors or broad-based areas that the firm has determined is in need of greater exposure.

Charli Jane Speaker Services - contingency speaker

► How to increase your exposure.

How to get zero cost publicity for your business

Maybe youre advertising in trade journals, magazines, or newspapers. Publicity differs from advertising because it is free. Where to publicize Depending on your product or service, you have a full gamut of possibilities for advertising without paying.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Media Release + Fax Machine = Tr

Most PR agents or companies will promise to give you exposure and then blast out your release to 20-30 media outlets that have absolutely nothing to do with your topic area and then send you an email saying okay we did our job! ► How to increase your exposure.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Ways to Boost your Business O

Search engines : Sharpen your search engine process so you can get the best possible exposure online. The other site will add value to their site and you get additional exposure, its a win-win situation. ► How to increase your exposure.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: 14 Profitable Ways to Use Autore

Automate your sales process : Use an ad to insure repeated exposure of your message, which has been proven to successfully increase sales. Distribute advertising : Lets say you sell advertising on your website or in your e-zine. ► How to increase your exposure.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Tips to Help Position Yoursel

I could spend days teaching you how to package yourself as a professional speaker and how to gain more exposure, but the following article as been bundled to give you just a few quick tips and ideas so you can start implementing them into your business. ► How to increase your exposure.

Public Speakers Do You Have A Strong Platform

Write articles - the more you can spread and share your expertise the more attention and exposure you will get as the choice speaker in your field. ► How to increase your exposure.

How authors can endure the promotional process

You may consider marketing that includes building a website, getting book reviews, starting a contest, on and offline advertisements, etc. And some of that promotion requires paid advertisements. ► How to increase your exposure.

BBC plug-a-book shows: how and why is so much offered to so few?

Max Atkinson

So there’s no doubt at all that the BBC, despite the fact that it’s not a commercial broadcaster and doesn’t officially advertise anything, does in fact advertise books. At about the same time, Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime featured nightly readings from a novel by someone who used to run a London advertising agency, whose clients included one of our three main political parties. There are quite a number of plug-a-book shows on BBC Radio 4 (e.g.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Public Speaking Hidden Opportunities

Where will I find the opportunities that will give me more exposuremore credibility? ► How to increase your exposure. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

Speaking with Value

► How to increase your exposure.

Wendi McNeill: As A Public Speaker Do You Twit?

► How to increase your exposure. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

Charli Jane Speaker Services: What is a Landing Page

► How to increase your exposure.

Charli Jane Speaker Services - how to create a media kit

► How to increase your exposure.

Effective public speaking: audience contact

► How to increase your exposure.

Get to the point

► How to increase your exposure.

Charli Jane Speaker Services: How Do I Fill My Speaking Schedule? by Wendi J McNeill

► How to increase your exposure. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

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