If you're a professional speaker, who is your customer?

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  But over the long term, a professional speaker has to take care of at least one other 'audience' just as carefully:  the meeting planners that hire her.    Your customers are indeed the meeting planners, and you'd better treat them well.    And yet the speaker behaved badly from start to finish, making unreasonable demands of the meeting planners and complaining about everything. 

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The symposiums senior event planner, along with the convention centers senior event manager, both recent CMP designation recipients as awarded through our meeting partner alliance, Meeting Professional International, brainstormed the theme for the February 12 date, and created Heart of A Woman.

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But control the time spent on that so that the advertised information that brought people to the presentation in the first place is indeed covered. If you’re a conference planner, please ID yourself as such when you weigh in on this post. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results.